10 Things To Know Before Painting Exterior Of Your Home

10 Things To Know Before Painting Exterior Of Your Home

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Home exterior painting is likely to be one of the most significant home renovations you may face. You need to figure out many things before you get started, whether you just need to touch up some areas or need a comprehensive paint job for your exterior. Selecting the right exterior painting company for the job is one but not the only important decision you have to make.

In this article, we offer you the best tips and tricks to make your exterior painting run faster and stress-free from color and paint selection to finding the right house painter. 

Follow Below 10 Tips For Successful Exterior Painting

1. Don’t cut Cost on Materials

Get paint, primer, and caulking compound of higher quality as they last longer, blends, and covers properly than paint of lower quality. Make sure the paint you purchase has a long-term warranty against problems in the finish. Most house paint gives you your money’s worth, and the best painting materials are costly.

Expect to pay about $35 to $45 and up to $80 per gallon for high-quality exterior paint. Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior paint, Clarks + Kensington exterior paint, and many more are the highly-rated exterior paint brands, and they cost between $35 and $40 for each gallon.

In comparison, Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paint and Sherwin Williams Duration exterior paint are both available for over $50 per gallon. With flat finishes, you get good coverage for imperfection, as they are ideal for siding. However, Satin and semi-gloss enamels are ideal for trim and have more durability and ease of cleaning. 

2. Consider the Weather

Always make advance planning when painting. You likely identified the list of things to be done after winter. Starting right away is not always easy, but you must pick a date during the dry season of the year with little rain and humidity. Adhesion of paint to wet surfaces is not possible, and enough drying time is required.  

3. Selecting the Ideal Color for Exterior Paint

You have a few important factors to note when selecting the exterior paint for your home. Firstly, are there any by-laws from your home owner’s association? If yes, make sure you check and follow the rules as it might involve following a specific color pattern.

If there is no restriction on the color you can choose, then be free to fly. We really recommend selecting 3 or more shades of paint. This is because the exterior design of the house is in three categories. This includes the major principal color of the building, the accents, which gives depth to sections like shutters, and the trim, for railings, door frames, window, and trim.

Proceed with the neutral colors or three colors from the same palette to ensure they all balance and fit well. If you don’t have a specific color in mind, be free to consult your painter for a recommendation.  

4. Locating the Ideal House Painter

Professional house painters can bridge the gap between a beautiful home and several frustrations and problem fixes. Do remember what you pay for is what you get. If you find a painter that offer a lower price to others, be sure to ask why. Make sure the painter you are hiring is trustworthy and well insured.

Always be ready to ask them about their insurance, their employees, or if they subcontract the job. You need to figure out who will be working in your home and the kind of training and qualifications they possess. Obtain references and a complete painting quote in advance.

Have them visit the project site and assess any problem areas before they start, so you don’t get surprised with the additional cost upon completion. Also, remember to figure out their guarantee policy and request it in writing.    

5. Careful of Lead Paint

Although there is no lead in the ingredient used in making today’s house paints, it probably is in paint used before 1978. The United States EPA warns that lead paint content in any home improvement work can cause chips or lead dust that can be dangerous to children’s and adults’ health.

You can contact a local lead-safe certified renovation agent through the EPA website to test and remove lead. 

6. Always go for Quality over Cost

You may be tempted to choose cheaper exterior paint to save some money. Always go against any idea of going for low-quality paint regardless of your budget or your painter’s suggestion in order to reduce your printing expenses.

Always note that you get the worth of your money. Although you may think the money you save now by getting a $10 per gallon of paint is worth it, take a step back and think of the level of quality you cut back by leaving a $50 per gallon paint for a $10 per gallon paint.

Cheaper paints are more certain to peel, crack, or chip sooner than top quality paints. It is possible to gain a few dollars now, but in the long run, you could be spending a lot of money on touch-ups or an entire paint job. It is better to spend the money now to relieve yourself of any future frustration.

7. Make the Important Preparation

Paint will properly adhere when applied to a clean, dry, unpeeling, or non-flaking surface. This may involve adequate scraping and sanding before painting based on the current situation of the trim and siding. Start with surface washing. This can be done using a hose, water, a scrub brush, and detergent, or just use pressure washer.

Be careful not to get water into the joints located between siding, and wet the wood surface with high-pressure water spray during pressure washing.

Grab a scraper to get rid of flaking paint. You will then need a random orbit sander or a five-inch disc powder sander to remove difficult paint and to smooth the wall.

First, use the 60-grit sandpaper and proceed with 100-grit sandpaper. You are not really removing the entire paint; you are just getting rid of loose paint and smoothen the wall. Fill cracks and holes using wood filler and putty knife.

Allow the filler to dry, and then sand these spots again. Brush to remove the dust, caulk the joins, and leave the caulk to dry before you apply primer.  

8. Figure out the Best Type of Exterior Paint

Although your painters will suggest various kinds of paints for you, it is more important to understand the difference in advance so you can decide the type of paint you need in certain areas. Flat/matte finish is so perfect for hiding imperfections on your walls. Although cleaning it is not as easy as cleaning a glossy finish, so it is ideal for siding.

With a glossy finish, you get an easy to clean, great, and durable finish. Since this paint types do show every detail, it can also reveal any imperfections hidden by a flat finish. This paint is ideal for doors and trims.

With a satin finish, you get a touch of both worlds. Cleaning a satin finish is easier, and the little gloss of the satin perfectly conceals any imperfections on the surfaces.

9. Find out the need for Primer before Exterior Painting

Generally, one or two primer coats are to be applied before your desired color. Although this is still a good practice, most paint now contains primer and paint. This can be advantageous as it reduces the number of coats needed, but it can also come with additional cost.

Consult your painter on primer and be sure your house is given the primer and paint’s adequate coats. That will provide you with a color that lasts longer and lower fading and chipping.

10. Obtain Gritty with Stairs and Porches

You probably have experienced slipping on stairs or porch in the rain. This occurs mostly on a too-slick surface, and that is why you must get grit for your exterior paint. In order to avoid slips and falls from your porches or stairs, it is important to include some traction when painting their surfaces.

Some manufacturers produce exterior paint with additives to include texture. In the absence of this in your paint, make sure you add a few quantities of fine sand to obtain the texture and traction needed by your surface. 

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