15 Color Trends For a Great Exterior Painting

15 Color Trends For Exterior Painting

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An exterior painting job may be a serious upgrade to a house. With the right painters and the current color trends in mind, it’s a certain success.   

Painting your household is a majorly big investment, and there are many considerations and choices to make. 

Finding a reliable painting contractor is what most people consider to be the biggest challenge. But there are so many new colors to choose from these days, that even that may be confusing. 

We can’t make the choice for you, but might be able to provide you with the tools needed to make a good choice.

Below is a list we compiled of 15 colors that are trending, which might inspire you.

Some Trendy Colors

1. Taupe

Even though most people don’t need help deciding to paint their home a simple color like this, it is still common for a reason. This color may have been considered standard or drab before, but now, it offers the feel of neutrality couple with great warmth absent in many greys and darker colors. If you consider this color as a base, you can add a great and significant look to the finishing through red or brown accents. 

2. Blue

This color has usually been a common exterior color. However, in the past years, paler, quiet, unassuming blue has been used. Currently, there are varieties of shades of blue entering the market, such as sea blue, which provides a stylish coastal feel. Other blues can pass a bold message or sky-inspired blues that can give a serene backdrop to your home exterior. 

3. Charcoal Gray

Even though light grey is common indoors, a lot of people are choosing dark grey for their home’s exterior. Grey creates a sophistication and style statement, and even as it is kind of formal than some colors, it can greatly increase the curb appeal as well as the general value of your home. Select dark charcoal together with stark white to get a strong contrast that issues a statement. 

4. Red

Red is a bold and daring color, and when you choose red as your exterior home paint, you need to pick the shade carefully. This is no more a talk about candy apple red. Many exterior paints have dark shade, together with the maroon or burgundy lines. This is not like you’d expect, of course, with the lately continuous trend or popularity in dark colors.

5. Tan/Beige

Together with taupe, tan is a color that has been forgotten to the wayside too quickly. However, for exterior painting and siding, it is still one of the most common options available on the market. Tan offers neutrality, and together with a darker shade, it can cover dirt and debris more than a white or eggshell color can do. These colors combined well with white trim or colored accents in blues, reds, and browns to make a bold statement with varieties of color.

6. Forest Green

Also, we prefer to go natural with blending by putting together a darker green with dark accents to give a nice look in any space. Ensure that you make a prompt comparison of the forest against olive green since it can often get a little darker. You will need to make a comparison of trim colors, to discover the perfect match, but people now commonly choose deep, dark colors for their exterior home appeal.

7. Olive Green

This color has once been popular in old kitchens and is not making a return. It has varieties of shade and possible names, but they all give the same unique, elegant finish. When you decide to go with an olive green plus black or darker accents, you can make your exterior look natural, which is perfect in a stress-laden atmosphere or places with shrubs around when you desire to make your home fit into its surroundings.

8. Natural Base/Bright Trim

Now, we have the common bright color combination that many homeowners love. The current common trend is to use neutral colors for the home’s base, like a grey or beige tone. Then, you pick a bright, variant red, blue, or other shade as an accent to the neutral color and make a splash of the color effect that is rare. Consider joining light greys together with browns or turquoise plus bright greens for a unique finish.

Even as the dark on dark trend keeps evolving, the pop color is a common choice for many homeowners. If you desire a unique finish without over-working yourself with your home’s base color, this might be your best choice.

9. Glidden

Caramel beiges often act as neutrals and are ideal backdrops to anything placed in front of it, especially colors of red and pink in the house for this exact home, according to Lindsey Ray, PPG’s Glidden paints’ marketing manager.

Early tones such as Chicory work naturally with greenery, such as grass, trees, shrubs, and a walkway made with red brick. When selecting a palette for the exterior of your home, put the color of your stone, roof, and brick into consideration, together with other elements that you don’t plan to change, together with your landscaping, according to Rays. 

10. Brown

Many people are leaving tan, ecru, taupe, and other light brown or beige shade and going for the darker browns for their upcoming exterior color project. These are warm and inviting colors, and when combined with the perfect trim, they can make a significant difference in any home.

Try chocolate browns to get a natural look that rhymes with its environment. Like coffee shades, lighter browns are perfect with green accents or anything daring such as a trim that has the color yellow or bright red.

11. Behr

This company announced that “Back to Nature” is their 2020 color of the year and is one of the many natural hues that will be on the market among exterior house colors in 2021. This color combines well with lush greens on your property’s landscape and adds more of nature to your residence.

12. Talavera

For homeowners who don’t seem to know how to decide on the color to use but something natural (not plain grey or white), the PPG Paint’s Talavera is for them. It is saturated grey, rusty beige that has an undertone of chocolate. It is an ideal paint color for spaces that requires warmth. Combine it with light woods and accents of teal or blue.   

13. Oxford Gray

This is one of those colors that cause an argument with your friends on whether it is truly blue or grey. We can’t say as well. Oxford Gray is a part of Behr’s Color Preview. It consists of bold, saturated colors that space for those that need to lighten up their home with pure, beautiful color. Color preview, which is known as a perfect complement to Classic Colors offers many 1,232 hues that adapt well with deep, pure, clear colors that make great combinations.

14. Hale Navy

Always lighter than Naval from Sherwin Williams, this is a flat navy color that provides richness to a classic navy color that will make a comeback in 2021. Hale Navy is a timeless classic that is thoroughly saturated with a shade of navy blue, which creates rich marine traditions and happenings at sea.

Hale Navy is exceptionally designed to be combined with bright white accents. Since it is less blue, the color is not overbearing and can be applied to huge colonial-style homes with white window rows.   

15. Golden Straw

Yellow homes are either loved or bluntly despised. When yellow is done poorly, it can make your home exterior stand out in a poor appealing way. But when it is rightly done, it brings your entire street a great light. Benjamin Moore provides the perfect airy yellow that takes after the beauty of a field during summer. It is moderately saturated, so the yellow looks subtle and sophisticated. This color is never ordinary for your home. Golden Straw perfectly blends with deep, rich tan and chestnut. 

How to Choose the Perfect Color?

Choosing the perfect paint color can be so difficult sometimes. Yes, you can be sure that if you choose any color on this list, you will at least be on the list of 2021 house painting trends. Aside from that, it is about choosing the color that best fits your style and creates the look you desire for your home.

Ensure that you don’t restrict yourself because of fear. Many people are concerned about using bold colors for the exterior, but now that they are in, they can be a great impression when talking about curb appeal.

There are many ways that you can sample paint on your building, but the easiest way for exterior jobs may be to take advantage of sampling programs that are available online.

These websites will enable you to upload a photo of your home’s exterior and then pick different paint colors to discover what your home would look like in different shades.

Finding the perfect paint has never really been much easier. It would help if you did not forget that things might not work out exactly the way they appear online.

Therefore, you will need to perform sampling of the paint on your house directly before you then proceed. You don’t want to buy all this paint in a unique shade, only to discover it gives a terrible look to your home during painting, unlike it was during the virtual rendering.

The internet can help you obtain an idea of what is effective, but you sure have to test colors before you conclude.   

Need Some Help?

So these are the colors to consider for your home’s exterior. You can go with one that looks appealing to you and to the other people in tour household.

If you still find it hard to choose and want to consult an expert, feel free to call us at Dallas Paints and ask for advice. Contact us today!

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