Choosing a Popcorn Ceiling Repair Company

Choosing The Best Popcorn Ceiling Repair Companies

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How to choose a popcorn ceiling repair company, how much will it cost, and some other stuff about the subject

Popcorn ceiling removal should be considered when looking to change things around your home. Older homes have a connection between popcorn ceilings and asbestos, which implies that your home might not be as safe as you believed.

Gladly, your home can be a haven again with the popcorn ceiling removal tips and give a more aesthetic look by getting rid of the popcorn ceiling.

After relocating into a home that has a popcorn ceiling, arranging for popcorn ceiling removal is one of the vital steps that you can take.

The overall appearance of your interior home is improved after popcorn removal. When getting ready for a popcorn removal process, you need to partner with a company that offers professional drywall services closer to your location., how much will it cost, 

Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Popcorn Removal Company

Evaluate Licensing and Credentials

The process of popcorn ceiling removal is very complex and needs specialized and safety tools and equipment. As you are looking for a contractor to handle your popcorn ceiling removal for your household, you need to find out from your company if they have the relevant licensing and credentials for their business.

Verify Reviews and References

When you are selecting a popcorn ceiling removal expert, you need to go through the reviews and references of the potential company you want to hire.

You should hire a popcorn ceiling removal company with a good reputation from other consumers in your area.

Checking up reviews on each contractor can help you confidently book your popcorn ceiling removal.

Getting Ready for Popcorn Removal

This is one of the major factors that enable you to select the best popcorn ceiling removal company that perfectly matches your requirements.

You must make proper preparation before your popcorn ceiling removal. Removal of the textured ceiling is difficult. Make sure all your furniture items are removed from the room for easier clean-up.

You may turn off the room’s heating and cooling system. Cover the popcorn ceiling with plastic. You can remove your ceiling fan based on your requirements.

Latest Technology and Equipment

Opt for company that uses latest technology and equipment. How about this? You must be aware of the modern technology and instruments used in removing the popcorn ceiling.

Details of this can be obtained in order to know how to make use of the equipment that simplifies the difficult popcorn ceiling removal process professionally.

You can obtain all the details about the latest technology and equipment from many popcorn ceiling removal companies. Also, gather useful information that will help you in choosing the right popcorn ceiling removal company.

There are many online websites that you can visit to get the best popcorn removal specialist at a reasonable price. The major thing here is to hire the most suitable popcorn removal company that satisfies your requirements.

Your project will be handled professionally and timely when the company uses the latest technology and equipment.

Quality Material

This is one of the major factors you should consider when deciding on the best popcorn ceiling removal provider. Using quality materials gets you a good and durable finish. You can surely rely on top-quality materials. Do not cut back on quality for any reason.

You may find the quality material a bit costly for you, but the benefit you stand to gain in the long run from the quality product is worth it. Only use top quality and brand material when removing the popcorn ceiling.

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Estimate Your Project

You need to estimate your popcorn ceiling removal task. You can start estimation by calculating the number of rooms with a popcorn ceiling.

You can get the best estimate for your popcorn ceiling removal by finding the age of the house as well as the quantity of popcorn ceiling.

You need to make a comparison of your popcorn ceiling removal and go with the best one that matches your requirements.

Affordable Price

This factor tends to be the most important when choosing the best available popcorn ceiling removal company. However, it would help if you were careful when using cost as a factor for deciding the best popcorn ceiling removal company for you, so you don’t end up with a company that doesn’t know much or doesn’t offer quality service and finishing.

You can consult many top-rated popcorn ceiling removal companies nearest to you and compare their quotes to identify the one that offers quality removal service at a price that works for you.

Quality should be your highest priority. Although buying quality products or services can be expensive, but it, in turn, gives you total return within a few periods.

Ceiling Repair Cost – All you need to know

Professional ceiling repair for such damage as drywall damage, water leaks, and other minimal problems on the average cost about $500 to $900.

In some cases, visible cracks and stains on the ceiling can be a sign of more complex problems, such as water or structural damage.

Taking your time to fix such issues potentially complicates the damage and cost you the more.  

Popular Repairs and Prices

Generally, there are different kinds of damage sustainable by your ceiling. These include: 

  • Cracks: You may have to pay about $150 to $300 to patch up cosmetic cracks. Those with larger cracks can get ready to pay about $250 to $350 to patch and level the cracked surface. You will spend an additional $150 to $200 if you want the contractor to recreate a certain texture on certain areas of the ceiling. 
  • Drywall repair: Get ready to pay between $700 and $900 if your ceiling is designed with drywall that needs to either be removed or replaced. This estimate is made for around 200 square-foot of ceiling drywall. Generally, this repair will be done by a contractor if the ceiling is damaged by water.
  • Plaster repair: Fixing a damaged (cracks or holes) plaster wall can cost you about $150 to $300. In the event of comprehensive damage, the cost will significantly increase as the damaged plaster ceiling may fall. Special knowledge and experience are required for this kind of work.
  • Water stains: You will pay about $200 to fix a part of the ceiling that has stain as it may be a sign of damage to the structure. You can expect to pay anywhere near $3,000 and $8000 to fix this problem. In addition, the overall price will be based on the level of damage and materials needed by the contractor for repair.
  • Extensive water damage: Water damage and mold is another major problem that will cost several thousands of dollars. This usually occurs when the water has entered the ceiling for a long time. Also, once you observe large stains, this is telling you that there is already complex damage. In addition, if you only notice one or two stains, a contractor should assess and fix the problem right away.

Cost of Paint Finish

Before the ceiling can appear finished, you will have to repaint it. Be ready to pay about $150 to $300 to paint an 8-foot ceiling in a room that measures 10 by 12 professionally. You will spend about 30 to 50% more to create a textured surface based on the comprehensiveness of the design.


How much should I pay for popcorn ceiling removal?

According to CostHelper, you can prepare to pay around $1 to $3 for each square foot or $250 – $900 to get popcorn ceiling removed from a 15 by 20 room or $1,200 – $1,400 for a room that measures 1,600 sq-ft if there is no asbestos contained in the popcorn ceilings.

Why is the popcorn ceiling so bad?

The popcorn ceiling can easily get damage. It is a fragile material, and friable asbestos materials disperse toxic dust at even slight contact. Inhaling dust from asbestos can cause serious health issues such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. 

How can you do a popcorn ceiling removal without making a mess?

Make use of a garden pump sprayer to wet the ceiling and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes to allow for easier scraping and dust-free popcorn ceiling removal. Wet the ceiling just a little bit like too much moisture could damage the drywall or cause the joint tape to flattened. 

What spray can I use on the popcorn ceiling for removal?

Prepare warm water and pour it in a spray bottle, then spray a small part of about 10sq-ft of ceiling area at a go. Allow it to soak for 20mins or so. Avoid dampening popcorn coating as it could cause damage to the drywall surface underneath it. 

How long does scraping of a popcorn ceiling take to complete?

Following the traditional way which involves scraping and removal, and then resurfacing your ceilings, and you hired a professional for the task, be ready to spend about 20-hours to get your 500sq-ft popcorn ceiling removed and replaced. 


There are many simple tips and tricks which, when followed, will enable you to choose the best and quality popcorn ceiling removal company at the most effective cost. It would help if you never cut back on quality, so you must go with only a top-rated service provider that can perfectly handle your popcorn ceiling removal project professionally. 

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