Things To Consider When Hiring A Commercial Painter in Dallas

Hiring A Commercial Painter in Dallas

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Commercial painting involves more than applying a few colors to the walls. It also consists of how much you care for your business or company, as well as your patrons or visitors.

Hiring the perfect professional commercial painting crew in Dallas is the best and only way to get a paint job that will show the best of your company’s exterior, satisfy your need and also last longer. 

Continue reading to get more help in giving your business environment a unique look.

Firstly, you need to hire the right commercial painters – those who specialize in painting your type of building. You will be on the right track when you consider some important factors in the profile of any commercial painter before you hire them.

You will understand the factors to hire commercial painters in Dallas or elsewhere from this write-up. And this will make sure you have a satisfactory painting experience and cause your business property to improve greatly.    

Choosing a Commercial Painting Contractor

You first need to know and understand the difference that exists between commercial painting and house painting. This will be so helpful if you always remember when you are hiring a painting company that matches the exact need of the commercial project at hand.

We’ve conducted research and create a list of the factors you need to consider as you are about to hire commercial painting contractors.  

1. Evaluate the Job

Before you start the hiring process, you need first to figure out the project’s demand. What part of the commercial property are you planning to paint? What is the size of the area? How many colors do you plan to apply?

Painting the outside of a commercial building takes a lot of time and workers, unlike painting the inside. Also, the number of time needed, as well as several painters needed to handle a job, will partially depend on the number of colors and detail work required.

Can your painting job be handled by one commercial painter, or you need four? If a painting crew is required for your project, hiring a commercial painting company might be your better option. You will need to figure out the number of individual commercial painters you need if you prefer this option. 

2. Check the Company or Contractor’s Profile

There are a lot of painting contractors in Dallas that specialize in commercial painting services. Many of them have certified and qualified industrial painters who can get their jobs done with professionals on their payroll.

Make sure you verify the following before contacting a contractor: 

  • Licenses
  • Work-Cover insurance
  • Contractor Registrations and ABN
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Contractor Safety Compliance

3. References of Past Painting Jobs

The credentials mentioned above are vital in commercial painting as they show that the company can make sure you stay away from legal actions by adhering to the necessities.

Also, make sure you check references and reviews to ensure that the commercial painting company is being honest. You can check compliance of painting companies with registrations, insurances, licenses, as well as safety cover via third-party services. 

4. Compare Different Contractors

Although making a comparison of various quotes before a service is hired is normal among businesses, yet, some companies skip it. You can access different painting companies in Dallas, which allows you to choose the perfect fit for your specific needs and budget. You need first to check various rates and quotes.

You surely want to avoid a painting contractor that offers the poorest rate. However, you need also to be careful with the focus on price. Check the portfolio of each painting contractor carefully and evaluate their quality.

Also, check each service offered by the contractors to discover if they check the requirements on your list.  

5. Resources of the Commercial Painter

You have planned your budget and time for your commercial painting project. The right commercial painting contractor, when hired, will always reduce waste by evaluating your resources.

There are many painting contractors in the industry that will lower their prices and make sure they cut back on the quality of their services.

They may also use old technology that adds days or even weeks to your timeline, or they recommend you to renovate your building, which will increase your cost rapidly.

The most effective method to find commercial painting services is to figure out a painting contractor that handles their assets carefully, just as you value yours. The contractor should be ready to give answers to your questions at each level to avoid confusion about the current job.

They should consider your budget and your plans to find out any improvements they can handle while making good use of your limited resources.     

6. Ask Questions

Regardless of the painting method you choose (self-painting or hired painting contractors), there are certain questions you need to ask to know the best option to choose for the project.

Some questions you may want to ask: 

  • What will you charge for the project?
  • What is your estimated completion time for the project?
  • Have you finished any similar jobs before?

Also, it would be helpful to ensure the contractor is licensed and that they are indeed professionals. 

Finally, ensure the painting crew you hire is experienced, and you should talk directly to the potential painter or companies. 

7. Competency

No painting contractor will reveal they have zero experience; you can know the credibility, competency, and experience of a painting company by figuring out their project gallery or portfolio of their past jobs.

Normally, this portfolio will contain both residential and commercial jobs so that you can access their relevant skills that fit your exact project easily.

The benefit of hiring a commercial painter against an individual painter is that painting companies comply with the financial and legal obligations of ASIC. Therefore, they are obligated to give an account of their workmanship and business performance. 

8. Safety of Commercial Painting’s Jobsite

Regardless of the contractor’s skills and experience, there may still be accidents. However, you will be safe by hiring a commercial painting contractor that prioritizes safety.

All employees should stick to regulatory standards and should know the next step to take in low high or difficult spaces. Workers should understand how to work with leads as well as be careful to avoid falling. They need to know and be able to follow the rules for emergencies. 

The wrong painters, when hired, can significantly increase your liability. Although the employees are responsible for their safety, a poor painting company may blame the space owner for accidents or injuries.

Therefore, it is important to request for special safety plan from your painting contractor on your exact painting project to figure out a company’s priority to detail. This will help you to know the number of details you put into consideration before you can decide.    

9. The Reputation of the Commercial Painting Company

Theft, poor workmanship, and damage are some of the examples of things you need to worry about when hiring commercial painting services.

Although the last thing you need is a company that brags without taking action, there are always a lot of ways to find out how a company controls difficult situations.

Know more about how it feels like to work with a particular company by reading local news articles, trade publications, and independent review websites. 

Hire a commercial painting company that is willing to discuss their success and failures with you. There is no all-perfect company, but only a few companies have the necessities to control the situation.

While conducting your research, don’t hesitate to ask tough questions if the company fails to answer your questions directly, which may be a warning signal to stay away from them.   

10. Colour Consultancy

In today’s market, there are several choices of paint colors, texture, and finishes, so a color consultant’s service is so much important in any commercial or industrial painting project. Colors can change the general appearance of a wide area under each day time conditions.

A color consultant can use their expertise and experience to determine the perfect color of paint, preparation, and application under the current light on common areas.

11. Speed

A lot of time goes into painting a commercial building or business environment, unlike another painting job. You determine to paint your commercial property as fast as you could to lower downtime to your business operation even though you wouldn’t settle for the low-quality paint job.

A professional painting company may assign at least three to four employees to your painting job at any time. It may be one or two employees working on finishing touches in some situations, but you should expect an entire crew. 


We often recommend rigorous research before hiring a professional commercial painting crew in Dallas as a lot of essential skills are required when painting a business environment or commercial building.

You will know the qualification of the painter to handle the painting job you have, with expectations for the best quality finish when you check and confirm the factors we have discussed earlier.

Dallas Paints is widely known for offering commercial painting services of great quality that prioritize business owners’ interests. We work to ensure the project is completed on your business timeline while being attentive to details. 

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