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20 Cheap Ways to Make Your Living Space Cozier

21 Cheap Ways to Make Your Living Space Cozier

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A home is a place where you come to relax after a busy day and a place where you aim to spend a great time with your family and pets. That is why you need to make your home cozy and attractive.

While interior painting service will enhance your curb appeal and make your living space cozier, there are other cheap ways to complement these projects to achieve this aim.

No one wants to live in a home that is boring and has no inspirational decoration.

Fortunately, there are lots of small tricks you can try that can give your home that cozy feel, without spending a fortune.

When looking to make your home cozy, you don’t have to spend all your money on it to add a major comfy.

List of 21 simple ways to make your living space cozy and comfortable

1. Get Your Home Canvas Ready with Little Decluttering

There is a reason behind the saying tidy home, tidy mind, and that is because only a few people can relax well with pizza boxes scattered around.

According to April Sargant, a Lonely designer, ‘declutter surfaces will provide a sense of space, which is necessary when you have to be inside.

Just leave items you love, for instance, family photographs or sentimental items as well as beautiful items. This will also improve a sense of wellness in your space, with no dilution caused by clutter’.

2. Warm Wall Color

Based on a color consultant, room color is very important when it comes to making an attractive and cozy home. Even though often underestimated, the impacts of color are small but very unique in making a positive mood.

Choose warmer shades of oranges, yellows, and neutral browns and greys to get the coziest feel.

Read How To Choose Interior Paint Colors For Your Home   

3. Soft Rugs

Nancy Mitchel is a Senior Writer at Apartment Therapy; she said ‘you can add comfort and warmth to a room using a patterned rug with a soft texture that you want to touch.

Also, the rugs placed on floors can help in keeping heat, which implies that they are warming your home.

4. Add Some Layers

Maybe the easier and quicker way to add a cozy feel to space is by adding a layer of furniture with colorful pillows as well as decorative blankets or fabrics.

For example, you can quickly change a room’s appearance by adding a layer of the couch together with a comforter and a soft cotton blanket over for warmth.

Add different sizes and shapes of pillows for decoration and comfort.

5. Consider Using Floor Pillows as Additional Seating

Other cheaper seating options aside chairs and sofas include Moroccan and the same poufs and they give a laid-back and attractive feel.

The cushy pieces on the floor invite guests to sit down for a relaxing mood, against the harder lines of the conventional seating options.

You can use stools, bohemian and more ottomans as contemporary floor seats.

6. Curtains and Drapes

Curtains can change any room. They are available in different colors, textures, and patterns to meet your decoration needs. Colored curtains and drapes specially create a spacious and classic part while darker curtains create welcoming and comfortable interior spaces.

For exposed windows to the sunlight 24/7, go for thicker curtains. Use lighter shades of yellow, oranges, and browns curtains for other windows since they elevate the sun’s light, making space look brighter.

7. Use Flowers

Danielle Smith, a Youtuber and Lifestyle expert said another great way to apply some natural beauty and vibrancy to space while making it feel highly welcoming is to apply fresh flowers.

8. Use Home Fragrance

Changing your home fragrance is a nice way to bring in the new season in your living space. The feel of your room is figured out by the scent, and you can discover one which not only suits the season but the decoration of your room.

Choose rich and warm scents adding frankincense, amber, and bergamot, to suit the autumn landscape outdoors and go well with the open fireplace, as suggested by Vanessa.

9. Bring in the Outdoors

Bringing nature indoors is one way to improve the coziness of your living space, according to Rukmini. Get a connection to the outdoors feels by piling pinecones in a vase together with silver birch.

Keeping fire logs closer to the fireplace, using candles in lanterns to surround it will provide a warm and snug feel like the weather changes.

10. Creative Lighting

Lighting is one of the nicest ways to make a cozy ambiance in bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces inside your home. You should stay away from bright overhead lights and instead go for creative lighting options, such as colored table lamps with dimmers, floor lamps, and wall lamps.

Look into witching out your fluorescent lamps with modern lighting bulbs that a warmer and cozier vibe. Dimmers are a nice way to quickly make a mood based on how you want your décor ideas expressed.

11. Make a Personalized Nook

We all go through those moments when we want to withdraw back to our own home and do just nothing. Make a nook for yourself, possibly in a quiet area or by a window with great views of the outdoor.

Choose a nice comfortable chair and position it anywhere you choose and add some comfortable pillows or a nice blanket on it. A footrest with these will improve the comfort more.

12. Add Reclaimed Wood

Wooden pieces, whether a footstool, bench, or a side table, particularly when combined with the items mentioned above give rise to a feeling of a ski lodge.

If you don’t have wood pieces in your budget, you can also get the same feel from a basket or many artfully arranged chopped wood, although you may not have a fireplace to burn it.

13. Hang Art and Collect Objects

Usually, when decorating a living space, we feel hurried to ensure we complete it. But in reality, making a room or home feel cozy can take time. So when you are looking to add those special simple touches, don’t be scared to decorate at a slow pace.

Be careful and be sure to gather different and attractive objects, and try by moving them around the house to see where they fit the best. This especially applies to the hanging of art; leaving the process to happen naturally and you will so much like the outcome.

14. Start Seeing Red

The entire color scheme of a room is one of the major parts to create an inviting space, and to also give it a soul, according to Anthony Baratta, a designer in Country Living, article.

He recommends that you introduce shades of red, such as Nantucket red and cranberry, in a few locations across the room.

15. Try a Mix of Textures

Combine textures in each room. You could get a visual attraction when you place soft cashmere combined with a supple worn-in leather chair beside a raw wooden crate with a sleek modern lamp on it.

There is no restriction to how you can mix and play with textures in your home, whether hard and soft, rough and smooth, you are there.

Rugs can also be used, as well as furniture and accessories; they are all perfect together to create personality, interest, depth, and contrast.

16. Check the Fruit Drawer

The fruit is an accessory by nature. It improves a visual and textural view of a space. Place different fruits in large vases, jars, or bowls for quick natural color. Rotate the fruit and replace it from time to time to get rid of pieces that contain blemish.

Change the fruits accordingly as the season changes, such as pumpkins, gourds, and apples for citrus. With the entire natural and existing items in your home, you can make your home what you desire without spending a dime.

17. Back to Nature

Bring in the outdoor with fresh flowers, river rocks, pine cones, branches, and anything natural, organic ingredients you can get hold of. This is a nice thing to involve the kids’ in.

Position flowers and branches in tall glass jars or vases. Grab platters, large glass bowls, and trays and group your rocks and pine cones on them. Position these organic wares in strategic places across your home.

18. Mirror on the Wall

Place an oversized mirror on your interior surface. Mirrors will give more space in your home and improve the natural lighting in the room. Large mirrors need to be placed against a wall or rest on a mantel to get a simple and ideal touch. Add one or many mirrors, you can never be wrong here.

19. Upgrade Using Paint

A can of paint is one major cost-saving way to change a room. Even though white walls are perfect, the airy Scandinavian appearance is not the warmest.

Instead, black, burgundy, navy, slate-grey, green, and other deep dark colors are perfect when mixed with layered textures, such as velvet, faux fur, and it provides a cozy feel.

Consider painting your white room or your trim or fireplace in dark color and you will instantly have a cozier feel.

You may also consider maximizing each natural light (especially if your pace is smaller), as paint application is, as well as decorative objects, such as mirrors with reflective qualities, recommended by experts.

However, it is essential to allow a professional painter to handle the painting job to get that cozy feel you wanted.

You can hire any of our house painters to handle the job.

20. Use Old Paint Cans

You possibly have cans of old paints in your garage or basement. I mean gallon-sized cans that could be filled up to ½ or ¾.

Apply some colors to the depth of your spaces. If the paint is not enough to paint a whole room, try painting an accent wall or just the ceiling. Paint the interior of your room. Change the look of old furniture with a coat of paint.


Creating a cozy feel in your home will surely have a great positive impact on how you feel in your household. Changing the interior of your home doesn’t have to be a challenging or costly process.

With some creative lighting, color, small additional, and soft fabrics, you can easily create a welcoming living space.

Dallas Paints is committed to make your environment inviting and beautiful. Contact us today!

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