Neutral Colors for Baby’s Room

Neutral Colors for Baby’s Room

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When babies are born, they actually only see in black and white, with a few shades of gray. After that, their red color perceptions develop first, then the full-color spectrum is reached by 4 to 5 months of age.

It is also thought that black and white are stimulating for a baby during their first few weeks to months of life, specifically because they can see them better.

Now that you know all this, you might be reconsidering what color to paint the baby’s room. Since they won’t be able to see many colors at first anyway, neutral colors are highly popular. In addition, with so many genders reveals not occurring until birth, neutral colors allow the parents to prepare for either gender baby.

Once you’ve chosen your new, neutral color, let a professional interior painting in Dallas service do the rest for you. As an expectant mom, you shouldn’t be painting anyway; and as expectant parents, surely you have enough on your plate to take care of.

If you’re still undecided on what neutral colors to choose for baby’s room, perhaps this quick guide will help.

What colors are neutral for a baby?

One of the luxuries of today’s world is that finding out the gender of your baby is an option. Whereas before advanced ultrasound technology, it was always a surprise, today many people are choosing the element of surprise.

This means no more pink and blue. Nursery setups, baby clothes, and accessories revolve around neutral colors- colors that don’t reveal or indicate the gender in any way.

So, what are neutral colors, you ask? In short, neutral colors are practically any colors except blue or pink, but we’ve also come a long way from the classic yellow.

The light, happy tones associated with yellow used to be the only neutral go-to, but today the list goes on. Here are some colors and color combos that everyone will love.

  • Gray and yellow– Gray is also a classic neutral color. It pairs well with the bright tones of yellow. When using gray in a nursery, be mindful of where the light hits. Some grays can appear purple or beige. Use grays that have a silvery or mid-tone, making it warm and inviting.
  • Aqua and coral-Kind of like the cousins of pink and blue, when used together, these colors create a unique and fun color palette that clearly indicates you’re not sure of the gender but will be excited either way.
  • Black and white-The The King and Queen of all neutrals. Black and white never goes out of style. They’re easy to paint colors to find and shop for and will keep your nursery and other baby items classy. With black and white colors, the possibilities are truly endless.
  • Brown-Browns, beiges, and tan are the perfect neutral colors. They are calming and encourage a natural, organic element.
  • White-Although white is technically the absence of color, and seemingly not a color at all, it is a common gender-neutral choice. White indicates purity, simplicity, and innocence- everything that your baby is sure to be.
  • Green-Greens come in several variations; mint green, pastel, hunter green- and any of them are well-suited for your baby. Green is also a very natural and organic color. Trees, plants, flowers, and animals are all ‘green’ motifs that work well in a gender-neutral nursery.
  • Orange-This color is very similar to yellow, but even warmer and inviting. Orange is also a nurturing color. When painted on the nursery walls it can stimulate a baby’s senses without irritating their sensitive eyes.

What color should a baby’s room be?

Of course, what color you should paint your baby’s room is completely your choice, but whether you’ve decided on neutral or not, there are actually some colors that experts recommend.

Your baby’s room or nursery is a place where they are meant to feel safe, loved, nurtured, and cared for. The room should be organized and inviting, but if you don’t want to repaint every year, it should also be able to grow with your baby.

Since the baby’s colored vision is not completely developed at first, truthfully the nursery doesn’t have to be screaming with color. That is, painting a room with entirely red walls could be confusing for a baby.

Instead softer, warmer, and neutral colors are always a great option. These tones are easily perceived by the baby and make the room mature enough to be able to grow with your child. With a neutral-colored room, feel free to add in dashes of brighter color through the artwork and accessories in your baby’s room.

Even if you know the gender of your baby, softer colors such as pastels are an almost-neutral wise choice. Robin’s egg blue, sage green, light pinks, and yellows are calming and easy for baby to see.

Since the baby will spend a lot of time looking up at the ceiling, it is also helpful to paint the ceiling a lighter color than the walls.

The bottom line is, when it comes to baby’s room, be gentle on the walls, and go crazy with color elsewhere. This will help your child’s development and spark their interests as they grow.

What is the best color to paint a child’s room?

Once your baby is grown, so comes another challenge: painting your child’s room.

Toddler now, teenager tomorrow – it can often seem like time flies by that quickly, but no one wants to paint their room once every year. Painting is no doubt a tedious process; removing everything from the walls, taping, the smell.

That’s why choosing the right color for your child’s room is equally as important as your baby’s room, and experts know exactly what colors can grow with them, from playing dress-up to saying ‘keep out’ and every stage in between.

  • Cerulean blue- If you thought there was only blue and light blue, do we have a surprise for you. Whereas baby blue is only for babies, cerulean blue is a lighter, brighter blue that is perfect for boys or girls. It is a fun color, but mature enough to dress-up at any age.
  • Yellow- So it seems that yellow is always suitable. Yellow is a great color for boys or girls because the bright tones are actually cheerful and energizing. Fun fact: yellow walls can actually make your child more energized to complete their homework.
  • Eggshell- What is eggshell you ask? Well, it’s a little more than just white. White can seem bland and stark, it also gets dirty easily. Eggshell has a slightly warmer tone, like white with a hint of tan. This is ideal for the child that frequently changes their mind/ style. You can add pops of color and change the theme as many times as they like.
  • Chalkboard- It doesn’t get any more brilliant than chalkboard paint. If your child is young, odds are they’re going Otto be drawing on the walls anyway. Chalkboard is excellent for your little artist. It is recommended to only paint one wall with chalkboard paint, however because otherwise, it can make a room too dark.
  • Pale green- This color can actually make a room seem bigger- and every child wants that, no matter what age. Pale green is also a brighter, natural, energizing choice, much like yellow.
  • Beige- Beige is practically the neutral go-to. Why choose neutral for a child’s room? So that you don’t have to paint it a thousand times. Neutral colors such as beige also allow your child to express themselves in the décor of their bedroom, and that may change one or fifty times.

Is green a gender-neutral color?

Green is not usually the first color that someone thinks of when painting the home. As much as it might seem like a random color, it is, in fact, a gender-neutral color, ideal for any room.

Green is natural. It is calming, refreshing, and nurturing, all the things you want your baby’s room to be. Green neither indicates a boy or girl, so if you’re keeping ita surprise, green is an excellent way to go.

As your baby grows, green is also the best color for a learning environment. Green stimulates learning; it promotes calmness through thinking and concentration. This means that by the time your child is in school, green can help stimulate their motivation to learn.

Learning, like growing, is natural. Green is organic and found so frequently in nature, that it is also easy to decorate with. Any theme can go green, making it both a playful and mature color.

Whether you’ve chosen green, yellow, or another neutral palate for your baby’s nursery, you can trust in Dallas Paints to help you pick the ideal shade of any color. We’ll help you pick the safest, most long-lasting color that will hold up for years to come.

The best part is, Dallas Paints will even get the job done for you. Our professional and expert painters will be able to paint your gender-neutral nursery in no time.

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