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What Is The Average Time To Paint A Room

What Is The Average Time To Paint A Room

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There is a saying that time is money. Most people consider time and money their two significant factors when looking to start a painting project. You want to stay within budget, and you definitely don’t want to spend all your time getting your time painted. Or if you choose to hire professional painters, you likely want them to work faster so you can continue enjoying your privacy.

Now you are asking, how long will it take to get a room painted?

Many factors determine the answer – how many painters will be working on the project? The size of your room, and if there are many details on your walls to paint around.

So, to know the duration it will take to get a room painted, you should expect anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. However, the information shared here will enable you to develop a rough time estimate of how long it would take you or a painter to paint an average room.

Room Painting Time

Here, you will find a breakdown of the time assigned to each procedure, as well as some useful tips to quickly paint a room so you can work on your next home renovation task.

Our estimate is based on a 10 x 10-ft room to help you determine the timeline for your painting based on your room’s size. Firstly, even though you likely want it to be completed quickly, a specific amount of precision is required by painting.

Rushing may cause you to end up with a sloppy result. It would help if you definitely had an outcome that looks great, so be prepared to give more priority to get a nice job over rushing a job.

Preparatory Work: 1–2 Hours

The first step when looking to paint a room is to prepare it as the professionals would. You may be tempted just to start the project anyhow; getting a room ready is very important to make sure you have a clean and smooth finish according to Brett Elron at Barter Design.

Below are some of the things you should do before you start painting your walls:

  • Get all furniture items away from the wall surfaces.
  • Cover the floors with a drop cloth. The drop cloth can be used over the whole floor, or use it to cover the floor along the surface you are currently working on.
  • Take away all wall fittings such as picture frames, light switches covers, and another décor.
  • Use spackle to fill in dents, holes, or dings in the wall. As said by Elron, this makes sure that you have a smooth wall that paints completely adheres to during painting.
  • Cover window frames, baseboards, and joints between the ceiling and the wall with painter’s tape. This ensures easy cutting and lower mistakes.

The entire preparatory work should take more than 1-2 hours based on the size and situation of the room according to Cate Griffing from West Magnolia Charm. He, however, said the use of quick-dry spackle is one better way to optimize things.

Cutting in: 1 Hour

Immediately you are done with the prep work; you now have a clean surface to work on. You can now open the paint containers and start cutting in (means outlining the room using paint).

Cutting aims to get to areas of the wall that is unreachable with roller according to Griffing. This process should not take more than 1 hour for an average homeowner and can be done faster with experience.

Do you consider skipping this step? Griffing doesn’t advise it as you will end up with a blended and smooth finish when you cut in before rolling.

Below are a few other tips from her to ensure the process of cutting in goes as faster as possible:

  • The paintbrush you use must be of high-quality and with angled bristles.
  • Your paint cup must be sturdy and with a handle. This will prevent you from going up and down the ladder to scoop more paint.
  • If you have a flat perform bench, use it, rather than a ladder. This is because it is longer, and allows for more surface coverage without the need to change ladder position.
  • In the event of the inability to create a straight line cut, you can use a painter’s tape. Applying this tape will take some additional time, but you will save enough time when cutting in.

Applying Paint

At this stage, you have spent about 3 hours on your project, and it is time for the major part: rolling of the paint onto the surfaces. This part of the job for most painters, whether amateur or pros is the fastest.

Elron said there is no need for precision unless you are closer to the boundaries as you have many open areas to paint. So you can continue using the roller and get things done.

If you are still looking to know the amount of time it takes to paint a room immediately you start rolling, it surely depends on how big your room is, and the number of people helping.

Griffing recommends working with a roller for more coverage per stroke if you are doing it yourself. The 14 to 18 inches long can be purchased as it is larger compared to a standard 9-inch roller.

The use of an extension rod will help you against the need to go up and down a ladder several times. Generally, it should take about 1-2 hours to apply paint onto the surfaces of a room thoroughly. More time will be required if you are painting more than 10 by 10, but a smaller room should be completed quickly.

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Clean up

You are almost done with the project but remember to schedule a time to rearrange the room. You need to remove painter’s tape, re-fix switch plates, and picture frames back on the walls, and also reposition your furniture items all which will take about 30 to 45 minutes, based on the number of belongings you are working with.

However, leave the paint to dry first. According to Elron, you may see the paint is dry to touch, but it is still a bit soft. Hanging wall fittings too early can crack and bubble, so it is important to prevent this.

What is the Financial Cost to Paint a Room?

The average cost to hire a painter to paint a 10 by 12 room cost an average of $380 to $790. This excludes trim, ceilings, or the paint cost. There are other factors to note before you can get an accurate total price of painting each room.

The square footage of the wall to be painted will be required by the painter. To get the square footage yourself, measure the length and height of each surface you want to paint. Multiply the height and length of individual wall differently, and then sum everything up.

Labor cost for painting a room by a painter may be determined by the time of year, the project type, and the required experience. House painting jobs are normally charged at $50 per hour, but painting a specialty like a mural can see the cost go up to $70 per hour.


What time does it take to use a roller to paint a room?

Generally, using a roller to apply paint onto the walls of a room should not take beyond 1-2 hours. More time will be required if you are painting more than 10 by 10, but a smaller room should be completed quickly.

What amount should I charge to paint a room? How much is per sq-ft charged by painters?

Painters normally charge between $1.50 and $3.50 per sq-ft to paint a house interior. The number increases to $3 to $4 per sq-ft when you include walls, trim, and ceilings.

Which part of the room should you paint first?

If the entire room is to be painted, the ceiling goes first, and then the walls. You should also paint large areas like walls before you repaint the trim as this will enable you to work faster when painting open areas, this can lead to roller spatters, uneven brushstrokes, as well as overspray.

How much is the cost of painting 12 by 12 rooms?

Painting an average room that measures 10 by 12 starts from $200 – $800. DIY painting can cost about $100 – $300.

Do painters prepare walls before they paint?

Washing increases painting time, which also increases their income, so you should be ready to pay your painters more if you need them to wash down your walls. You can consider hiring a cleaner, or handle the cleaning yourself before the painter comes.

Should I opt for DIY or hire professional painters?

Experience is really necessary when it comes to a painting project. All professional painters at Dallas Paints work effectively and carefully and don’t cut back on quality. Still, we respect our customer’s needs and time factors, always ensuring the job is done quickly.

We can offer this service naturally with our experience, so there is no need to spend several hours tackling the projects yourself or have to host workers in your home for more than necessary.


Painting a standard room takes about 2-hours, including prep and clean up time. However, it always depends. Submit your painting project to Dallas Paints for timely project delivery. To know more about our services, contact us at (214) 978-4400.

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