10 Things To Check Before Hiring Professional Painters

10 Things To Check Before Hiring Professional Painters

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Most homes need a new coating every ten years or so. Your home is protected from the elements when you paint it and allows it to maintain its good look and gives you more chance to enjoy it.

The fact is that the DIY painting of a home is a long process. Also, if you live in a story building, tall ladders will be needed to reach the second or third level. This is why most people opt for a professional painter even though it presents its own challenge.

They will be required to research house painters, discover the one that perfectly fits their budget, and arrange for interviews, and so on. 

Sounds tough, right? It, however, doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You will get helped in deciding the best company for the project duration through this article.

To begin this project, we will discuss the most popular factors to discover if hiring a professional painter is actually necessary.  

Below 10 Things To Check Before Hiring Painters

1. Referrals

Get referrals from reliable sources such as your realtor or paint store and always obtain at least three different quotes to have a clear idea of the cost.

You can also inquiry which company you can work with based on professionalism, timeliness, knowledge about the latest materials and application techniques, friendliness, and so on.

2. Check References and Old Work

One of the major things to note when hiring a painting contractor is to know what other people are saying about the experience of working with the company.

Starting online is always the best; however, contact a few of the company’s past customers to discover the experience of working with the painter.

In addition, discover if the painting company can give samples of previous works to determine if their painting styles fit the look you are looking to get. Immediately you have a preferred painter, proceed to the next step.  

3. Reviews

Another way to know about the company is online reviews. The importance of genuine customers’ reviews cannot be overemphasized for finding out the quality of service a company can offer you.

Many of the review websites require pictures from reviewers. Considering pictures and written reviews will help in the decision-making process.

You need a trustworthy business. You can get the best reviews on social media websites like Google reviews, Facebook, as well as trusted sites like that of the better business bureau. 

4. Licensed and Insurance

Some licenses are specially required for household or business properties. Others are required for small projects, but not huge ones.

Be sure your painter carries the right licensing for your property and the scope of your project. This can be looked up online, and as you are doing that, check for any painter with any yet-to-be solved complaints.

This might feel strange; however, disregard those feelings and be sure that your contractor possesses insurance before you go into business with them. 

Do not forget that the painter is working in your home or other property. Although you may have active insurance covering accidents to your property, the painter is responsible for carrying the right insurance.

Avoid hiring a contractor unless they carry complex business liability with a limit of a minimum of millions of dollars. This protects your structure against damage by the painting contractor.  

5. Years in Business

Ask the painter how long they have been in business and if they specialize in painting or they still do some other stuff. You can get lower prices easily from new companies, but the majority of them will fold up within a year, three or four.

You need a company with an established reputation, so you understand they have credibility and trust. The contractors who are based on painting and staining will surely deliver the best result. Going with a company that does “everything” may end up disastrous. 

6. Quality Materials

A good painting contractor understands the importance of making use of quality materials to provide good results. During priming and painting, you need high-quality materials.

For instance, professional painters use Sherwin Williams’ products for every painting project because they have proven to be quality.

Avoid the use of knock-off brands and paints made for other purposes but painting walls as a substitute for a trustworthy company.

If you discovered a company that uses inferior materials, you surely know that its other services are probably of low quality. 

7. Guaranteed Satisfaction & More

Any pro painter understands that a paint job requires more than the painting. For instance, professional painters offer a 5-year guarantee on all work done on residential structures and a 1-year guarantee on all business projects.

A reliable company will always be determined to satisfy the customer, and guaranteed satisfaction indicates that a painting contractor actually cares about their quality of service.

This should also give the customer peace of mind when researching a professional painter.

8. Professional Tools & Tape

Do not hesitate to send away a painter you hired if you see them on the first day on the job applying paint on the edge of the ceiling or across the door and window trim.

Understanding that painters tape is one of the tools used by professionals, but they do not use it for the most work.

Professionals will always use their skills in conjunction with quality brushes and sleeves to deliver the best finish.

9. Estimated Pricing

A reliable business will always provide a price estimate before starting to paint. You must know your pricing expectation. It would help if you also found out how much you should spend on a service.

In most cases, some businesses will price to match other quotes from other painters to make sure that they win your business.

10. Contracts

This takes much explanation and carefulness. I get surprised every time I listened to ugly experiences because they have no written contract to refer to, regardless of where you know the company from, whether family and friends.

Your relationship with the company will be smooth and professional when you have a written detailed contract. Be sure all your specifications are spelt out in the contract.

For instance, will the painter be priming any necessary patches? Be sure two coats of the finish paint are stated.

Will the painter be moving large furniture items to allow easy working? Will they charge you extra for areas that have a higher height of the ceiling? Will they do the trims? Doors, crown molding, door casings, wainscoting, baseboards, paneling, window casings, trim, etc.

There are many times people being happy that they obtained a very lower quote – considered it a red flag if it is too low.


Should I face the painting myself or hire a professional?

Painting the room by yourself is not impossible, but know that paint costs between $30 and $60 per gallon. You will enjoy a quality paint finish and save more time when you hire a professional painter. Painting an interior is priced based on three factors, which include the type of job, location, and the painter’s experience. 

What is the cost of hiring a painter to paint trim?

Get $500 – $1,500 ready to paint a trim in a 1,500 sq-ft home with 500 linear feet of trim, although the average cost is $700. To paint a porch to match, you will spend from $500 to $2,000 extra. The average cost of shutters and soffits is $50 for each piece. Many professional charges about $20 – $75 for each hour.   

How much is the hourly charge of professional painters?

A professional painting contractor generally charges about $25 and $200 per hour. The cost will be based on the painter’s experience, the toughness of the job, and the location, as stated by Angie’s List. 

How long does painting a 12 by 12 room take?

The time talking to paint will also be increased when the property owner chooses more than one color of the paint. A 12 x 12-ft home with an 8-ft ceiling will take about 5 hours to paint, with extra 3-4 hours to paint the doors, windows, and baseboards. 

What type of paint is used by professional painters?

According to Toto, latex paints are perfect for interior walls and new trim even though we perform restoration work with oil-based paints. Make sure you get quality paints; although our professionals have their personally preferred paints, they understand that good paint is expensive.  

Will painters perform wall cleaning before painting?

Washing your surfaces will increase the project time and also increases painters’ income, so be ready to pay extra if you need them to provide this service for you. You can also get cleaners to handle this task or do it yourself before receiving the painters into your home. 


You will be able to save a lot of time when you hire a pro painter. Your part is to conduct thorough and careful research to get the best painting contractor that suits your needs. You will always be able to evaluate and choose base on the cost, arrangement, and quality, so find out the best for you. For further questions or worries about hiring local house painters please contact us, we are very ready to help.

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