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Finding The Best Painting Contractors near me

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If you have a simple painting job, you can go ahead with a DIY approach. More comprehensive and large painting projects mostly require the service of painting contractors. Here are our top picks

There are many reasons why you need to hire a contractor if the house you are living in has been built since 1978, but the main one if safety. 

Most houses built in that period are mostly painted in lead paint, and the majority of contractors are aimed to reduce the health hazards that can be caused by it.

Having your home painted can consume much of your time and money. 

You certainly want to avoid the bad experience that comes with painting regardless of where you live, whether Dallas or its environment.

The probability of choosing the wrong contractor is high, as there are many of them available to choose from. 

All of these contractors advertise themselves to be professionals at what they do, but in reality, there are many unskilled painting contractors out there as well as those without a license. 

You definitely want to avoid making a mistake. So how do you figure out the right painting contractors for your job? 

You will find your answer in this complete guide, which discusses and highlights the steps and checklist on how to properly screen out poor contractors and let you hire the right painting contractors near you for your job.       

Dallas Top 5 Painting Contractors Near You

Top 5 Painting Contractors in Dallas

Painting is not really as easy of a task as it seems, and this is why there is a need for painting contractors. We have carefully picked out five painters you can look into for your home or office painting.

We ensure the paint contractors perform well on different sections, and we further worked on the outcome to give you this list of leading painters in Dallas.

The majority of our best painting contractors near you listed below specialize in residential and commercial painting, some of which handle professional decorative painting.

In contrast, others are full-service painting contractors near you who handle both basic and specialty painting projects. They have proven track records for quality finishing all over Dallas.

Find out our top picks for the best painting contractors around you:  

1. Dallas Paints

Dallas Paints logo - Best Painters in Dallas

Overall rating 4.8 / 5

This company offer unmatchable and excellent painting and remodeling services to homes and businesses. It also recommends a color combination that meets customer’s requirements as one of their excellent customer services.

The high-quality painting service offered by the company’s team of professional painters remains one of the best in the painting industry. The company has many experienced painters available to handle your project and deliver a great finish to you at any time. With Dallas Paints, you get excellent customer satisfaction.  

2. 3 in 1 Painting

3 in 1 Painting - Best Painting Contractors in Dallas

Overall rating 4.7 / 5

This company handles both interior and exterior painting of homes and businesses. 3 in 1 painting can be found in Garland, TX, and offer painting services within the city and its surroundings.

Experts and capable painters from 3 in 1 painting are always ready to assist customers with their painting projects and put in great effort to complete the painting job timely with great and affective labor. 

3. Tom’s Home Repair & Painting

Tom’s Home Repair & Painting - Painting Contractors

Overall rating 4.6 / 5

This company has been offering painting services for Allen and its surroundings for more than a decade. This family-owned company offers services like building patios, decks, fences, faux, textured finishes, carpentry work, interior and exterior painting, and pressure washing.

You can also get handyman services with Tom’s Home Repair and Painting. Most customer reviews about the company are about its pricing and knowledge of the job. 

4. Guy The Painter & Co.

Top 5 Painting Contractors in Dallas - Guy The Painter & Co

Overall rating 4.5 / 5

Guy The Painter & Co. is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth environment, and it offers painting, remodeling, and renovation services. The company is owner-operated, and it provides interior and exterior painting as well as the hanging of wallpaper.

The company also handles staining and sealing of pergolas, fences, decks, and patios. Customers can also get installation services that involve the use of wood and tiles from Guy The Painter & Co. The customers of this company mostly applaud it for its competitive price and attention.  

5. K&S Paint Services

Top 5 Painting Contractors in Dallas -K&S Paint Services

Overall rating 4.4 / 5

This company works as a contractor for drywall and painting services and can be found in Seagoville, offering services for Dallas and its surrounding areas since 2007. With K&S Paint Services, customers can get both interior and exterior painting as well as remodeling services.

The company also deals with exterior siding repair. Old customers of this company greatly appreciate its swift service and cleanliness. 

Painter vs. Painting Contractor Near you

Well, is there any difference between the two? Let’s discuss it. Is a painter just someone that climbs a ladder and apply paint for a living? Or is it just someone who knows how to use a brush? An experienced painter may have larger painting tools and even own a paint van or truck. 

In most cases, a painter may be an older person or a college student handling some painting projects during summer, on a part-time, weekend or trying to paint some local homes for additional cash.

Painting contractors can be found in the property maintenance department. Some of them specialize in painting different types of structures depending on the skills they possess and resources. It could be apartments, houses, or commercial properties like factories, retail outlets or offices.   

There is a great difference between painters and painting contractors near you.

  • A painting contractor can take away the entire risks and responsibilities off the neck of a potential client.
  • Another difference is how they both carry workers’ compensation and general liability. Personal injury and any consequential or accidental damages are covered under these policies.
  • A contractor is able to convince clients of the quality of a job as well as being able to share previous work samples.
  • There is no need for you to purchase or rent panting equipment. When you allow contractors to purchase paint for your job, you can be certain they will buy the best paint. This implies that even if they bought bad paint, they would have to face the local supplier without you getting involved.

How to Find the Painting Contractor

How to Find the Painting Contractor Near You

Just like many other tasks, there are steps involved in finding the right painting contractor near you. Asking around is the first step. You should be able to get quality referrals from general contractors and real estate agents. Below are some tips to make sure you choose the best contractor for your painting project.  

Plan your Budget

One of the significant factors to consider when looking for a painting contractor is your budget. The quality of painting materials you plan to use, the complexity of the project, and the amount of preparatory work required will all determine your budget.

Finding a contractor that offers quality service at reasonable fees is also essential. Don’t be surprised that contractors with low fees may use inexperienced painters, low-quality paints, and lightning-fast painting methods on your project to be able to accommodate your low fee.

In other words, what you pay is what you get. Also, avoid painters who high fee all because they promised you luxury painting services. The wise step here is to get yourself a reputable painting company that uses standard painting methods, quality paints, and that charges reasonably affordable prices.

It is advisable to get painting quotes from at least 4-5 painting contractors for services and price comparisons. This will give you an idea of how much to prepare for your upcoming painting project. 

Look for Available Options

There are always resources available on your prospective painting companies. Among the list of places to begin your search for painting contractors nearest to you are Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Create a list of all the potential painting companies you are considering.

It is also important to write out the pros and cons of hiring each company to arrive at the best option for your job. Identify the most important factor you are ready to consider before you hire a contractor. It might be the price, the company’s reputation, or its proximity.

  • Online: Don’t choose the first company that came up as you search on Google, but instead conduct thorough research on different painting companies. Another way to have an idea of what a contractor stands for is through referrals. You can also determine how good a painting company is through online reviews from their previous customers. In most cases, painting companies with the most review are more careful and work to customer satisfaction.   
  • Referral: Ask any of your family or friend if they’ve completed a painting project recently. Make sure they share their experience with you about working with the painting company
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How much should I expect to be charged for hiring a Painter?

You may be charged a fixed rate if you are looking to hire a painting company to handle an exterior painting job, and the cost is determined based on the square footage area to be painted. However, the majority of painters charge an hourly rate for interior painting projects.

Based on the location, season, exact project, and labor costs, a standard painting project, may cost about $40 to $60 per hour. Painters in places with a higher cost of living may charge an hourly rate of about $75.     

Painter Costs

National average cost

$49 per hour

Average range

$40-$60 per hour

Minimum cost

$38 per hour

Maximum cost

$84 per hour

Ask the Right Questions

You have a list of your possible contractors already; it is time to interview them for the painting project. You can easily contact them through email, chat, or via the phone. Not asking questions before you hire a painting contractor could end up leaving you unsatisfied.

Below is a checklist to follow when looking to choose the best painter: 

Is the painting contractor insured?

Make sure you only hire a painting contractor with active insurance coverage in its business. Make sure you ask about the painting contractor’s insurance while shopping around and also check all relevant documents.

Some contractors may try to distract you from checking their papers, make sure you don’t allow them.

Others may tell you they have active insurance in place, request for proof. Some of them may even change the dates on their papers just to prove that their business is insured.

You have to be careful and calculate the date shown on the insurance papers, taking into account the duration of insurance, which is a year.

You may contact the insurance provider for clarification if you have any doubts about the validity of the insurance documents.

Make sure the painter you hire has an active insurance policy on its business. There are generally two types of insurance coverage you should look out for in a painting contractor: 

  • Comprehensive Business Liability (CBL) Insurance
  • Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.

How Clear is The Background of The Painting Contractor?

How Clear is The Background of The Painting Contractor

You have to make sure the contractor you hire is clean and is of good character, as their team will be spending many hours daily in your home. You also need assurance about their proper conduct while on the job.

You really need this to avoid the story of kidnapping, burglarizing, or killing of property owners as reported in time past.

Make sure you double-check the background of your contractor and their employees to see if they have any criminal background. You can also ask your potential contractor the measures they took in hiring their employees if they thoroughly vet and dig their backgrounds before employing them.

Make sure you ask any question or raise any issue if you have doubts or unclear points.      

Is the painting contractor a member of the Better Business Bureau?

When a contractor is a member of a notable organization like the Better Business Bureau, then you can be sure they are delivering top quality services to clients.

An annual fee is required of every member of the BBB, which implies that the company is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure its customers are satisfied and confident of its service.

Furthermore, being a member of such an organization also means the company is reliable, stable, and official. The BBB accreditation rating of any company that offers low-quality service would be reduced and this might affect the company’s reputation and future business chances. 

Therefore, any company that is a member of the Better Business Bureau or other reputable organizations will work harder to deliver nothing but the best service and customer relations to consumers to maintain or even upgrade their rating.

The majority of painting companies have created different means to defraud you in making you believe they are a member of prestigious organizations such as the BBB.

They may come up with a fake accreditation organization and certify themselves from it, thereby posting the BBB and other reputable body’s accreditation stamps on their website, pamphlets, and cared, hoping you would fall for it.    

Does the painting contractor provide a reference?

It is important to check samples of the previously completed projects by a painting contractor before you hire them.

This will enable you to determine the quality of service a contractor can offer you whether the completed projects match up with the stated services or not.

Most professional painting contractors would gladly show you samples of their previous works.

They will reveal the location of the projects, the size, and the contact number for verification if needed.

You can contact the homeowners directly to verify the quality of the paint job done by the contractor and use their feedback to decide your next step. 

Are the painters’ direct staffs of the contractor?

Painting contractors may sometimes subcontract painting teams instead of employing full time panting staff. This enables them to complete the painting task at a cheaper fee, compared to paying hourly wages, taxes, social security, and other benefits for l-time painting employees. 

  • Firstly, the subcontractors are not directly tied to the painting company. This implies that there may not be any background checks on the painters working in your home, thereby posing a great risk to the safety of your home, its members, and possessions. 
  • Secondly, the subcontractor may not work efficiently and even does a low-quality painting job since they are working on flat wages instead of wages per hour. They may rush to finish the work by using some poor and substandard techniques. 
  • Thirdly, there may be no insurance policy covering the subcontracted painters as they are not directly tied to the painting contractors, and this is very important to you. Now that you understand that having subcontractors paint your home is not a wise way to go, contractors may try to convince you by calling them names like subcontracted, crew members, or employees. 

Make sure you request for previous payment slips of these employees or their contracts to verify if indeed they are directly connected to the painting contractors.    

Are the painting employees Trained and Safe?

Highly trained and certified painters are more committed to completing a painting project with much efficiency using the best methods and the right materials. Most painting contractors may choose not to hire licensed painters despite their skills due to the hourly wages compared to what they will pay an inexperienced painter.

Similarly, when the painting job is subcontracted to painters by the painting contractors, the contractors have no say over how experienced they are or their professionalism. 

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You will be sure of the training of painters that are permanently employed by a painting contractor. Smaller contractors may not have the financial strength to train their employees even if the painters are employed on a full-time basis.

You will be relaxed when you have a licensed and trained professional painter working on your painting project, as it will be done without delay and mistakes, accidents, or theft to your household belongings.   

What painting materials and methods will they use?

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, painting your house can be costly. You want to use a durable paint that will stand the test of time. You can only achieve this by using high-quality painting materials.

Your painting project will look better when you use top quality painting materials. The amount you take to market will determine the paint you will buy; there is one for $50 and $10 depending on your choice.

The difference in price clearly shows the difference between the qualities of chemicals used in producing the paint as well as the R&D involved in making the paint perfect for use under different circumstances. 

The premium paints last for a longer period of time and are durable regardless of the weather condition. Aside from the paint, other materials such as calk used during the coloring phase must also be of top quality, as they can also influence the durability of the paint.

The only and best way to determine the quality of the paint used in your house is to ask the painting contractor. You can also ask the contractor why he decided to use a specific paint instead of other options.

You can also request a copy of the written materials from the contactor for record and checking purposes. You should stay away from hiring a contractor that insists on using low quality or cheaper materials for your painting job.    

Hiring Reliable Painting Contractors in Dallas

Hiring Reliable Painting Contractors in Dallas

Painting contractors are professionals that provide reliable painting services to customers. They are expected to be knowledgeable in every aspect of the painting process, such as cleaning, curing surfaces, varnishing, glazing, painting, and finishing.

The painting contractors at Dallas paints are very skillful, and have many years of experience on the job and work in accordance with the industry standards and code. They can figure out any problem related to painting as they’ve undergone varieties of training and will also provide solutions.

They will deliver a great shining work regardless of the size of your painting project. What painting experience do you desire? Contact Dallas Paints today, and we will provide you with the best painting experience in the most excellent way ever.

Get at least Three Estimates

Get at least Three Estimates

Ask the same questions from the potential painting contractors and table the same expectations.

Make careful comparisons of the proposals you received once they’ve submitted the estimates to determine which has the same amount of preparatory work, materials and working techniques as well as relevant paperwork.

One of the major factors in any painting job is pricing. Make sure everything is stated out on the estimate and see if the painting contractor is ready to give details.

Working duration, travel, labor cost, paint, and materials should all be included in the estimate. 

Also, ask them for direct and indirect expenses. Indirect expenses are costs that are indirectly connected to your painting project such as rent, overhead costs, the salary of support employees, utilities, and so on.

These costs are often forgotten by clients and thus get surprised when the total estate is more than what they expected.

Direct costs, however, are the general costs that you can determine when planning your own budgets, such as paint, materials, and labor.

Generally, what you should look out for in painting estimate is how they clearly state all that you are paying for, and the time it will take to complete the task.  

Get a Contract

Make sure the painting contractors specify when the project will start, the completion time, and the number of technicians needed.

Make sure important details of the contractor, such as name, address, cell numbers, office numbers, and license number as well as the details in the estimate are included in the contract.

Make sure the inclusions and exclusions of the job are clearly stated in the contract. A written guarantee will be provided by many reputable painting contractors that bind them to correct any peeling, chipping, flaking, or excessive chalking or fading that occurs within a certain period of time after the painting job aside from the guarantee given by the painting manufacturers.  

Request Warranty From Your Painting Contractor

Request Warranty From Your Painting Contractor

It is important to find out about the warranty policy for the painting project or any guarantees after successful completion when you want to hire a painting contractor.

Most professional contractors offer to provide customers with reasonable warranties for their paint projects based on the type and location.

Still, the majority of poor painting companies do not give warranties, or they just provide fake warranties like 25 years, 30 years, and so on.

Typically, you should keep an eye out for painting contractors that give warranty between one and three years.

In most cases, the result of any inferior materials used during the paint job by the contractor would start showing within a year. 

Make sure you ask the painting contractor for the terms and conditions associated with the warranty policy talking about warranty.

Carefully read any fine print indicated at the end of the paperwork given to you by your contractor concerning the warranty policy.

Warranties cover not all the materials used in the painting project, so make sure you find out the parts of the project that are covered by the painting contractor.

Make sure the warranty is issued to you in writing and contain the signature of the painting contractor and the start date of the painting project before you hire the contractor.     


What features should I look out for in a good painting contractor?

When deciding on the painting contractor to hire for your painting job, there are many features to look out for. There are differences between each contractor. We have compiled a guide for you above to help you through the process.

How is the paint applied?

There are different ways in which we apply paints; we can use roller or brush or use sprayer. We will only use the application method that best suits your specific painting needs. Rest assured that the application method will also bring out the most quality result possible after the project is completed.

How long will it take to complete my painting job?

There is no specific time when a painting project will be completed; it all depends on the technique used. Your project estimator will inform you of the start date and possible completion date of your painting project before they start working. However, most of our painting jobs do not exceed a week, even the most comprehensive projects.  

How many people do you have in your painting team?

The method of work to be done will determine the number of people in our crew. Generally, we use a crew of two to six professional painters to increase productivity. 

Do you possess a license, and are you insured and bonded?

Yes. Dallas Paints possesses required licenses to operate in Dallas and the United States at large. Our general liability insurance is worth $2 million in aggregate.

Where do we start the hiring process once I decide to go with you?

We are committed to making the process easier for you. You only need to first contact your project estimator or contact our office to inform us of your decision to hire. They will help you make reservations, note down your preferred color, and schedule an appointment for you to sign an agreement.

We will take care of all the remaining detail and keep you updated on any development all through the project. 

What preparation do I have to make before the painters arrive?

We only ask our customers to move their smaller items, such as pictures. We come ready to move any furniture, switch plates, and window treatments. We will place back all the items moved to their original positions immediately; we complete the project. 

What type of paint do you apply?

We use only premium quality paints from all key suppliers. However, the type of the project, customer’s choice, and other offer specifications can determine the brand of paint we use for your project. 

Do you help with color selection?

Consult our color help page to see many selection resources we have made available for you in choosing the best color for your project. We provide you all the solutions to help you choose your preferred color, such as mobile apps for your smartphone, free virtual software that allows you to print digital photos of your house, as well as professional design services that come with discounts via our partnership program.

Who does the actual painting, and who will supervise the project?

The best paint brands are what we use here at Dallas Paints. A set team of two to three painters is under the supervision of each of our lead painters. The continuity derived from this system has many benefits, even though team members usually change. For instance, the system is more efficient and productive as a crew.  

Do you protect our belongings and clean up our home after the project is done?

YES. We will cover all areas that are not to be included in the painting and items such as furniture with plastic sheets or drop cloths. We will then clean up your home and restore it back to its original condition before the project. 

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a year warranty on most of our work. It is also stated in our proposal package. 

Who will attend to my questions and complaints all through the painting project?

We are always committed to keeping the communication line open with you all through your painting project. This will make sure you can contact more than just one person all through the painting process.

You can talk to your project estimator, your team leader, or the production manager. You can as well contact our customer representative at any point on the project to address any issue of concerns or to provide answers to any of your questions.  

Why should I hire your company?

Your complete satisfaction is the only worthy reason for you to hire our company. We are out here to make sure you end up with a great painting job that matches or passes your expectations that will last a long time on your investment.

We are one of the most reputable painting companies in the country and are also proud that most of our work comes from referrals by previously satisfied clients. This company focuses on providing top-quality painting services to customers and has completed many painting projects for the residential homeowners association, as well as for commercial properties for top national companies.

We are proud to inform you that we complete more than 200 projects annually, and we are much committed to customer satisfaction.   


Finding a skillful, trustworthy painting contractor can seem like a daunting task in the beginning. You can overcome this task by taking it to step by step. You should consider dedicating a certain amount of time to finding the best painting contractor for your job as the contractor you hire can make a huge difference to the look of your home.

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