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Best Paint Color For Kitchen Cabinet

Best Paint Color For Kitchen Cabinet

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Are you tired of the look on your current kitchen and looking for ways to give it a new touch up? Forget a complete painting. Look into some of the best ideas for changing the look of a kitchen cabinet through painting and see if it satisfies you.

Selecting the right paint color for cabinets can be difficult because there are just too many nice colors to choose from that can make it difficult to make one choice.

You have to put everything into consideration when painting your kitchen cabinets, such as the quantity of natural light in your kitchen as well as the style of your kitchen cabinets.

Before you choose a rare hue, consider the other items as well as colors in the room. Check your walls, floor, counters, appliances, and backsplash.

We invited few selected designers to give the list of top kitchen cabinet paint colors for 2021.

Consider their picks as guidelines for your kitchen cabinet:

1. Black

We will see a lot of black in kitchens especially, this year. Black cabinets are edgy but are also classic and it works well with anything, whether warm wood shelves or crisp white backsplashes.

Pitch black is so much loved by many, but if you a reduced tone version, consider Farrow & Ball’s Off Black to get some drama, regardless of your style of kitchen, according to Decorist’s Briana Nix.

2. Mixed Wood Tones

Mixing of wood and painted cabinets is a current trend we like so much. It is commonly known in past years to paint upper and lower cabinets in different colors. We are repeating the same with lower wood cabinets and applying complementary colors on upper cabinets.

The depth is added to space when the wood-grain is allowed to shine in some cabinets, while the chance to introduce warmth and interest is made possible through painted cabinets with the help of color, according to Andrea Goldman of Andrea Goldman Design.

3. Dark Gray

Sherwin William’s web gray is stylish, yet ever-relevant and versatile color for kitchen cabinets, according to Melissa George, the décor blogger at Polished Habitat.

The color is a bit unexpected, but yet, a great natural that adapts with everything, such as farmhouse style or the latest gold accents.

Most readers in our house ask for this color. Even though darker colors can easily intimidate this gray, it is, however, a nice transformation if you want to move from white or light-colored cabinets to much darker ones.

4. Navy Blue

Even though Sherwin Williams trends, rich navy was just named as the color of the year, it is attracting much attention as a popular hue for kitchens. As more homeowners now bend towards moodier hues, navy is a nice entry point.

Just as white or gray color, navy is also natural because it works well with different colors, styles, and textures, but an extra drama and interest to the table than the typical greige

5. Blush Pink

Rosy hues seem to be here to stay and this may be due to the long yawning for it with Millennial Pink or in its spite. This year, about two different pant brands have announced different blush as their colors of the year 2020, a soft pink hue that has the influence of apricot for Sherwin William’s HGTV Home, called romance, and elevating new neutral from First Light named by Benjamin Moore.

Because this hue light and versatile, blush is just an easy replacement for any space. You’d naturally head toward white or beige, even in the kitchen. The dose of color that can move space from basic to beautiful within an instance is the difference.

6. Simply White

This is a fresh and basic white and is ideal for the kitchen cabinets, trims, ceilings, and walls. The brightness is moderate since it is off-white, but it is also light enough that your kitchen will still get a fresh and neat appearance from it.

This shade will be perfect with the two polished nickel cabinet hardware and brass hardware. This is a brilliant choice for your kitchen ceiling as well or any of your household ceiling.     

7. Peacock Blue

If you’ve been taking a closer look at color trends since the past years, you would easily understand that jewel tones are trending a lot.

Ruby, emerald, citrine, and sapphire are all rich and saturated shades that can pass a great message as an accent wall or add the right quantity of colorful flair when applied in smaller quantities.

Peacock is a deeper shade of turquoise and it’s stylish and soothing at the same time. Combine it with bright white in a double-toned kitchen to change the look of your kitchen to a quick beauty.    

8. Green

My work draws inspiration from the outdoors so I like to make interiors green as natural colors, according to John Michelle, a New York City architect.

It is a fainted shade of green with an undertone of fragile yellow. I suggest you pair this color with terra-cotta floor tiles for the best finish.

9. Daring Hues

The addition of intense color accents will be a possibility in 2020 kitchen designs. Instead of going with just one color for the kitchen cabinets, the design trend in 2021 is to pick one or many elements, such as the Kitchen Island, base cabinets, or kitchen wall cabinets in brighter colors like bright yellow, navy blue, dark red, or green.

In 2021, there is no restriction as to the color to select for your kitchen, as long as the color is combined with materials like oak wood, classic white glass, popular black Fenix laminate, or neutral glass cabinet finish, and classic finishes of kitchen cabinet.

10. Matte Black

This might seem like a rugged choice, but black-and-white is turning into a major color combination in the kitchen, just like white and white.

The reason is because of the high contrast, according to Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, which adds an amazing effect to balance even the typically basic kitchens. To achieve the look, be sure to keep an even balance between both hues, cladding the cabinetry and island at the lower part in black and whites left for the upper half of the kitchen. The color’s combined modern vibe is reduced when you add warm woods to the mix.

11. Sage Green

This is a nice color for kitchen cabinets as stated by Jessica Salomone who is an interior designer at Lotus and Lilac Design Studio. I recommend Pigeon by Farrow & Ball. Sage green is a beautiful hue ideal for varieties of decorating tastes, whether old or new farmhouse style

12. Beige

Isabel Williams, an interior designer working for Fantastic Services has helped a lot of homeowners choose the best paint colors for each of their spaces. Magnolia Home’s Gatherings is one of the paint shades that give a beautiful look in almost any light, making it a perfect choice for kitchens, regardless of the situation of light.

In a room with direct sunlight reflection, the color can resemble greige-tinged white, while in darker rooms; it appears like beige with the lesser tone of gray. 

13. Barely Blue

If you fall in the category of people who couldn’t part with the adaptation and timelessness of a kitchen that is completely painted white, this is a perfect match that might just help you escape your comfort zone.

Pale blues are the nice entrance to pigment for the color, not because they provide the same neat and crisp feel of their natural hues, but because they also have psychological advantages; the color blue offers a cool, calm, and collected feel to people. This is the ideal vibe needed for hard work done in kitchens. 

14. Pewter Green

Paint your kitchen cabinet this gray-green to add more air without backing off from accent lighting and decoration.

The Pewter Green is adorned by small gold doorknobs and when painted on upper and lower kitchen cabinets, it gives them a royal look, whiles the portion of gray makes the marble countertops perfect and attracts the eye upward to the nice wall sconces just an arm swing away.

15. Snow White

Painting cabinet doors using white and glass inserts is capable of brightening a dark kitchen, and the starkness of the white will improve the brightness of the effect.

Pure and pleasing snow white can be well combined with beige bar stool cushions to make a casual great or work with other crisp-white accents to get a more polished appearance.

To get a new look with small effort; replace the face of your current cabinet with new fronts and drawers of Snow White color through home services cabinet makeover from Home Depot.

16. Winchester Green

To change the kitchen into a friendly and attractive zone, get this soft sage green that has gray undertones. The lower cabinets provide a botanical escape when painted in Winchester Green. You get the natural feel when you are cooking in a room with color-coordinated pitchers, plates, bowls, and a window next to a flower garden.

17. Cream Painted Cabinets

Off-white or cream is the second commonly used cabinet color. Most homes find the bright white color too bright on their kitchen cabinets. This is usually the case if another trim in the house is painted off-white or if the counters or flooring in the kitchen area are panted brighter color.

For instance, if there are many grown, allow tines on your counters, then the best compliment could be an off-white color. The color pair well and appear brighter in this kitchen due to the other colors. Since the walls are painted in green shade and the backsplash contains many brown tones, this off-white works with them well.

18. Old Lamppost

This amplifies the intensity using a blue-tinged deep gray that is similar to the mystery of a stormy sky. To make sure that there won’t be excessive darkening of the space by the heady hue, pair it with neat and new contemporary white kitchen cabinets and bright wooden countertops, as this is attractive and yet still relaxing in your kitchen.


Your kitchen cabinets will surely look great if you limit your color options to the ones discussed above. Whether you choose the straight-up classic white or any other color of your choice, you will end up having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

Don’t forget that you must test out your paint samples in different lights before you begin to paint even a single door on your kitchen cabinet.  It is even better to allow professional interior painter to handle the remodeling painting work for you.

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