Have You Decided To Hire An Exterior Painting Contractor

Exterior Painting Contractor

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Most of the home improvement projects require a professional. Though many homeowners consider painting a do it yourself project. After all, who is not capable of dabbing the brush into paint? But remember that painting is more difficult than it seems. It requires a professional to complete this task. If you want to get satisfying results at the end of the project then it is important to hire the best exterior painting contractor.

Who is Painting Contractor?

A painting contractor is the one who does all the work related to the painting. He/she can work as a subcontractor or under a general contractor.

How to find one?

Usually, a painting contractor tends to be local as of yet there are no national contractors. While the main task of the painting contractor is to paint but they also provide some other services such as exterior painting services, minor drywall work, molding, cleaning, wallpapering and so on.

Make sure you work with a professional 

It might be tempting to save money by hiring a painting professional without licensing and insurances by state law. It will be backfired to receive an inferior painting job just to receive a refund. Make sure you receive a copy of the company’s business license as well as an insurance certificate. Make sure you don’t hire just anyone and you hire professionals to get your task done.

Compare at least three painting contractors

Most professional painting companies offer free estimates so don’t forget to ask the same from people. When you receive an invoice, make sure you ask about the policies of the companies. Compare all the policies as well as the quotes offered by the several exterior painting contractors and choose the right one from these.

Interview potential painting contractors  

Before you hire painting contractors, it is recommended you to interview the painting contractors. When you speak to someone over the phone, any painting company can tell your employees can complete the exterior paint job. You should also be prepared to ask the following questions:

  • What type of paint and how many coats of paint do you use?
  • How do you handle the paint spills?
  • Do you have subcontractors?
  • How long since the company is in the business?

Make sure you interview the potential painting contractors. If the person seems hesitant to answer your questions, move on to the other question. Prepare the complete list of the questions and make sure you get the answer to it.

Ask for the references 

Asking for references is also an ideal option to find out the best painting contractors. Even while interviewing a contractor, it is recommended you to ask for references from them. A high-quality organization will not hesitate in providing good references. This will tell you a lot about the contractor.

Get everything in writing 

Once you have chosen a contractor, make sure you get everything in writing.

  • Any applicable warranties
  • Payment expectations
  • Start time for each workday
  • The end time for each workday
  • Preparation details
  • Clean up details

Make sure you get everything in writing.

Additional ways:

Here are some additional ways to find the best exterior painting company. Consider these ways to find out the best painting contractor.

What Would a Painting Contractor Do?

Most of the painting contractors will take on any kind of job from window trim to full wall painting and so on. Consider these things that a painting contractor does:

  • Coverage of all the areas that should not be painted such as kitchen counters, cabinets, floors and so on
  • Removal of the parts that need painting such as electric plates, lights, doors, and other obstacles
  • Painting the trim and molding such as window trim, baseboards, etc.
  • To move the furniture away for better access to paint the walls. While moving the furniture is not the job of the contractor but some contractors will do it. So you need to confirm this beforehand.
  • Color coatings on the walls
  • Surface preparation to paint the walls
  • Cleanups for accidents
  • Priming the wall before the coating of the paint  

How to Talk to The Exterior Painting Contractor?

Unlike conversing with the painting contractors, you don’t need to be highly expert. So don’t worry, it is easy to talk to painting contractors. A reputable housing painting contractor will clear all the things. Here is a list of things that you should include in your conversation with the painting contractor.

  • Is there any hidden cost present apart from this estimated cost?
  • Does the cost of the paint include in this estimated cost?
  • How long can you the job to take?
  • How many coats would you prefer on my home walls?
  • What type of paint will you use in my project?
  • Do you prefer to vacant the house during the job?
  • Will you use the masking tape to save the restricted area from painting?

Consider asking these questions when you task with the painting professionals.

How Much Will Be The Cost to Paint Your Home?

Remember that the cost to paint your home will always be more than the expected cost. Different painting contractors have their formulas to determine the cost of the paint. Usually, they determine the hard cost of the primer and paint as well as the cost of the labor.

Many paint contractors will tell you an estimate based on their experience and expertise. Usually, an estimated cost is not the final cost of the painting but this will help you in retaining the budget during the task of the painting.

Tips to Hire Best Painting Contractors

Tips to Hire Best Painting Contractors

If you are a homeowner, higher are the chances that you need to hire the best painting contractor either one year after, two, three or so on? But many people are struggling to choose the best painting contractor. With these tips, the task of hiring painting contractors will become easier.

Pay attention to online as well as offline reviews 

One of the best ways to choose the best contractor is by asking questions to those people who have used the services from the contractors. Reviews offer the essence of the people whether they got satisfied services from that contractor or not. Visit the websites of the painting contractors and see what people have to say about the services offered by the contractor.

Several people have a habit of sharing their opinion online after hiring the services from the contractor. Just don’t forget to take advantage of this free source when it comes to choosing the best out of the heap. Pay attention to each review given by their past clients online.

Experience of the painting contractor matters 

When choosing the painting contractors, experience is one of the most important things to consider. The importance of the experience is because of many reasons such as an experienced contractor knows the problems they can face during that particular project and he also knows how to handle these problems.


Even you will get enough experience as well as good online reviews, still, it is a good option to ask for a warranty. A reputable painting contractor would not feel hesitated in offering you a warranty because they know the services they render. So, don’t forget to get the warranty on the work.

Put everything down in white and black 

Make sure you get everything on paper. Request a clear written comprehensive quote as well as all the terms of the papers. You should get everything in written form from timeline to price, requests to warranty and so on. This will be helpful if anything goes wrong in the future.

Don’t assume 

Assuming anything can be one of the biggest mistakes that one can make while hiring a painting contractor. Try to explain each and everything to your contractor, don’t assume anything on your own that he/she can do the task on your own. Also, feel free to ask crucial questions or any other questions that you have in your mind. Pay attention to detail without assuming anything.

Materials and techniques 

Look at what the company is using. It is your responsibility to check what kind of paint, brushes the contractor will choose to get the job done. Remember that higher quality of paint, as well as brushes, allow the paint to remain on the walls for a longer duration with the shiny surfaces and well finishing. Ask about the materials and the techniques used by the contractor before hiring the one.

Consider credentials 

Before you hire someone, consider the credentials. Remember that membership in a group does not guaranty the quality of the work. However, it represents the reliability and the level of commitment of an individual. It is recommended you to consider the credentials of the one. Check whether the pro has a license and insurance or not. Also, check the better business bureau to see whether the contractor has a list of resolved or unresolved complaints.

Wrapping it all up: Use the above-given tips to hire best exterior painting contractors, also, make sure that you don’t make a large down payment to get the quality work and if you want everything in your control. Just do a little homework, you will easily get the right painting contractor for your kind of painting project.

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