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We pride ourselves to offer top-notch exterior painting services for both residential and commercial properties in Dallas.

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Often property owners prefer do-it-yourself (DIY) painting for their interior and exteriors. While it may save you money at first, the hassles of DIY painting as well as the chances of errors make it a doubtful choice.

On the other hand, when you hire a professional painter, you do not have to worry about anything. You can rest assured that the exteriors and the interiors of your commercial or residential in Dallas, TX properties will be painted to perfection by professional painters.

Dallas Paints employs seasoned and knowledgeable painters in Dallas, TX who take responsibility for the complete project. We consider each project as a priority and ensure that we deliver nothing less than perfect to our customers.

Dallas Paints offers unparalleled and exceptional painting and remodeling services to homes and offices and recommends color combinations that match your needs as part of our excellent customer services.

Our Dallas painters offer the most efficient and cost-effective professional painting services in the industry. We can boast of our dedicated services with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We are committed to offering excellent customer services to please our valuable customers in Dallas. Whether it is interior painting, exterior painting, complete renovation or remodeling, Dallas paints focus on giving our best to help you achieve your goal.

Our Dallas Painters are available 24/7 throughout the year. You can contact us on (214) 978-4400 or use our contact page.

Best Painter in Dallas
Professional Painter in Dallas

” I had a wonderful experience with Dallas paints. They seem to know exactly what they are doing. Nice color choice and professional job overall. They deserve 5 stars ”   
– Janice Mike

How to Choose Best Painters in Dallas?

Dallas painting companies
Best Painting Companies in Dallas

Painting is a job of skills and only expert painters can perform the job to perfection. While hiring the best painting services in Dallas, use this checklist:

  • First, read the online reviews and get a fair idea about the client’s reputation in the market to whittle down your list of preferred Dallas painting companies.
  • Next, ask for a painting quote or estimates for your paint job from locally owned and operated Dallas painters and compare them to arrive at the best and most reasonable price.
  • Check for insurance, license to operate, years of service and whether they have performed similar projects previously.
  • Finally, make sure to perform a background check of every painting company on your top 3 list before finalizing the top painting contractors in Dallas, TX.

If you are looking for trustworthy and experienced paint artisans to handle your interior, exterior, and commercial painting in Dallas, then Dallas Paints should be on your top 3 list. Dallas Paints is more than happy to share the details of our previous projects with our clients to help you assess our expertise.

We also offer the best price quotes for our services. Our reliable painters are rated the best by our valuable customers, making us a preferred choice among painting contractors in Dallas.

The credit of our excellence goes to the professional painters that make the core painting team of Dallas Paints. All the painters on our team are dedicated to delivering excellent results for your painting projects.

Our painters are committed to offering exceptional quality painting, remodeling, staining, and renovation services to all clients in Dallas.

The painters at Dallas Paints are specialized in providing excellent painting services that bring your vision to reality.

We are humble, conscientious, and respectful while doing our jobs. No matter the size of the job, Dallas painters take pride in paying attention to details to restore your home or office.

” The best I have worked with in the past 6 months. They did a wonderful job with the painting and did it without messing up my space. They are indeed wonderful ”         -Ono Jack


Our painting services range from office renovations to new construction painting of commercial properties.

Our unique services are categorized into three as briefly discussed below:

Interior Painting in Dallas

Interior Painting

Dallas Paints offers an interior painting in Dallas. We have been the Dallas painters of choice for over 10 years, and have maintained our reputation as the premier painting service in the DFW area.

We approach our interior painting with a unique strategy, handled by vetted and certified painters. Our painters are experienced and aim to interpret your ideas and translate them to an image you will always love to see.

We ensure that our customers are delighted with our beautiful color touch. We make use of the highest quality materials to deliver our services. Our team is equipped with the tools and skills to tackle any professional interior painting job.

Our interior painting services add value to your home whether it is a comfy apartment or a 10,000 Sq. ft lake-front house. If you have an interior painting that demands a professional touch, we are good for the task. All you need is to call us!

Exterior Painting

The exterior is what people see first; hence, there is a need to create a good impression even before they enter the house. Dallas Paints offers exclusive exterior painting services that bring out the beauty of your home to you and outsiders with combinations of spectrum colors recommendations that you will love.

Our exterior painting services in Dallas will brand your home and make it stand unique. We go beyond offering just exterior painting services and provide support to help you select the best colors and styles for your home or office.

Our painters ensure the use of highest quality materials that are durable and can withstand the weather conditions in Dallas. Your exterior parts are exposed to sun, rainfall, and other climatic conditions, hence, it may fade off easily if quality materials are not used.

Our teams of expert Dallas painters is equipped with requisite knowledge and experience to choose the best paint materials for you.

Exterior painting services
Commercial Painting. Illustration

Commercial Painting

Our commercial painters in Dallas offer full line business painting services that ensure your properties shine both inside and outside. We know that some commercial offices are colored coded with their brands; hence, we paint both interior and exterior in your brand colors that speak your business language.

While creating a bright impression inside your office is essential to your employees and clients, the exterior does much more work in attracting passersby and potential customers to your business.

Regardless of the commercial property you want to paint, Dallas Paints handles it all, whether an office building, apartment complex, dental or medical office, institution, government office building, and much more. Let us be your commercial painting contractor in Dallas.

Our complete range of commercial painting services aims to create and beautify your business environment that both your clients and employees will love to see. We believe that the first impression last longer in the heart of the customers and even passersby. All these services at affordable prices one of the best commercial painting companies in Dallas!

” Dallas Paints and his team did an excellent job and were a pleasure to work with! They turned our dark, depressing basement into a beautiful family room just with paint! We are so pleased with the outcome. Every time we go downstairs we are blown away by how light and beautiful it looks. ”    

  – Precious anthony

What People Think About Us

Jackson Paul
Jackson Paul
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Dallas Paints did a great job for my office painting. They used quality materials throughout the painting. The paints are smooth and perfect. I will surely call you guys again whenever I have related jobs.
Jackson Paul
Jackson Paul
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The team did excellently well. They were humble and ready to help with every request I made. Those painters worth every penny spent. I was impressed with the way they prep my home for painting. When it comes to painting services, I give it to you. Thank you.
Bobby Jenny
Bobby Jenny
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Thanks to Dallas Paints’ team for their exceptional services towards my house renovation last month. I didn’t regret hiring you. Though I was considering the cost at the start but later discovered your service worth it. You are the gurus. Kudos to you!
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Our top rated team of best painters in Dallas is skilled and seasoned in handling all types of interior and exterior painting requirements. We have separate crews for commercial and residential painting jobs as the requirements for both these projects are different. Each member of our company adheres to the tight schedule and ensures that your recommend us to your friends and family as the best painters in Dallas, always.

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We are experienced in mixing color to match your need. Our color coding strategy is uniquely customized.

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We are always available to take any job, big or small. We are equipped with many professional painters ready to deliver.

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We provide affordable pricing estimates based on your exact needs.

” Fabulous job! Excellent prep work for patching cracks, holes and baseboard caulking. Everything looks brand new and paint job is so professional. Very clean. Finished job on time. Great communication too. They once again amaze me. 2nd time using these guys and I will use again.  ”  
   –  Samantha Smith

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