Finding the Best House Painter in Dallas

Finding the Best House Painter in Dallas

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Are you looking for a reliable house painter that can handle your professional painting project or one that can help you restore the beauty of your home through painting? You need to know what to look for before you can hire a painter if your answer is yes to the question above. One of the best ways to add to the value of your home, especially when it is up for sale, or for other purposes, is to paint it.

You can make about 1 to 3% more on your home sale when you select key rooms like the bathroom and kitchen in your home and paint, as stated by a survey of more than 300 real estate professionals done by Consumer Reports National Research Center.

It also stated that enhancing the exterior of the house with painting can increase the home sale profit with about 2 to 5%. Aside from the value-adding feature, painting a home refreshes the exterior and interior of the home and also makes space looks inviting, clean, and like new; thereby creating good first impression. When you list home for sale, freshly painted homes better than others.

The number of painters in Dallas keeps appreciating, and thus you need a guideline when looking to hire one of them. You may be risking a lot, such as ruining your personal property, endless frustration, as well as a loss of investment when you choose a cheap estimate and non-legitimate painter.

The right painter for your type of job will perform a high-quality job and always ready to attend to you through its customer service. Below are the tips on finding the best house painters that will turn your rough old house into an inviting building.

Tips for Locating the Best House Painters in Dallas

Tips for Locating the Best House Painters in Dallas

Looking for a house painter near me? Wait! Hiring bad painters could leave your home with different old, poisonous paint every corner of your home for your children or pet to come across. They could show up at site late, do a rough job, or leave paint on your possessions.

The solution here is to find reputable house painters near me who are widely known among people and professionals in your circle. There are many other ways to find a painting company you can trust if you are looking to revive the beauty of your old home before you sell.

Follow these tips: 

1. Ask for Referrals for House Painters in Dallas

There are various methods of obtaining referrals for reliable and reputable house painters in your neighborhood. You might end up with an unfinished project, damaged property, or even need to hire a cleaner for clean up after the painters left much mess in your home. Use these means to ask for referrals:

  • Ask a professionalYour real estate agent may have a list of expert and reliable painters who will do a perfect job for you whether you want to sell or just purchased a new home.
  • Ask your trusted friendsAsk your friends and family for recommendations of house painters they’ve used in the past who provided them high-quality painting service at reasonable pricing. They will probably tell you everything about the company, including how to negotiate a better price and service.
  • Search onlineGetting information is now much easier anywhere in the world using the internet. You only need to type in keywords like “professional painter in Dallas” or “house painter near me,” among many other keywords. This will leave you with many options which you can choose from. You can then visit the website of those companies and see what they offer. The websites are likely to contain the contact information of the companies, so you can also call the customer service of each company to gather more information.

2. Check Painter License

The majority of experienced and professional house painting companies always possess the right license. This is especially important for the recognition of their business. You might end up spending much money in the future if they do a floppy job.

You may also lose any of your valuable items in the process of painting restoration or painting session. Unlicensed personnel in your home could lead to the stealing of your valuable possessions. In such a situation, all you could do is to inform the law enforcement agents. It is possible that you never recover your valuable item.

However, hiring a licensed painting company guarantees there won’t be theft to your belongings. The guarantee explains the fact that they will also want to protect their license, profession, and job. Stealing can never cross their mind as they know if found guilty; they will lose their license.

3. Compare Services and Experience

You should contact each of the companies once you gather your list. Make sure you compare each of their professionalism. It is advisable that you opt for the painting company that has enough years of experience. They have encountered and handled different types of jobs in many years.

Painters with most experience would have completed many painting projects already. Some of the painting jobs are likely to be the expertise you seek. So be sure to ask of their years of experience and sample or photos of their previous works.

4. Read Reviews about the Company

The painting companies certainly have a list of satisfied customers that they can point to as their reference. You can also contact these people. Ask them to share their experience with the painting job done by the painting company. You can also check review sites to read customers review about painting companies if direct interviews with the customers seem like much work.

Also, you should check the companies recommended by your contacts on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). With the BBB, you can check the legitimacy of a painting company as well as read reviews on the type and quality of services rendered by this company.

Consider only companies with an A+ rating, accredited by the BBB, and with no complaints. Request and check references for each company. Although a company may have little negative reviews, it is essential to find out how the company reacted to the complaint and how they prioritize the protection of the client’s property.

You can also ask for photos of completed painting projects. Make sure the company possesses the right license and is also adequately insured as required by your state.

5. Request Painting Job Estimate

Request Painting Job Estimate

The next step is to get an estimate from the painter after you have a reputable referral from your friend, family, or realtor. The estimate should be specific for your house as it has different design elements, floor plans, and square footage from any other house.

The national average cost of painting the exterior of a home, according to Home Advisor, is $2,780. The average range is from $1,687 to $3,905. The best way to estimate how much a painting job would cost you is by determining the square footage of your home as well as the number of stories.

A single-story home of 500 to 1500sq-ft would cost $1000 to $3,000, 2 story homes of 1500 to 3000sq-ft would cost $3,000 to $4,500, and 3 story homes of 3000 to 6000sq-ft would cost $4,500 to $6,000 or more according to Home Advisor.

The national average for an interior painting job is estimated at $1,747, according to Home Advisor, while the range is from $973 to $2,721. It is important to note that painting few rooms would cost less than painting the entire house. The cost of painting a 10 x 12-ft room is quoted by Home Advisor at $380 to $790 with the cost of paint, the cost of painting the ceiling, and any trim work. The hourly rate should be between $48 and $71.

Pro Tip

Chat directly with the painting companies you are considering to get a quote. They may want to survey your home and see photos of the outside and inside as well as get the square footage of your home.

6. Interview the House Painters

You will find the list of things to ask your friends, family, agent, and previous clients of the painting companies below. You should ask how punctual the painters were if they respect your space, belongings, and if they pay attention to details. Once you identify the house you want to settle in, choosing a professional and reputable painter for the job is essential.

Below are the questions you should ask potential painters as it will help you to know exactly what you are looking for.

  • Do you give free estimates?

Although price should not be the deciding factor for hiring a painting company, however, you would be able to shop around for quotes before choosing one when it comes to free. Remember that a painter come cheaper doesn’t mean they offer quality service. You must ask questions on the warranties and paint grade to make sure you are getting the best deal.

  • Can you help me get the right color of paint?

Professional and experienced painters should know the right color to combine to make your home look shining. It is better to seek their input if you are not sure of the color to use on the exterior or walls of your building. They can also recommend certain grades or brands for their current job. Note that what you pay is what you get when it comes to paint selection.

  • Will I receive updates on the job?

Painting the exterior of a house or many rooms in the house can take longer than a day to complete. Your painters should update you on the progress they’ve made on the job as well as their expectations on the completion time. You can also ask for a daily start and end times for the painting job, especially if you want to be available when they are doing the painting job.

  • Will you fix any of my drywall, trim, or soffits that got damaged while painting? 

Although painting over rotten siding or damaged walls would optimize the painting job and save some money for the painters, but it will not result in top quality finishing you are hoping to get. Make sure this important step is covered by your painters.

You might have to redo the painting project if they skipped this step, as it may result in cracking or bubbling paint. The repair may increase your overall costs, but it is better than having to redo the entire project.

  • How does your preparation process look like? 

Did the painters cover your cars, carpet, couches, landscaping, or outdoor furniture before they start painting your exterior or interior? Is the taping appropriately done to avoid many mistakes?

7. Evaluate the Quality of Painting Work

You should make sure the potential house painters are interviewed to determine the quality of their work before hiring. Ask for photos from your friends, family, past clients, or agents to see their past jobs for evaluation. You can also find photos of a complete paint job via online reviews. For further verification of the quality of job,

You can:

  • Request for listing photos of previously painted homes by their trusted contractors.
  • Request for home addresses of previous exterior house painting done by the company and spare time to check the work in person.
  • Go through reviews for photos.
  • Request a lookbook of homes in your location that shows details of interior shots.

8. Scout for Competitive Pricing

There is a difference between competitive pricing and cheap pricing. This is why you need to make comparisons of the prices you receive and decide the most reasonable rate. Top-quality painting companies don’t come cheap. They won’t also be too expensive to stress your budget. They are mostly affordable and offer quality services,

9. Sign Contract and Request for Guarantee

Once you decide on a painter, request for the contract and ask for a guarantee. You definitely need a formal contract when you higher the perfect painters for the job. The contract offers protection for you both and also makes sure you get the best of your money.

The following must be included in your contract:

  • The type of paint to be used on the job including the shade
  • The cost of the painting job
  • The list of needed supplies
  • Duration of the job

All the supplies needed for the job, such as the drop cloths, scaffolding, brushes, pressure washer, and other cleaning agents, should be specified in the supplies list. The preparation for the painting job by the painters must be spelled out in the contract.

This includes priming, drop cloths, power washing, sanding down, and taping surfaces before painting. The expected cleaning steps should also be included. Everywhere in your home must be covered with drop cloths to avoid getting paint on your items.

Make sure the action to be taken if the painters leave wet paint everywhere in your home or old paint chips are stacked up in your home is spelled out. Also, be sure to include how you want the painting company to get rid of their materials.

The procedure involves painting your home should also be specified. Will they use rollers or paintbrushes, or will they use spraying machines to spray it down? Lastly, make sure some of the guarantees are defined. The painters should come and fix anything that goes wrong with the paint job within a specific period without a charge.

10. Go for Dallas Paints for your Professional Painting Job

Go for Dallas Paints for your Professional Painting Job

Hiring professional painters will help you in getting stress-free and mess-free interior painting services and even more. They properly prepare your walls and continuously access their work all through the painting process to make sure their final product is attractive, affordable, and completed on-time.

We are committed to meeting or surpassing customers’ expectations at Dallas Paints. When you partner with us on your painting project, we provide a YES answer to all the questions stated above as we offer both interior and exterior house painting to meet all your needs.

Top 5 Things to check when finding House Painters

There are many things you need to get right, such as surface preparation, right color selection, and correct color application. Below are five things to check when hiring someone to paint your home exterior in Dallas. 

1. Consider the Small Things

The exterior of your home is like a large canvas in which every little detail counts. After all, every part of the house exterior is so much important. Make sure you check how your potential exterior painters handle both small and big details.

These little details will have an impact on the general appearance of the house after they are done with the paint job. For instance, Dallas Paints performs many preparatory works in advance of any paint job here at Dallas, and the work really makes a huge difference. 

2. Don’t just settle for the Lowest Bid

A lot of people are lured into a trap when they decide to go with the cheapest offer on every aspect of the painting project. Many people usually think the less expensive option is the best way to handle their job right from hiring a painting contractor to choosing color and paint materials.

However, you can’t get more than you pay for. In most situations, the lowest price is not always the best price. Rather, prepare to get the right value for the money you are spending. Focus on hiring the painting contractor that offers the nicest value. Note, the value should be your priority, especially when hiring exterior painting contractors for your paint project.  

3. Choosing the Right Color

Choosing the right color can beautify the appearance of a house the more. However, choosing the right color can be an overwhelming task. You first have to consider what the HOA allows. Many home painters fail to put this into consideration when discussing colors with customers.

This may result in penalties to the homeowners in the form of a fine with their HOA or repaint their home the second time. To avoid this, our color expert will consult your HOA for the right colors permissible in your area. 

After that, you will also need help choosing the right color that matches the trim, molding, shingles, downspouts, walls, shutters, and other elements on your home. When choosing the right paint color, you have to consider the architectural style of your building.

While colors like pale blue, soft green, and dusty rose will work perfectly in a home with cottage style, homes with the Victorian and Colonial home styles will look perfect in light and dark colors. This color selection also depends on the rules set by your HOA. Apply an attractive color such as cream, reddish-brown, or orange on houses built using brick. 

Finally, paint farmhouses and those with Mediterranean style with taupe or ochre or any other earthly shade. We recommend you arrange for physical color consultation with your painter to be able to choose the right color that will last longer on your home.

4. Check the Test Paint in Natural Lighting

According to professionals, homeowners are advised to check the test color in natural lighting. They should carefully observe the sample paint at day and night time before they choose a particular color. Do not decide after only observing the test color in artificial lighting as the color might end up looking awful when viewed during natural lighting.

This is the reason, we, at Dallas Paints, work to provide a painting proposal that shows clearly the prospective appearance of your home once we are done. We will even leave a painted swatch on the outside of your home to give you an idea of how the color will look like on it during daytime light.   

5. Ensure you obtain Digital Renderings

Make sure you ask your painting contractor if they will provide you with a digital rendering of your home’s prospective look once the painting job is completed – we do. You will be able to know the prospective look of your home after the paint job is done through the rendering. This will even assist you in making the right decisions concerning your exterior painting project. 


What is the difference between painting estimates and quotes?

Reliable and professional painters will provide you a painting quote and not an estimate. You are protected from hidden charges when you get a quote that contains written price. You should be aware from the start how much the painting job will cost.

There can be changes to estimate depending on the hours and supplies. Professional painters don’t accept a deposit. Still, instead, they work efficiently to earn your trust and deliver the top quality service you expected with no hidden charges.

How does painting job cost calculate?

Many factors help determines the cost of your painting job such as the type of windows, the number of paint colors, the size and type of the area to be painted, the amount of protection required for your possession, and trim work, the amount of surface preparation required for painting and quality of paint used. All these will be put into consideration when providing you an accurate painting cost estimate.

What is the cost of painting the interior of a house?

In the United States, the average size of a home is about 2,300sq-ft, while the average interior painting cost starts from $2 to $5 per sqft, with many homeowners paying about $3.

This makes the average cost of painting a home interior in the United States to be $6,900, including two coats of paint, ceilings, and trim. Some factors can cause the costs to vary, such as additional preparation and repairs, the complexity of the painting work, quality of paint as well as your location, etc.

What is the cost of painting the exterior of a house?

There will be a difference in the quoted price from one state to another. The first estimate received from painters is solely based on the square footage of your space. Other factors adding to the price variation include the cost of labor and materials in your location, ease of access to your home, and the number of stories involved.

However, a two-story of about 1,500 – 3,000 sq-ft costs an average of $3,000 to $4,500 and more. Getting painting quotes from professional painters nearest to you is the best way to find out how much your painting job will cost.

How long do you spend painting a house?

It can take between a week and many weeks to paint your home as it depends on factors like the color of paint to be used (the same or different), a number of stories, the amount of preparation needed before painting, the type of structure being painted, the size of the home, and the painting service you are using (DIY or professional painters).

Average home size can be painted within a week by a team of three professional painters. Call us or fill our online form to find out how long it will take to paint the exterior and/or interior of your home and also to receive a free in-home painting estimate now!

Do house painters expected to have insurance?

Yes. Insurance is expected of reliable and professional painters to protect them, their clients, and workers. Make sure you collect a copy of the painter’s insurance certificates if not attached to the estimate.

You could be liable for any accidents on site as the homeowner if the painters you hire are not insured. Accidents like a team member falling off a ladder and injured or a member of the team drop a ladder on the car of your neighbor could cost you even more.

Which is the best interior paint?

Regardless of your choice, whether satin, eggshell, or matte finish, professional painters get you covered as they have major paint brands in their account, so you can choose any high-quality paint for your job.

The painting quote you received from the interior painting company should contain information on the best paint to be used for your specific project to make it look perfect and last longer.

How do I select paint colors for my house painting job?

There are many ways to choose the right color of paint for your project. You can either visit the blog of your favorite designers such as HGTV, or our blog sections for tips to tap ideas from our various topics on this. You can also get ideas by looking at the homes in your area and see if there is any color combination that you like.

Try and knock their door and ask for the color of paint they have used to paint their house. If you decide to seek help from a professional, most painting companies will refer you to a professional designer for a free consultation, provided you sign an agreement with them to handle the painting project. This is the best method to get professional input, but be sure your valued possessions get the best and right color combination.

Which painting company offers color consultations?

Choosing the right colors for your home can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Most painting companies will offer a free consultation once you signed a contract with them.

Color consultation service is available with many painters in Dallas. It is worthy of mentioning that, here, at Dallas Paints, we offer free color consultations to help our client choose right.

How will you protect my personal belongings from paint?

How will you protect my personal belongings from paint?

We will cover all areas and/or remaining belongings with plastic sheeting or clean damp cloths after you have removed your fragile belongings from the interior. We will protect the shrubs and your environment from paint drips or peelings on the exteriors.

How many times do I need to paint my house?

There is no definite answer to this question as each home is different from another. The majority of paint manufacturers advised painting every 5-10 years. This, however, will be judged by the climatic condition of your location, the quality of the initial paint job as well as the type of surface stained or being painted.

For instance:

  • Wood siding – should be painted every 3-7 years and every 4 years for stain
  • Aluminum siding – about 5 years
  • Stucco – generally lasts between 5-6 years
  • Painted Brick – can last between 15-20 years
  • New types of materials – should be repainted often. Repainting of cement fiberboard could be done only after 10 to 15 years.

How do I get a room ready for painting?

The reputable and professional painting company you hire to paint your home or business will do most of the painting preparation for you. A top-quality team of painters will cover your furniture and your floor with tarps before painting the ceiling.

They will also move your valuable possessions such as furniture to another place in the home before they paint your interior walls. They will also repair drywall for proper surface preparations before painting.

Be free to contact us if you still require further help in finding a good Painter in Dallas for your home or office paint restoration projects.


Lastly, make sure every detail of the work is discussed at length with your hired painting contractor. You have to make sure you and your painting contractor are on the same level based on the requirements and expectations.

Be up and doing, meet with every potential painting contractor you are considering to hire to work on your paint job. This process should be an exciting one for you if you are proactive enough. Taking the time to do what is right is worth it in multiple ways.

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