How to Find House Painting Companies Near You

How to Find House Painting Companies Near You?

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Every few years, the time rolls around where you need to refresh the paint job on your home. You might notice paint beginning to peel, flake, or crack. You might even notice that the old paint job is beginning to look a little faded. This is true for both the exterior and the interior of your house, and when these problems begin to present themselves, you may be looking online for house painters near me.

So, how do you go about finding house painters who will do a great job, no matter what part of your home you need to be painted? There are several ways you can identify reputable house painting companies in your area, whether you are looking to repaint your home’s exterior, your living room, your master bedroom, or even your entire house.

Finding the Best Local House Painters

Finding the Best Local House Painters

Finding high-quality house painters in your local area can seem tough when there are numerous companies around, but sometimes, the quality of their work simply speaks for itself. If you’re ready to dive right into getting the job done, then you need to know how to separate the great companies from the mediocre ones by knowing how to pick the great painters out of the bunch.

Here are several ways you can find amazing painters in your local area who will get the job done right.

Look Around Online

These days, there isn’t much information about companies anywhere that doesn’t find itself on the internet. This is especially true for service businesses. If you’re ready to get your house painted, then looking online can be a great place to start to find a quality local house painting service.

What speaks better than almost anything else when it comes to finding a great company? Reviews from previous customers. A company may talk all day about how great they are at their craft, but it’s the customers who have worked with the company in the past that you should really be paying attention to.

Check some of these areas online before you begin your painting project to find reviews from previous customers online:

  • Social media pages: There aren’t many companies around who don’t have a presence on social media. Look for Facebook pages of local painting companies and check the Reviews tab on their business page. If they’re a quality company that has done good work, you should be able to see glowing reviews from past customers, hopefully, accompanied by some pictures of the work done.
  • Online review sites: Social media isn’t the only place you can find reviews of businesses online. Some websites, such as Yelp, Glassdoor, FourSquare, and more exist to give customers of any business a place to voice their compliments or complaints. Check these sites to see reviews of painting companies in your area, as well.
  • The company website: Hopefully, the company website of painters will have pictures of their past work, along with some reviews from past customers who have enjoyed their experience working with the company.

Ask Around

It’s been said that word of mouth is the best marketing tool, and this is still true today. Do you have any friends or family members in your local area who have recently had their homes painted? If so, you should consider a few of these options to get opinions straight from people you already know and trust:

  • Ask in person, through a call, or a text

Ask your friends or family who may have recently worked with a painting service for recommendations in the local area. Inquire how they would rate their experience with the company, and ask if they could even show you a few pictures of the finished work if you haven’t seen it already.

  • Ask for recommendations from your friend’s list

If you’re active on Facebook and have a lot of friends or family in your local area, make a post asking directly for recommendations for quality painters. Most people will be happy to share their good experiences with a friend, and you can always ask to see photos of the finished job so you can view the quality for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Needing to have your house painted and spending time looking for the best painters for the job can be a little stressful, and you might have more questions than answers. If that is the case, take a look here to see if your question has already been answered:

How much is the usual cost to paint?

This is a question with no one right answer. This is because every painting company, and every customer, is different. You will have completely different needs than someone else when it comes to having your home painted. Also, several factors will be affecting cost. Things like the type of paint, the square footage you need painting, the prep work that needs done, and whether you need exterior painting or an interior painting will all be factors that go into your final cost.

How can I easily tell the quality of house painters?

Besides checking for reviews online, you can see quality jobs as they’re being done in your home. Is your painter taking care of obvious prep work, like covering furniture and floors with drop cloths? Is the paint job consistent, whether inside or outside? These are telltale signs of quality painters who know what they’re doing.

How many square feet can a painter paint in one day?

Generally speaking, a good painter should be able to handle about 150 square feet per hour.

Give Your Home a New Shine

When you have identified a good, quality painting company in your area, you should give them a call, get an estimate, and get your new paint job handled. Your home will look brand new, whether you need the painting on the inside, outside, or both. Once the job is done, you hopefully won’t have to worry about it for a few years, and the next time you need the job done, you’ll know exactly who to call.

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