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Best Painting Contractors in Dallas

Best Painting Contractors of 2020

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The most simple and cost-effective method of renovating a house is painting. If homeowners want to add values to their homes on a budget, having a touch of paint goes a long way. Most people see the painting to be a simple task, and such, they do it by themselves.

Generally, it is not advisable to opt for do-it-yourself, especially, if you don’t have an idea about how house painting is being handled.

Painting contractors are the professionals who handle your house painting to give it an intriguing and brighter look.

There are some skills required in painting that involve an expert to avoid having paints everywhere in the house.

Houses are painted by residential painting contractors while commercial painters handle commercial buildings. They make use of high-quality paint manufactured by top paint companies.

Painting is not an easy task as it seems, and this fact leads to the involvement of painting contractors in painting projects by DIY painters. In this post, we will discuss what painting contractors do, how you can hire them, and the list of the best painting contractors in the U.S.

Cost Of Hiring Painting Contractors

It may cost you more than you planned for. There is a way some painting contractors will calculate the cost by adding up the Sqr-ft (square foot) of the walls and ceilings, together with the linear footage of the edge. The cost of paint and preparation time will also be calculated.

In most cases, some of these painting contractors will issue a quote to you based on their previous experience on a similar job. Although these quotes cannot be vetted; however, the figure is not that many.

The only way to figure out a reasonable quote is to compare it with other quotes from other painting contractors. Painting the interior of an average house will cost a minimum of $10,000.

How To Choose The Best Painting Contractors?

How To Choose The Best Painting Companies?

You will be inviting strangers into your household when you hire a residential painting company; hence, it is essential to choose the right one who is trustworthy and reliable.

You are also focusing on paying for high-quality painting services. We have come up with these easy steps to help you avoid bad eggs amongst them and help you choose right for your house painting.

We narrowed all the possible questions you may have for the painting contractors to the essential ones. It is essential to ask these questions from at least four painting contractors so you can compare their responses to make the right decision.

What is your Experience?

There are many residential painting contractors in your locality. Make sure you reduce the list to the ones that have the most experienced and successful completion.

Check local reviews about these contractors to get an answer to this question. Also, remember to request for samples of their previous works. You will get the exact information you need from those samples.

Knowing how long the company has been in business and the level of experience the team that will be handling the job have is important. Find out if they hire experienced painters and if they provide apprenticeships.

Do they have Employees or they Subcontract?

You have to make sure everyone is properly insured when you hire a painting company for your residential painting project. Request for insurance certificates of any subcontracted employees if your company is into subcontracting of employees.

However, there will be coverage provided for the employees under the general liability insurance of the company if your company employs directly.

What Qualifications do your Employees Possess?

It is also essential to ask for the qualifications of all members of the team. There are many licensed and insured painting companies with inexperienced staff. Request for the criteria the business owner uses in employing staff. Find out how many years of experience the painting team has. Also, ask for their approach to solving the problem.

Do you have a License and Insurance?

Choosing an insured and licensed painting contractor is essential when looking to renovate your house. You can log on to Craigslist to hire a bloke that claims to have the experience, careful with details, and also has references. This, in reality, is not the best option.

You will be on the safe side when you confirm their license and insurance status and also have copies of their papers from them. A trustworthy and reputable painting contractor will willingly submit any request of such. Accidents are inevitable, and in this wise, you need insurance to cover for that.

Do you offer Free Quotes?

Ask for a free painting estimate from the house painting companies you are researching. Most contractors will offer a free estimate. You will get to compare prices and also meet with some of the representatives with this.

You will be able to figure out how soon an estimate will be valid. Labor, preparatory work, and materials should be included in the estimate. This will determine how real your estimate is.

Am I allowed to choose the Materials?

It is normal to try and avoid material scam. However, it seems difficult to eradicate. Painting contractors promise you to use standard materials, only to find out the reverse is the case. You will have a much better outcome when you hire a high-quality painter and purchase high-quality paints.

You can as well request for assurance that the company will use the materials it promised to use in the contract. You can also ask your painting contractor to remove the cost of paint from the estimate so you can purchase the paint by yourself.

Do they give a Warranty?

The cost of painting can be highly expensive. You won’t mind paying what it costs for an investment that stands to give you a high return. Request for any warranty from the company to increase the return.

For instance, what is the guarantee on the duration of their work? Your paint project stands a chance to last longer if companies put materials, time, and prep work into consideration. These factors should be considered when giving a warranty on the work

What Painting Contractor Does?

What Painting Contractor Does

Most of the painting contractors will take any job regardless of how big or small it is. It may be just to paint your window trim or the entire house.

With the assumption that your painting contractor will be painting your interior or exterior, below are the things you can expect from a standard painting contractor you hire:

1. Tests Paint Color

You will be allowed by the painting contractor to determine the paint colors that perfectly match your desire for the interior or exterior of your house. Request for a patch test from the painting contractor before you apply for the whole house. You can find the perfect combination by mixing colors as well.

You will get to see the color after the paint is dried when the patching test is conducted, both during the day and at the night. You will determine the best hue for your house to make it more beautiful and inviting with this.

Both the interior and exterior painting are being handled by the painting contractor, so be free to inform them of which part you will be painting.

2. Provides Detailed Estimates

A great turn off is when a painting contractor gives you an estimation that lacks clarity or is not properly detailed. Request for a detailed quote or go with the painting contractor that offers you a detailed quote.

The breakdown of the painting price, total service charge, and other costs will be included in the detailed estimation. You will also get to see information on why you need to pay the painting contractors such a huge amount and make sure there are no hidden charges.

3. Answers to your Questions

An experienced painting contractor will answer any related questions about your painting work. They eliminate any form of hesitation in answering customer’s questions as they understand their doubts.

4. Handles Surface Preparation

The painting contractor will prepare the walls or other parts to be painted before they commence the job. The wall paint color is enhanced when the surface is prepared appropriately and also improves its efficiency. The preparation methods and processes differ based on the surface type.

Removal of old nails, light sanding, wooden surface cleaning, and scraping of old flaking paints are all examples of regular surface preparation.

A painting contractor needs to know the exact surface preparation technique required for different situations.

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5. Cleans up

A major advantage to your side is when the painting contractor agrees to clean up the entire drips and mess after completing the job because painting job can leave your house with a lot of mess.

Kindly note that no one can clean the mess better than the painting contractors. Make sure you include this in the discussion before you hire the painting contractor. Choose the contractor who can clean up the drips and mess at their own pace.

6. Touches-up when required

All efforts to make your house look more attractive will be put together by the painting contractor. Whether you require a special coat of paint for a particular section or you are not satisfied with the paint, the painting contractor will touch upon this issue.

Kindly note that any adjustment, while the job is ongoing or completed, can cost you extra money than you’ve budgeted. It is better to stay clear of adjustments in the final minute.

7. All-in-One Painting Contractor

Alongside painting the house, many painting contractors also handle painting of metal, wooden and other objects. You can save some money when you hire such a contractor.

They will handle the painting of your windows, your doors, metallic finishes, your wooden cabinets as well as wooden furniture to give your house a new attractive look. Some of the painting contractors deal with decorative painting.

Six Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Painting Contractor

To enjoy a high-quality, attractive and long-lasting house painting, it is important to hire a professional painting contractor. Among the thing to consider when hiring a painting contractor alongside expertise is trustworthiness as they will have complete access to your rooms and your entire home.

Although understandably, you know you have to hire experienced painting contractors with a great record on successful completion of painting jobs and competitive pricing, it is, however, important to also note that there are more critical factors that might be overlooked or not considered at all.

Below are six major mistakes that you should be careful not to make when hiring a painting contractor for your interior painting job:

1. Hiring the Cheapest Option

Although we are all looking for ways to reduce cost here; however, choosing the cheapest option when it comes to painting services could later cost you more than expected in the future. It is most uncertain that the best painting contractor will be the cheapest on your list of painting contractors.

A few of the reasons why you see contractors with cheap estimates is because most of them reduced the quality of paints to be used, skipped important parts such as surface preparation, usage of low-quality paint, or even using insufficient paints, etc. It is advisable to choose a comprehensive estimate with a possible return of quality and long-lasting services.

2. Not Hiring a Local Contractor

This doesn’t mean that you are restricted to only painters from your environments or street, just that you will find it more convenient when you hire painting contractors from your town or region. This is because they will find it easy to conduct an on-site survey before they give you an estimate.

This also makes it easier for the team of painters to make it to the site daily and promptly. Should there be any case that requires urgent attention, they are just a couple of distances away from you.

3. Not understanding the Project Scope

Many homeowners find the result of the painting by contractors unsatisfying because of this reason. You need to spell out everything you need to be done during the project description to avoid this.

For instance, you have to let them know the peeling or bubbling nature of the paint before they come so they can be fully prepared for it. If you need the window and/or the door painted, or special paint for a particular part, inform them during the project description.

4. Not asking them if they can handle your Project

Almost every experienced painting contractor can handle the regular painting job that involves just applying paint to the drywall. If your project requires special feature which includes removal of wallpaper, faux finish, painting with a sheen, siding of the logwood, and so on, then you need the service of a painting contractor that specializes or has experience with the particular jobs.

You have to hire someone who will do a perfect job for you without the need for retouch-ups a few months after the project completion. It is therefore important to ask your painting contractor if they have what it takes to deliver a quality service for you.

5. Not Drafting a Written Contract

Regardless of how trustworthy or reliable your painting contractor may seem, since money is involved, it is important to have everything written down. A ready-made contract is available with most painting contractors, containing the details of how they proposed to do your work, including your name and address.

The colors, materials, quantities, payment schedules, the scope of the project, and project duration should also be included in the contract. Make sure important specifications are written down in the contract as well.

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6. Forgetting about Insurance

This mistake is common among first-time homeowners. You are taking a great risk by working with a painting contractor that doesn’t have proper or any insurance in place.

Make sure you confirm if the contractor has workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance in place before you sign the contract.

This will save you from taking responsibility for any damage to your property or injury to any of the painters while working on your project. Request for proof to be certain they have the insurance as claimed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things I should expect from a painting contractor?

There is rarely a job most painting contractors will not take, whether to just paint your window trim or to paint an entire house. But assuming you hire them to paint your house interior, you can expect them to cover part of your home that will not be painted such as cabinets, windows, kitchen counters, and floors. 

Is negotiation with contractors possible?

In the event that there is a need for additional work on your job, your painting contractor should inform you so you can either agree to it or they prepare for negotiation for the additional costs.

Make sure you obtain about three or four estimates from different contractors before you decide on which of them you will hire.

Is there any discount available to contractors at Home Depot?

Maybe. Technically, there is no discount available for contractors. As awful as this may sound, remember that Home Depot is also a business. They are also out there to make money and as many as they can to keep their business running smoothly and legally. 

Will my furniture be moved by professional painters?

Although your furniture will be covered with plastic sheets by your hired professional painters, you must make sure the furniture won’t disturb them all through the job.

They want to avoid any contact with your furniture while they work, especially if they are carrying a full paint bucket with them. We advise you to move the furniture to another location all through the duration of the job.            

What should be indicated in a painting contract?

Even though there is room for you to add any information you believe is important in your painting agreement, you must also include essential things like the name of the contractor and the client’s as well as their information. Also, a part where the scope of work will be described, and the breakdown of the services to be rendered must be included. 

How do you calculate and develop a quotation for interior painting?

Painting the interior of a house will cost between $1.50 and $3.50 per sq-ft on the average. The cost per sq-ft may range between $3 and $4 if you are painting the walls, ceilings, and trim. 

What qualities should I pay attention to in a good painting contractor?

There are numerous qualities to look out for when hiring a painting contractor to do your home paint job. There certainly are differences between painting contractors. To give you a heads up in your selection process, we’ve compiled a guide for you.

Kindly check our article on guide to hire interior painting contractors which detailed all these factors. Click the link or check out blog section on our website to locate this guide and other information packages that we provide including all our estimates. 

How long will it take for my painting project to complete?

Not all painting projects are the same. Your estimator will explain how the job will be from start to finish so you can get an idea of the start date and completion date of your paint job before they even start working. However, many of our painting projects don’t exceed a week before completion, not even a fill-home repair. 

How do painters determine square footage?

Simply multiply the length of the room by its width to get its square footage. Finding the square footage of the exterior is done by multiplying the height of each exterior wall by its width. Find the sum of the totals to determine the square footage of the whole house.  

How is an interview with a general contractor done?

Ask them about the budget, cleanliness, quality of work, safety, timeliness, if they’ve reached their goals and expectations, and their level of professionalism. It would help if you also tried to check businesses that work with the general contractor. Confirm the relationship between the contractor, its subcontractors, and the vendors that supply painting materials to them. 

How do I pick a contractor for a remodeling job?

Research the contractor and find out the year it started the business and its year of experience. Ask questions about the background, training, and education of the contractor in order to avoid hiring a contractor that is not technically and business inclined to offer such services you require. 


It is not much of a hard task to hire a painting contractor for your painting project. It is important to research the painting contractors, check their reviews online, verify their license and insurance, ask around from family, friends, or neighbors if they know about the companies.

You will, at the end of your research arrive at hiring the best painting contractor that will do a perfect job on your project at a budget-friendly price. Have a good deal!

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