Dallas Painters

Professional Painting Services Built on Design, Quality, and Client Satisfaction. 

Dallas Paints is a leading provider of professional painting services in the Dallas region known for inspired designs, affordable estimates, and remarkable customer service.

The Dallas Home
of Decor and Design

We offer our clients the very best in home and commercial decor, specializing in interior and exterior paint, texture paints, wallpaper, drywall installation, wall and baseboard repair and preparation.


Offering the latest trends in home and business decor, Dallas Paints brings you vibrant, fresh and inspiring designs from our robust toolbox of materials, colors, and techniques. We bring your imagination to reality.


As passionate artists of interior and exterior design, we utilize only the highest quality paints, tools, and materials. Our licensed and insured, skilled and experienced professionals create results built to last.

Client Satisfaction

Dallas Paints places our clients at the center of every project. That means a free and affordable estimate, clear communication with a smile, and an unmatched customer satisfaction guarantee.

Designing Dallas. For You.

At Dallas Paints, we treat every client and project as a priority
to ensure delivery of the flawless design results you deserve.
We are proud to be a member of the local Dallas community,
 conducting a family-run painting business that meets the high
 standards and honors the core values upon which Dallas is built.

Where Passion Meets Paint

Dallas Paints was built on three principles that define the execution of every  project we do: Design, Quality, and Client Satisfaction. These elements are the  key factors in our excellent customer feedback and consistent growth of our

Dallas Paints transforms your home or office interior from imagination to reality, creating a space that reflects your individual style, taste and budget. We deliver the salon, bedroom, kitchen, or office of your dreams flawlessly, and on time.

Exteriors create the first impression that projects your personal image to passerby, customers, neighbors, and guests. Dallas Paints specializes in the textures and materials that will weather the storms while expressing who you are to the world.

Your place of business requires perfection. Dallas Paints is the perfect partner to refresh your brand, attract clients, create your reputation in the marketplace. Your business environment is your key to success and our passion and expertise.

Jackson Paul
Jackson Paul
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Dallas Paints did a great job for my office painting. They used quality materials throughout the painting. The paints are smooth and perfect. I will surely call you guys again whenever I have related jobs.
Jackson Paul
Jackson Paul
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The team did excellently well. They were humble and ready to help with every request I made. Those painters worth every penny spent. I was impressed with the way they prep my home for painting. When it comes to painting services, I give it to you. Thank you.
Bobby Jenny
Bobby Jenny
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Thanks to Dallas Paints’ team for their exceptional services towards my house renovation last month. I didn’t regret hiring you. Though I was considering the cost at the start but later discovered your service worth it. You are the gurus. Kudos to you!

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