How To Prepare Your Space For Commercial Painting Contractors

How To Prepare Your Space For Commercial Painting

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Having your commercial space painted can be a tough job. Chances are you want your business running even while the painters are working. But what are the things to do to reduce and keep disruptions at the barest?

So how to prepare your space for commercial painting?

Getting ready for a commercial painting contractor’s visit to your private business is the simple task.

Repainting your commercial space remains one of the difficult tasks, even if you hire a professional painter. This is because a lot of brainstorming is involved when reviving the image of your company.

What colors should you go with?

Should you get a gloss, flat, or satin finish?

What is your budget?

Do you have enough financial backing to get the service of a professional painter who can perfectly do the job?

Is there any preparation required in your company before your professional painters arrive?

These and many other questions will be running through your brain. When it comes to preparation for commercial painting, it is important to do the main surface preparation because paint can’t adhere properly to rough, unprepared surfaces.

The paint will peel, bubble up, flake, and crack because it is not adhering to the surface.  

What is Preparatory Work?

Surface preparation for commercial painting takes a lot of time. The building’s size can take some time before applying the first coat of paint.

To end up with a flawless commercial paint project, there are essential steps in getting the surface ready before any paint is rubbed onto it.

Completing the surface preparation process in a rush will not end well and will cause cracking paint. Then you will have no choice but to restart the process from scratch.

11 Preparation Tips for Commercial Painting Contractor

Getting your commercial space ready for professional painting can help make sure that the entire project will run hitch-free.

Here are 11 tips to guide you:

1. Create a List

This list must contain all the tasks to be done together with the area to be painted. The things you did or didn’t like about the old paint job, as well as the project’s cost, can be of great help.

2. Hold One More Meeting with your Painters

You have been in contact with the painters about your expectation for this project. A few days to the painter’s arrival, have a meeting with the contractor one last time to finalize all your project plans.

It is essential to know everyone is on the same page regarding the project’s whole scope, which includes the timeline, the desired color, and the parts of the building. 

3. Determine the Colors you want

As you talk about your commercial painting job with your contractor before the work starts, kindly endeavor to finalize the colors you want before our commercial painters arrive to commence their work. This includes the paint colors you want to trim and other areas of your building. 

4. Prepare your Workers

Your daily operations will still be disturbed somehow by a huge commercial painting project. Ensure your workers are aware of the duration the painting contractor will spend in the building and the establishment areas that will be affected.

The painters may start their work after normal business hours, although some workers may still be affected by the painting even at that time.

However, make sure your workers are informed on whether they are to move any personal items out of the painter’s way. There may be a need for you to move workers to other parts of the commercial space. 

5. Move Delicate Items and cover up the Floor

Although commercial painters often put in their best to ensure none of the customer’s items get damaged while they do their work, there can always be an accident.

If you have any delicate items outdoors closer to where painters will be working, ensure you move those belongings to avoid accidental damage. Also, cover up the flooring to prevent dripping of paint onto plants and other items. 

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6. Ensure Clear Access to the Areas they will paint

If you have a certain spot where they should park their vehicles, please inform them on time. And kindly ensure there is no hindrance between where they packed and the work area.

Professional commercial painting crew will have the equipment to carry back and forth between work areas and their work vehicle. This will be made easier by a clear path and could help make your project go faster.  

7. Perform Repairs before Painters’ Arrival

If some of the areas to be painted are damaged beyond what regular cleaning, hand sanding, and scrapping can control, ask if you have to do any repair work before the painting.

In certain situations, like wide structural damage or decayed decorative fascia boards, having a third-party contractor do it may be the best idea. 

8. Get the Interior Ready

Even though painters often remove the whole furniture and equipment, you should endeavor to handle small and delicate items like pictures, electronic devices, and glassware to shield them from damage. Also, ensure all windows can be easily opened.  

9. Ensure the Exterior is ready

Getting your environments ready for exterior painting will improve the whole project’s speed. Some of the things you can do before professional painters come on-site are checking outdoor electrical power outlets, trimming back landscaping, making sure water spigots are working perfectly if they need power washing, and leaving a special space for painters to leave their tools and supplies. 

10. Consider repairing Rotten Wood and Drywall

Most professional painting contractors in Dallas offer several services, including little carpentry jobs, like the repair or replacement of structural and decorative wood features and drywall. 

11. Perform a Walk-Through

On the painting day before your painters’ arrival, go through your building to ensure everything is perfectly ready.

Find out any safety issues the painters should know about. Ensure you reserve a place for the painting crew to park and to keep supplies and gear. 

What is the Work of Commercial Painting Contractors?

What Commercial Painting Contractors do

Based on your business and painting requirements, commercial painting contractors can paint everything in sight.

This includes:

  • Individual office rooms,
  • Stores,
  • Supermarkets,
  • Hotels,
  • Schools,
  • Healthcare facilities,
  • Cafes,
  • Restaurants,
  • Entertainment,
  • Sports venues,
  • Industrial complexes, and
  • Government buildings.

Commercial painters usually refer to their services as architectural finishing services, rather than painting. This is because the paint is just one of the many types of finishes they perform, and they usually use different tools compared to what a regular house painter use. 

The majority of commercial painters offer interior and exterior paintings such as

  • Walls,
  • Building Facades,
  • Roofs,
  • Floors and ceilings,
  • Decks,
  • Equipment, and other surfaces.

Find out that they can render all the services you require during the quoting process.  

Things to expect from our Commercial Painting

When you choose us for your commercial painting service, you decide to use a reliable company that cares about you, your workers, and your clients. We don’t rush to deliver results, regardless of the project at hand.

If you are satisfied with our quote and timeline, we arrange a date and time. You will be provided the best service possible by our devoted professional painting crew as they will arrive on time and finish the project as fast as agreed to the best of their ability. 

If you would like to halt the start of the painting project for some reason, we understand. If you would like us to start your commercial painting project after business hours, we can also take, not to disrupt your business operations. We work closely with you because we value your satisfaction.

Answering your question – “what should be my expectation from the commercial painting contractor, if I end up hiring?”

Below should be expected from a reputable commercial painting contractor:

1. Attention to Detail

Your commercial painting contractor needs to be attentive to details in each stage of the job so you can get a perfect and high-quality finishing.

If the surfaces are not well prepared before painting, expect a strange-looking finished product far from what you had expected and will not even last long.

A reliable and top-rated professional painting contractor will handle caking or cracked paint, damaged caulk, and several other issues that can affect the finishing. Some important details are not directly applicable to your building, or surfaces look once the paint dries. 

For instance, you may not want your painting contractors to get paint on your shrubs or landscaping.

A painting contractor who pays more attention to details will do what is required to protect everything in the area that is not being painted.

Clean-up efforts of the painting crew before and after the project is another little but important detail. It would help if you were not left to do the debris clean up after the project or trash from the painters; a reputable commercial painting contractor will completely clean the work area before they leave.    

2. Expertise

The first step is to ensure that a painting contractor can perform the work. Check their online portfolio and read reviews and testimonials from past customers.

Also, find out how long they’ve been painting commercial structures and the certifications they possess; you must check for their credentials for painting safety as well as their commitment to using only paint products of top quality.

3. Communication

Furthermore, you must be sure the company communicates well. You will be able to discover this when you research their expertise and process since old customers will share their experience while you will catch a sense of the company’s responsiveness and personality when they respond to your questions. 

4. Process

You will need to go into the requirements of your painting project. Immediately you’ve shared the details of the things you need and when you need them, begin to ask the contractor about their process.

  • Can they provide a detailed working timeline based on experience?
  • Are they able to tackle the painting project in a way that will reduce disruptions to your business operations?
  • Do the contractors use safe, sustainable methods and give warranties?

All these must be asked as well as other unique questions about your commercial painting project to determine whether or not the painting contractor is the perfect match.

Obtain a Quote for Commercial Painting Projects

You can use pages to obtain commercial painting quotes without contacting commercial painting contractors. Just ensure you request the details mentioned above alongside their quotes. That will make sure you compare quotes and confidently choose a commercial painter you can rely on to perform a great and timely job. 

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