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Best Commercial Painting Contractors

Painting a business area can be a simple job or a complex undertaking. Generally, the nature and extent of a painting project are determined by a landlord.

However, good business owners do consider their brands and customers when changing the aesthetic of a building.

There are probably many options for the decision-maker to go through before starting the painting project. After receiving adequate instructions, the painting contractor can take on obstacles peculiar to the building itself.

Regardless of the age of the building, there will be some challenges accompanied by it, which will be faced by a painting contractor.

Commercial Painting Contractors

You might have to take a time out to check the benefits of commercial painting (will also be highlighted below).

If you’ve been looking to hire the right painting contractor for your project, you are at the right place to have a clue.

Although some property owners may argue that the best cost-saving method of commercial painting is to paint the property yourself, you will discover that hiring a commercial painting contractor is always the best.

A professional painter knows the type of paint ideal for your property, money, and time-saving methods, and will be able to give you advice on the decisions you will be making.

The level of professionalism they will offer will also give you a rest of mind, and not leave you worried about the possible outcome of your painting project. Continue reading to find out more about commercial painting and commercial painting contractors.

Types of Properties for Commercial Painting

How do you discover the need for commercial painting contractors? If you plan to paint any of the properties listed below, you need to hire a commercial painting contractor for the job:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Condominiums
  • Education centers
  • Religious institutions
  • Boutiques
  • Shopping malls
  • Medical facilities
  • Banks
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Coffee shops
  • Hotels

Together with the properties listed above, commercial properties may also include industrial and government-owned properties.

Types of Commercial Painting Projects

One of the best and major investments you can ever make in your business is to hire a commercial painting contractor for all your commercial painting projects. This will not only save you time and money, but it will also save you from sacrificing quality because of DIY painting.

Below are major commercial painting projects:

Exterior Painting

The quality of the exterior of a commercial building goes a long way in creating the first impression of the out-lookers about your brand(s). One of the things professional painters first learn is to master an exterior paint project.

An expert painter will not only take on an exterior paint job with an adequate understanding of the right type of paint to use, but they will also make sure there are no slip-ups with the wrong color, irrelevant equipment, and peeling paint.

Interior Painting

Remember, your exterior walls have created a good first impression and they have been attracted to seeing what is inside; hence, interior walls are also expected to be as quality as exterior walls.

A lot of time may be required to paint a commercial structure’s internal surfaces, so it is best to have professionals who understand the right preparatory job for surfaces to handle your job.

They will not only prepare the surfaces but also will quickly clean up space so that business can resume in no distant time.

Factor to Consider When Selecting Paint Colors for Commercial Building

Regardless of the nature of the business, you surely want to give your commercial building a greatly appealing and well-maintained look.

Your business will be seen as thriving by the customers and the general public when the building is beautiful, and this should attract more business for you.

To make sure your building remains in great condition, you need to keep up with regular maintenance services from a popular commercial painting contractor.

The color used for your commercial painting can make a huge difference in how the entire public sees your building, which is why you must be serious about your decision. Let’s look at color consideration for paint colors.

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1. Commercial Painting vs. Residential Painting

It will help if you put a lot of considerations in mind when preparing to choose new paints for your commercial property. Firstly, you need to know the differences between a residential painting job and a commercial painting job.

The major difference between the two painting jobs is the level of the project to be done. In most situations, commercial painting jobs require wider coverage compared to residential painting.

That is why the painting project is more complex and will surely need multiple manpower to complete in the shortest possible timeframe; which is why hiring a reputable commercial exterior painting contractor that is knowledgeable is so important.

2. Consider the Architecture of the Building

People usually overlook using the right material with paint when choosing paint colors for their commercial building. Different types of paint are required for different building styles and their external materials.

The paint color and how long the paint will last on an exterior surface will be determined by its material. Using red paint on a barn will make it look more different from applying red paint on the exterior surface.

This difference is caused by the materials used in building banks (concrete) and barns (wood). Red paint will usually crack and chip when applied to wood because of its different characteristics.

3. Think of the Environment of your Commercial Building

You will need to consider the environment of your commercial building when selecting the perfect paint colors.

For example, a darker hue might be perfect for buildings placed on a smaller lot, which might help avoid the issue of your commercial building looking oversized due to the size.

Other questions you should consider include:

  • What colors of paints are used on any nearby buildings?
  • Are there any neutral colors used on the driveways, walkways, and parking lots?
  • Is the nearby landscaping in good condition and properly maintained?
  • Is your commercial building situated in a historic neighborhood?
  • How often does your location experience snow?

You will also need to be sure that your preferred paint colors match your brand. You should be able to choose the right paint colors for your building when you check the logo, website, and social media branding of your company.

4. Each Brand With its Own Color Profile

Each brand has a color profile that is combined to represent the company’s value and mission statement. For example, Amazon is a company that majorly uses three different colors of yellow, black, and white in its logo and branding.

Once you know the color palette of your company’s brand, you can choose the same color for your commercial building. Make sure the chosen palate passes the exact message you want your commercial building to display.

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5. Consider Trending Paint Colors

The easiest method to figure out the paint colors that are ideal for your commercial building is to stay up to date with trends. This case is practically true with every other thing. Different paint colors gain popularity at different times.

Trends are always subjected to change because of society’s perception of our environment. The annual choices made by the public often dictate the ideal colors for real estate, fashion, sports, electronics industries, and marketing.

6. Color can affect Someone’s Mood

A person’s mood can actually be changed by color and also play a role in a person’s feelings and thoughts. For example, someone can feel relaxed in certain situations courtesy of the right color.

Several years ago, many studies tried to find the connection between mood and color. These studies reported that one’s mood could change based on the color in sight when in a room.

Choosing the right color for your business will make your customer feel better transacting with you, which should lead to more revenues for your business. You want to avoid painting a certain room, a color that is capable of increasing the stress being experienced by your customers.

In this case, your customers may possibly decide to take their business to another provider. This will lead to a reduction in your profits.

7. Your Selected Accent Color is So Important

Even though the primary color you choose for your commercial property is important, a recommendation includes choosing the right accent color, which is used to show the color scheme that you’ve to settle for.

Painting a building with a single shade of color often makes it looks boring. To prevent this kind of issue, you need to choose an accent color, which will add variation to the primary color.

However, you still need to select the best color for your commercial building. Many companies often choose a slightly darker or lighter accent color than the major color.

In order to go with a less traditional approach to get better customers’ responses, you may need to take a complementary color.

These colors will neutralize the main colors when mixed together and will appear beautiful when used in a commercial building.

8. Find out if your Business is located in a Historical Area

Before concluding the color schemes to apply for your business building, it is important that you first consult your city to find out if your company is located in a neighborhood with historical background.

In this case, there will certainly be restrictions on the types of paint that companies and homeowners are allowed to use by the city, aiming to ensure the historical integrity of the structures is maintained.

If you already have the desired color for your commercial building, find out about your city’s restrictions, so you don’t get disappointed.

In fact, this should be one of the first steps you take when selecting paint colors for your commercial property.

Popular Commercial Painting Challenges

1. Structural Issues

When making an arrangement with a painting contractor, the business owner must consider the size. If you don’t have much manpower and enough capacity, you need to make a generous arrangement based on the timeframe for completion.

Fulfillment may also be delayed by pre-existing damage to surfaces; managers should make a list of the necessary required repairs with the commercial painting contractor before estimating the work duration.

Primer could be used based on the paint finish as well as the age of the commercial building, and this will also take some time. You also need to find out if the trim is included or will be required as another variable.

2. Roof Issues

Regularly checking the roof, especially when looking forward to a huge painting job, helps prevent internal leak and sometimes greater wreckages. Examples of commercial roof dangers are:

  • Wind uplift: When the roof is forced in an upward direction by air pressure from inside and outside.
  • Unreliable flashing: When the installed galvanized steel aimed at preventing pooling of water around seams, vents, and joints is not working.
  • Standing water: This is popular among flat roofs, which requires slope or drainage correction.
  • Roof punctures: This is caused by heavy storms, construction activity, and so on.

3. Faded Paint

Paint fades over time because of the activities of the elements such as sun, wind, snow, and rain. This process affects the paint by causing a tired, wear, and decay appearance.

Fading is a common problem often tackled by commercial painting contractors since it reduces the building’s attractiveness to potential occupants.

The only thing commercial painters and owners can note is if the warranties on the current paint are still active as at the time fading occurs.

The answer will determine the choice of new paint you go for. Keeping a healthy color and gloss improves the look of a building.

4. Cracked and Blistered Paint

Cracking or blistering paint is another damage that changes the look of a building awfully. There are many ways in which this can happen:

  • Lack of adequate surface preparation when the first paint was applied
  • Low-quality paint that doesn’t adhere flexibly
  • Too light coat of paint
  • Aging, which occurs when the paint is denied expansion and contraction because of humidity

These issues can be prevented by knowledgeable painting contractors.

5. Problems with Caulking

Caulking is common among buildings made with concrete, and anywhere that experiences water infiltration, like windows. Expert property managers know that caulking is temporary and must be renewed every 8 years or thereabout.

Yet, frequent monitoring is recommended. If the caulking shows signs of splitting, inelastic, or water seepage, be sure to replace it immediately. Non-toxic material is involved in caulking and can also increase energy conservation in commercial and residential properties. Mildew can also be reduced by high-end, quality caulks.

6. Mold and Mildew

Fungi, such as mold and mildew, usually reduce the appearance of commercial property and also turn the indoor air quality foul. In appearance, they decolor the external materials through their own stains.

On the inside, mold and mildew often start where there is shade and can pollute the circulating air and cause occupants of the respiratory building issues and allergic reactions in this vegetation without treatment.

The stench is also important from the viewpoint of the property owner: a musty odor emanates from mold and mildew and can send prospective renters away while giving existing occupants reasons to relocate once their lease expires.

Preliminaries and Process in Painting

Preparation is a great factor when talking about the timeline. Every repair work required, such as caulking, spackling, and so on, will elongate the duration between starting and completing a commercial painting job.

Floor and furniture protection may require more or less time based on the materials on it. With this guide, homeowners and contractors should come up with the ideal paint for the job.

It might not be possible to delegate the perfect choice so that painting contractors would continue on the job at a slow pace.

Preliminaries and Process in Painting

This will also increase the project’s length, on the other hand, and may leave you with a durable and attractive finish.
Also, painters must consider the weather, temperature, and humidity when doing their work, understanding that paint reacts to changing weather conditions.

If you hire commercial painting contractors, they know what it takes to paint to a commercial building. Let’s highlight some of the benefits of hiring a commercial painting contractor for your property.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Painting Contractor

Although many companies or handymen-style painting contractors are bidding for your commercial painting project on the lower cost, hiring a qualified painter makes more sense, especially for your large scale project.

When you see the overall results, you will know that the investment is worth the money with a professional painter and not just someone who has luck with rollers.

You tend to enjoy the following when you hire a commercial painting contractor:

1. Commercial Painting Contractors Have Sound Knowledge

Commercial painters have wide experience and relationships with many suppliers to make sure you get the best result at the best price. They can offer full-color consultation, assisting you in choosing the best paint color for your commercial building by considering the surroundings, architectural style, and use.

In addition, with a comprehensive paint specification service, you will be certain that your property is perfectly protected and preserved from untimely future deterioration.

2. Commercial Painting Contractors are faster

If you plan to schedule the painting of your entire commercial building’s interior over a weekend to make sure your employee productivity is not disturbed due to distractions or paint smell, make sure you hire a commercial Painting Contractor and not just a painter.

It is the perfect way to make sure your painting project is finished with no delay.

You cannot rely on independent painters as they usually come late to an appointment. Aside from that, while working, they may not have enough painting crew or may not have enough experience, making the entire project go slowly and increasing the overall bill because of the hours spent.

To have the painting job done right, go for a commercial painting contractor.

3. Commercial Painters Have The Best Equipment

Commercial painters have the right and latest equipment to perform a professional job such as spray application, carpet protection, air purification, and on-site paint mixers.

The equipment enables commercial painting contractors to give you the perfect coverage, texture, and tone you need in your newly painted spaces, while also making sure your job is completed promptly.

4. Commercial Painters can be Cost-Saving

Commercial painting contractors can reduce the amount you spend on that extra amount of hours taken by an unskilled painter or team of inexperienced painters on your commercial painting job.

Although they may quote higher rates than what your friend who painted his home last summer was charged, they may still save you some money in materials, time, and wasted paint.

It will be impossible for an unskilled or untrained painter to come up with an accurate estimate of the quantity of paint needed to paint the space fully.

With issues in mixing paint from one part to another, they are bound to paint more than enough at your company’s expense.

Commercial painting contractors understand how to estimate what they need without passing their boundaries on requirements, and they can make sure the prices of paint and supplies are lower due to the quantity they buy.

5. Methodical Approach

Exterior commercial painting contractors stick to standard working procedures, from preparatory work to clean-up and disposal, to give their clients high quality. They know the importance of offering consistent services, quality, pricing, and project management for national or painting projects.

In that case, you will see many red flags pointing you to look for another partnership, like inaccurate quotes, undependable business development managers, and a lack of risk plans.

Exterior commercial painting takes a lot of time. The work arrangement must be planned in line with business requirements. Therefore, commercial contractors are well ready to work at odd hours, as well as nights and weekends, at your comfortable hours.

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How Do You Calculate The Costs of Labor?

A contractor will be able to give a more accurate estimate for labor cost when they visit the site, but the following are the guidelines used in determining the costs of labor:

Understanding that wall square feet are different from floor square feet

An average professional painting contractor should be able to use a 2-coat painting system to paint the walls in a regular office of 14 widths by 14 lengths by 9 height = 504 square feet in just three and half hours.

About 150 square feet should be covered within an hour by an average painter. You get 3.36 when you divide 504 by 150.

How do you calculate the Costs of Labor?

Expect to pay between $50 to $80 per hour for a professional commercial painter with current rates, taxes, and insurance. Note that the painter must cut in neat paint lines towards all the boundaries of the room (baseboards, ceiling, doors, floor, window frames, and so on) with a brush, and then roll the surfaces two different times using a paint roller.

Sprayers may be used as a faster substitute in empty or new facilities. To paint the surfaces using a typical brush and roll with two coat paint system, expect to pay about $0.45 per square feet.

NB: Additional masking, major preparatory work (for cracks, peeling paint, or holes), paint materials (based on quality and prices), or furniture moving are not included in this price. You need to identify them all.

In some cases, you cannot get a good sight of the situation via pictures, but at other times, you need to arrange an onsite painting estimate with a professional for a visual survey.

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