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How To Find the Best Professional Painters In Dallas

Best Tips on How to Find Professional Painters in Dallas

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Hiring the right people to help with the next facelift you plan to give your house is non-negotiable if you want to avoid the nightmare that follows a shoddy painting job. The reason behind this is that the look of your house will be determined by the professional painters in Dallas.

With this in mind, it is essential to pay focus on the process involved in finding the best painter to handle your job. There are countless choices for you because there are many painters in town.

So, how to find the best professional painters?

Always ensure to hire a painting professional regardless of what you are painting or the reason behind the painting. It could be that you are painting the nursery for your baby, making your house look perfect for the market, beautifying your old house by hiding the dings and nicks that have stored up over the years, or you just need a pocket-friendly painting job for your house. Making decisions on how to choose the best painter for your next painting project can be overwhelming.

When researching a potential painter, there are several factors to consider, and it includes your budget, schedule, and safety. It is important to take enough time as required to be certain that you are hiring the right painter for your project, especially, when you are painting an office, store, or building.

You will find useful tips in this post that will give you proper guidance when selecting the perfect painting contractors in Dallas. Firstly, know what painting entails.

What is Painting?

Painting involves an approach to restoring an old and ugly looking building. A single team can handle filling and proper sealing of cracks and holes, and also paint the amended part of the entire building at the same time.

Priming, which makes the paint job last for an extended period, is also included in these services. Large-scale jobs that involve efficiency and safety are all covered by painting. It is therefore important to give out the job to professionals as you can’t consider using two rollers and a bucket of paint for such a project.

Choose To Right Professional Painter in Dallas

There are criteria for selecting the right painting company. Avoid hiring companies with little or no relevant experience. There is great competition between companies out there, as they all pushing for the same job. You will get to know the difference between the companies by their experience.

Yelp reported that Dallas alone has a significant number of painting companies. The most challenging aspect of any painting project is deciding on the right company to choose for the job.

Questions like which of the companies offer services that perfectly fit my needs? Who should I call? And many others that come to mind when looking for the right painter for your job. There will be a great improvement in your work when experience and references are put together. The experience starts shining after many years of operation.

For your project to achieve its primary goal, you have to give it the special attention it requires. This can be achieved when you hire the right professional to handle the project for you. Let’s discuss some tips for choosing the right painters in Dallas.

Tips For Choosing Painting Company in Dallas

Choosing Painting Company in Dallas Illustration

When you give someone access to paint your office or business, it is very important to make sure you fully understand and have enough knowledge of what is about to happen. Failure to do this may result in you taking responsibilities for liabilities and any other situations that may arise.

A trustworthy professional painter will provide adequate protection for their team and his customers. You must first make sure you have adequate knowledge about the job before you contact the painting companies.

Below are some tips to make sure that you hire the right and perfect painting company for your job:

1. Plan your Budget

Before you consider hiring painting companies in your area, it is important to draft a budget. Decisions on your budget should be based on the quality of the materials, the size of the project, and the level of preparation work involved. Another essential factor to look out for is the contractors that offer quality services at a reasonable price.

Avoid considering contractors that charge low fees, as it implies that they will be using less-standard materials, they are inexperienced, and they will use unprofessional methods to do your job. Also be careful of price gougers who always charge higher prices on clients, promising them classic painting services.

The best option here is to look for an experienced painting company that uses high-quality paint and effective painting method at a reasonable and budget-friendly price.

Requesting a quote from at least five painting companies to make a comparison in price and service inclusion is a smart move in this wise, as you get to figure out how much to set aside for the upcoming painting project.

2. Look for Feasible Options

There are many options at your disposal to get the best painter. You can start sourcing for the list of painting companies in your location on Google, Yelp, and Angie’s list for a starter. Make a list of possible painting companies you are considering.

Although it may seem like a waste of time, it is also important to understand the pros and cons of each painting company so you can be certain you are going for the right one. First, determine what important factor you are looking for in a painting contractor; it may be the price, quality of service, reputation, or distance to the site.

Avoid settling for the first company you saw after Google search, conduct your proper research, do some digging, and review painting companies one after the other. You can also gain more understanding as to how a particular contractor operates through referrals.

Ask if any of your family, friends, or neighbors had a painting job done in recent time, and then ask them the company they use and their experience with the company as well. You can also figure out a lot about a company from past customers’ review.

In most cases, painting contractors with a high number of reviews tend to stick to their offering of quality and satisfying services to clients. They may even try to surpass their record of quality service.

3. Ask the Right Questions

Now that you already have your list of possible contractors for your painting project, you can now interview them. You can contact them via phone, email, or chat. Not asking the right questions from your contractors is one of the possible reasons most clients end up dissatisfied with the services they received from professional painters.

4. Get at least Three Estimates

Make sure you ask them the same questions and present the same expectations to them. Once you receive the quotes, take your time to find out if the materials, amount of prep, and work techniques are the same, including the required documentation. One of the major worries when it comes to painting is pricing.

Ensure everything written on the quotes are properly stated and also request for a breakdown of the numbers from the contractors. Among the list of things to include on the estimate are materials, travel, duration, paint, and labor cost.

Ask for any indirect costs that are tied to your project. This includes costs such as utilities, the salary of support employees, overhead costs, rent, etc. Most clients get shocked when they see higher total costs on the overall quotes they received.

Direct costs must also be included in the quotes as well. They are the basic costs that you can typically include when creating your budgets, such as labor, paint, and materials costs. The general idea here is to make sure everything you will be paying for is properly and clearly stated on the estimates given to you, including the duration of the entire project.

5. Get a Contract

Ensure that vital information of the contractor such as name, phone number, address, license number, and offices, along with other details, were clearly stated in the quote. The contract should also include what to and what not to be expected in the job.

Most popular and reputable painting contractors would also give you a written guarantee to make proper corrections to any flaking, peeling, excessive fading, blistering, chalking or chipping that occurs within a specified period of time, it may be weeks, months, depending on the company, apart from the guarantee from the painting manufacturers.

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6. Prepare for Painting

You are now left with making preparations for the painting job after you’ve determined the perfect contractor to handle your painting job. We strongly recommend that you consider doing the following since you are only paying your contractor to paint and not to move items around:

  • Move your furniture: Remove all furniture that may disturb your painter. You can shift the furniture to a separate room if you have free space left. In the absence of space, you can place the furniture at the center of your room. Remember to remove items hanging on the wall such as clocks to enable your painter to paint the wall easily.
  • Remove outlet covers and switch plates: Removing paint from switch plate and outlet covers once stained would be difficult. You may have no option than to purchase a new one. You can save some money by removing the switch plates and outlet covers, especially if they are quite expensive.
  • Clean your wallAlthough this process is often overlooked by homeowners; however, having your walls cleaned and properly prepared for painting will bring out the best look of your home after the painting. Dust will be accumulated on your wall if you proceed with the painting without proper cleaning. A professional painter may also handle this.
  • Secure the petsAccidents are inevitable. Your little pet may find its way into the fresh coat of paint and stain itself. It is highly recommended that you have one of your friends or family take care of your pets until you are done with the overall painting or you have them secured in a vacant room.
  • Make a roomPainters will come to the site with their equipment and will need to set up a tent where they can keep their tools like paints, ladders, plastic sheets, and so on. Provide them space where they can set up a shop so that there will be a convenience in assessing their tools when needed.

Factors For Choosing The Best Professional Painter

Asking for recommendations from loved ones and online research are both the first steps to locating a professional painting company. There are certainly many house painters in your location, but many of them might not be licensed nor has no experience.

Below are some of the major factors to put into consideration when choosing a painter:

1. Consider the Painter’s Experience

The more time you spent working on craft will certainly determine how much of technical skills and knowledge you have. It will also point out the number of mistakes you shouldn’t make as an experienced craft man. Although experience doesn’t finalize everything, you have to make sure it is one of the factors you consider when hiring a painter.

You wouldn’t want to hand over your large project to a newbie. When considering a painter, you should make sure you ask for their year of experience, request for previous works, and check their online reviews to make sure you are on the right path. This will show you how smart your painters are and how much value they place on clients.

2. Consider a Painter with the Right Legal Licenses and Insurance

Do not hire a self-acclaimed professional painter that couldn’t show you its state license and provide general liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance.

These requirements imply that your painters are qualified to handle the project, a well as providing the required protection for your home and their employees in case of an unfortunate event on the project.

Only consider the actions from the painters and not the words from their mouths. Your painter would be willing to show you the documentation of their insurance if indeed they are insured.

They won’t get angry at you or give you a silly excuse like “the documents are not available at the moment.” It is advisable to find another painter once you hear or see anything like this.

3. Consider A Painter With Much Knowledge

You are not going to sit around with a dentist that couldn’t answer a simple question about dental work. This rule is also applicable to painters with no knowledge about painting. This is one of the reasons you should research painters before you hire them.

Ask them those varieties of questions that come to mind, such as their painting techniques, the perfect paint for your interior and exterior, their approach to correcting errors on existing paint jobs. You will get to determine how knowledgeable they are from their answers. This is priceless research as you will get to find out the truth directly and not from a paper or website.

4. Consider Local Painters with Great Online Reputation

Checking online reviews and their business ratings are very important when considering a painter. It is generally known that consumers would find it easy to drop a negative review about a bad experience with a company than a positive review.

Although this might make them sound ungrateful, they are only expressing their mind. A painting may not have the all-star rating you want, and might even have negative reviews. You can, however, move to the next painter once you notice several customers’ complaints about a similar problem.

5. Consider a Painting Company with a Reasonable but not “Low” Price

When pricing a painter, there is always one or two who offer the cheapest price. Be careful of painting companies that offer services at cheaper prices only to find out they will use low-quality paint, with employees with no experience, and cheap painting techniques. If you go to such a company, you will get what you bargained for.

Some other companies will advertise “classic painting service” at higher prices to you but watch them. Although it is important to use high-quality paints for your painting project; however, there is nothing as classy in professional painting but their overall quality including other areas.

The paint will still be applied to the wall, regardless of which method you use. In the end, there won’t be any justification for the huge amount you paid for the said “classic painting service.”

Homeowners are advised to go for a painter that makes use of high-quality paint and materials, and that offers quality painting services at a reasonable price.

You won’t be over-spending with price gougers or under-paying with cost-cutters and end up with the best end product after completion.

6. Consider Painting Contractor that does the Preparatory Work

You will find the difference between a good and great paint job through their prep works. Your painters will prepare your wall for a fresh coat of paint by stripping, priming, sanding, taping and cleaning it. Kindly note that not all painters have the patience to prepare your wall for the painting project. They would rather take shortcuts to charge you the same price but delivers the less-quality job for you.

They might end up providing an unsatisfying, rough, uneven, and low-quality job for you. Ask your painter if they will be doing all the prep work before they start painting.

A professional and reputable painting company will have full knowledge of their prep work procedures and will be ready to fill you in, should you request for it.

7. Select a Painter in Dallas

Choosing painters that will travel from one state to your location would leave you with much spending and the service they offer might not be what you subscribed to, as most of those traveling painters are more concerned with having more inflow of incomes with little or no concern about what quality of job they deliver to you.

They mostly don’t place much value on correcting mistakes or providing great customer service to their clients. It is advisable to choose a painter that has offered service in your area for many years, painters who have an interest in making your neighborhood beautiful.

8. Consider a Painter who Guarantees Quality

Make sure the painting company you are considering provides you a kind of quality guarantee that is strongly backed-up by the paint manufacturer or the contractor itself, to avoid any future headaches.

Most reputable painting contractors will provide you with stress-free warranties, which imply that they will respond and fix any problems without, complaint. Excellent customer service is the backbone of any effective warranty.

9. Samples of Past Work

With pictures of their previous work, you will have access to such information. This will get you verified information and insight to the real service provided by the company, rather than the sweet words from their agents or on their website — request for their portfolio or picture gallery of the “before and after pictures” of their previous projects.

10. Positive Reviews

The best way to find out the reputation of a company is through testimonials, which are usually written by old customers of the company. They will give you a clear picture of how the company renders service. You can find reviews about the company on their websites, YELP, Google, and Facebook pages. Look out for the following:

  • Has the company been used by anyone?
  • What are they saying about the service?
  • How professional are the employees?
  • How perfect was the job?

Benefits of Hiring Local Painting Contractors

Proximity to a site is one of the factors that affect estimate and sometimes, quality. Most companies that operate like construction companies ask their employees to meet them at job sites, especially, when they have to travel to another town or city. You will be able to reduce the cost of some non-essentials when you hire a painting company in your area.

When you are at least 50miles away from the painting company, mileage will be added to your painting estimate. Paying the charged price for the services received from your painting company doesn’t mean you get the right painting company. You have to consider time consumption for the sake of cost by making sure your painter is closer to your site.

Some workers will get to the site as early as possible without going against the legal working time for certain areas, and this is important for those staying closer to private homes. Painters cannot afford to get late to the job site due to heavy traffic jam on the way. You won’t be spending much when you hire a painting company closer to your area, as well as improved completion period.

A painting contractor closer to your area can get you painting estimates without wasting your time as well as get to you in case of urgency. You don’t need to wait for days before you get an estimate.

The entire process becomes more efficient and stress-free when your painting company is just around the corner of your street. The majority of projects are completed but not promptly when you hire out of reach.

You have a professional Dallas painter waiting to render service for you and promised to deliver a high-quality and satisfying job. You will be overwhelmed with joy when your colleagues at work keep asking you who paint your store for you – behold, the painter is a few miles away from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of paint is preferred by professional painters?

The four major paint brands include Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Benjamin Moore, and Behr, and they all have a minimum of 28 different latex paints, a great level of consensus, which is quite unique. 

Will the professional painter clean the walls before they start painting?

When you wash the wall before applying paint, it will ensure proper adhesion of the paint and also get rid of dirt or other things that could cause the finish to look rough.

A reliable and knowledgeable professional painter understands the importance of washing a wall before applying paint. 

How can I pick the best painter?

Choosing a good painter can be challenging if you have not hire one before. However, follow these steps to choose a good painter for your project:

  1. Create a plan. First, ensure you know what and where you want to paint and the color you want. 
  2. Obtain a few estimates.
  3. Check references and past jobs. 
  4. Consider reviews. 
  5. Demand a detailed contract. 
  6. Request a guarantee. 
  7. Lastly, do not give more than 20% upfront if at all you must give something for labor. 

What is the hourly rate of exterior painters?

You should be ready to pay an average of $50 per hour for your house painting job. However, you may have to pay more hourly rate up to $70 for painters that have more experience and for projects that involve specialties.  

What should my expectations be from a professional painter?

Below is a list of things to expect from professional painters.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction & More. 
  • Business’s Longevity. 
  • Quality Materials. 
  • Estimated Pricing. 
  • Time Savings. 
  • More than Painting. 
  • Professional Paint Job.
  • Excellent customer service.

Do professional painters handle furniture moving away from the work area?

It is possible that your painters will only cover the furniture using plastic sheets, but your job is to make sure the furniture won’t get in their way. You have to make sure they don’t stumble on your furniture item while they are working, especially with paint in their hand. Moving the furniture away from where they are working is a nice idea. 

What does an exterior painter make every hour?

There are several factors like season, location, experience level, and type of painting job that determines painting labor costs. You may be charged an hourly average of $50 for your painting tasks.

Also, you should expect to pay up to $70 for highly experienced painters, especially if they will be painting murals or other specialty items. 

Do professional painters cut in before or after rolling?

Before you start rolling paint on the main surfaces, first cut in the corners. This basically means that you should paint the sides of the corners using two brush lengths distance and applying paint into the corner. Paint using a two to three-inch brush. There is no way to cut-in around the trim before or after you roll. 

How long will painting a 12×12 room take?

The time taken to complete a paint job will be elongated when you choose more than one paint color for each room. It will take about 5 hours to complete the painting of a 12 by 12 room that has 8-ft ceilings. There will also be an additional 3 to 4 hours to paint the baseboards, windows, and doors. 

Why are painters so costly?

Paintings made in the 16th century may be expensive than the paintings we see around today. When talking about art paintings, the price can be affected by many factors, including the cost of materials used. The price can be directly affected by the paints, canvas used, and many others.  

Is hiring a professional painter a best choice?

You might consider doing your interior or exterior painting job yourself, but as you proceed on it, it will cost you a lot of time and money. When you hire a professional painter, you will get the value for the money you spend as the project will be perfectly and timely completed. 

What other name exists for a professional painter?

A painter and decorator is someone who paints and decorates buildings and is also referred to as a house painter or a decorator. Painting is generally done to give a building a beautiful and improved appearance and to protect it from damage by mold, water, insects, and corrosion. 


Finding the best house painting company doesn’t have to leave you with a daunting experience. Make sure you have the tips in mind when you begin the process of finding the best painting company. Ensure the painter you choose offers effective means of communication. You will want to make sure you are informed of any development at each stage of the process.

Make sure you communicate your expectations on the project to the painter. This will eradicate any unwanted surprises, as the project progress. Contact us for further information on how to hire a painting company if you still need more details.

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