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Hire The Best Faux Painting Service Near you

A faux finish is a specialized skill set that allows a painter to recreate the look and feel of a different surface.

The word ‘faux’ means an imitation of something, and that is what faux painting does. A faux finish gives you the aesthetic of something as dramatic as a marble or granite surface where you may only have the option for drywall.

This method takes patience and a solid amount of artistry to pull it off, but can have amazing results for your home. Dallas Paints prides itself on our skilled faux finishing methods.

Hire The Best Faux Painting Service Near you

Get Your Faux Painting Done With Dallas Paints

Faux painting can look truly wonderful when done right, but it can also look tacky when done wrong. Dallas Paints has professionals whose faux paint finishes are always done right and to the best possible standards.

Done the right way this is the fastest way to change the overall character and feel of your home with minimal investment.

While many faux finish designs go in and out of style, the large range of possibilities with the method means that you really are only limited by your imagination. There will always be a surface that can benefit from an aesthetic improvement.

Popular Types of Faux Painting

There are numerous forms of faux painting – perhaps an endless amount. Any surface or technique can theoretically be replicated by a painter skilled enough. Here are some of the more popular faux finishes on walls.

  • Concrete-ing

This is popular to give a room a hard, sleek and modern look. White, grays and blacks are blended together to create the appearance of a smooth concrete surface.

  • Rag Rolling

The look of rich and aged stucco or leather-style surfaces can be remade using a method called rag rolling. The glazes and paints are applied via a rag in unique strokes.

  • Marbleizing

Natural marble is an incredibly beautiful surface and has been used in construction since the time of the ancients. Using multiple layers of glaze and subtle artistry we can create the illusion of a marble surface. Fireplaces, tables and walls are popular targets for this method.

  • Stenciling

While there are countless surfaces that can be recreated by Dallas paints through faux paint finishes, that isn’t all that is possible with faux painting. Stenciling work can enhance corners, floors and an endless number of surfaces with unique designs and enhancements made to look like a variety of materials.

Why Choose Dallas Paints For Faux Finishes?

While there are many contractors who can do forms of faux painting, there are a few traits that set Dallas Paints apart.

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship

We know that everything we touch and change can be something you are looking at for years to come. Not only is this your home, it is our livelihood. We take both very seriously. You can trust Dallas Paints to offer the highest quality services and to be constantly conducting training to our staff.

  • A Focus on Convenience

We take up as little of your time as possible. We do our utmost to get in and get out without disturbing the flow of your life. Use us if you want the job done with as little inconvenience as possible.

  • Competitive Prices

Call for a consultation and discover just why Dallas Paints is so popular. Our craftsmanship is second only to the fairness of our prices. While quality services will have their costs, we know how to source and use our assets with extreme efficiency. This really is quality you won’t mind paying for. If you feel that any of our competitors are offering a better deal, please bring it up to us. We are happy to look at the discrepancy.

  • Safety and Cleanliness

Everyone employed by Dallas Paints is highly trained, courteous and skilled. Background checks, quality controls and constant training ensure that anyone who touches a surface in your home is qualified to improve it and is if the utmost integrity

If you want to schedule a faux painting finishing service or have any further questions please contact us or book an appointment today!

Why Choose Dallas Paints For Faux Finishes

Pro Tips for Faux Painting

Make sure you’re stocked up on supplies

If you’re looking to make faux painting a DIY project for yourself, getting the right supplies should be first. For the essentials, you’ll want a sponge roller, rags or whatever tool you’re using for texture, paintbrushes or rollers to apply the paint, and enough paint to get the job done. Make sure you measure any walls you’d like to paint and note their width, length, and height so you will have an idea of how much paint to purchase.

Try something simple for your first project

If you’ve never done a DIY faux painting project before, then start off with something easy. You could give a few different ideas a try, such as color-washing, sponge rolling, or rag rolling. Each of these is simple projects that you can try for yourself without spending too much money, and don’t take much time to complete.

Common Questions About Faux Painting

Common Questions About Faux PaintingAt Dallas Paints, we get a lot of questions about faux painting finishes. To help you out, we have answered the most common here to the best of our ability. If you have any questions please contact us or book an appointment today!

Is faux painting expensive?

Since faux painting can encompass so many possibilities there is no straightforward answer.

The amount of surface you will want to paint and the method which will be employed are two big factors. Some simple methods may only cost you a few dollars for a square foot, other methods can be triple that.

All of the faux painting methods are relatively inexpensive when compared to other remodeling or resurfacing treatments.

What is faux glaze used for?

The faux glaze is a translucent layer that is painted on to protect the paint and to add various textures. With glaze, an artist can formulate a plethora of rich and dynamic shapes and textures. It really is quite amazing when you look at some “before and after” examples of what can be accomplished with it.

How do you faux paint a wall?

Like with the question on price, this depends on the wall and the desired look. At Dallas Paints, we approach every job from the perspective that this will be something you will want to look at for years to come, and perfection goes hand in hand with that expectation.

We draw upon our years of experience to ensure that your job is done quickly and efficiently and done right.

We will clear out the room, ensure all exposed surfaces are protected and will get to work. Soon we will finish up and the room will look cleaner than when we began -not to mention it will have an amazing new surface.

How are faux finishes created?

You probably understand that each job is unique by this point. We can say that each faux finish is made using an advanced painting treatment to emulate a stylized texture. Then a glaze is applied to seal, protect and further emphasize the texture. Many artists have their own proprietary methods for creating certain accents or flourishes.

Why do Dallas Homeowners choose our Painters for their Interior House Painting?

1. Excellent customer service

Our unparalleled customer service is one of the best in town. We are equipped with dedicated and well-mannered customer support service to communicate and respond to your queries 24/7.

2. High-Quality Materials

We don’t compromise quality; hence, we use high-quality materials and supplies for your job.

3. Perfect Prep and Finishing

Dallas Prints always ensure excellent painting services and is committed to delivering a clean work area to our customers.

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