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Painters In Irving, TX

Are you looking for a committed painting company that offers interior and exterior house painting in Irving, TX? Here you are in the right place.

We have painters who are have enough knowledge of painting, and we are a painting company with so much passion for painting. It is that simple.

You can rely on our painting contractors in Irving, TX, and they are also friendly and neat. We always make sure our customers are fully satisfied with the painting job before our painters’ crew move to another painting task.

We value customer satisfaction so much as well as long-term relationships with our clients. Our painting company is committed to offering the most quality house painting services available in Irving, TX.

We have the best painting contractors in Irving, TX, due to our professionalism and attention to details.

We are very attentive to details like leaving no painting streaks as we understand that little things matter the most in our job.

We always put in our best to honor time arrangement, but will at no reason, rush a painting project because we believe in quality rather than quantity.

Our Painting Services in Irving

1. Interior Painting in Irving

Our professional painters always have what it takes to get the job done. Starting from preparation to our rigorous onsite cleaning, your home will be made new just as it deserves again.

We use Sherwin Williams paint products for our entire painting job. The company is popularly known for providing great solutions that ascertain each project’s success, regardless of the surface we are painting.

With our interior painting services, you are guaranteed of the best interior outlook.

2. Exterior Painting in Irving

Dallas Paints focuses its efforts on improving the exterior look of your home so it will keep shining for the coming years.

The beauty of a home is revealed by an excellent painting, but it also helps to protect it against the natural element. With our interior painting services, you are guaranteed of the best interior outlook.

3. Commercial Painting in Irving

As a commercial building owner, you need to continue checking the representation given by your current painting job.

You definitely want a business exterior that shows your entire vision, and your painting job is so necessary in displaying your brand.

Also, your investment is protected by a good painting job. Commercial painting is more than the design and the attractiveness that comes with it; it also involves making sure your building exterior has the proper finish to protect it from wear and tear.

We are an environmentally friendly company, and we know the right process to take with your coming commercial painting project in Irving.

Our customers enjoy our services because we don’t use paints that emit harmful or toxic substances. We make use of quality painting for your company’s interior to make sure it can handle multiple traffics and bumping into surfaces.

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4. Cabinet Painting in Irving

We offer the best quality painting service for your cabinet as well as its refinishing needs. We have several years of experience in cabinet painting and have assisted homeowners in obtaining the appearance they prefer for their household.

We do not believe there is a cabinet restoration project that is difficult, and we will surely handle your project as if it were ours.

5. Wallpaper Removal & Drywall Repair in Irving

We are experienced in wallpaper removal and its adhesive. You will have a totally clean surface that is ready for painting when we handle your wallpaper removal task.

We are experienced in each requirement of both drywall repair and painting services. Our crew knows the importance of proper drywall repair, texturing it to fit with the current surface, and lastly, painting the wall to match the current colors.

6. Popcorn Ceiling in Irving

The process of popcorn ceiling removal can cause a lot of mess, and hiring a professional to face the task for you may be a nice option to save time, materials, and labor. They will do the old scrapping texture and apply a new one and other tasks.

Old popcorn will be removed by Dallas Paints, and your home will be updated and modernized. Our professional painters don’t rush to cover the floor, apply new texture, scrape, and clean your home; they rather take their time doing it to make sure it ended well.

7. Fence &Deck Staining in Irving, Texas

Are you looking to revive your fence or deck’s look? We will refurbish them for you and make it look new again. We only make use of top quality products to seal and give your wood the required protection.

Using a protective stain will protect it from the weather elements and improves the appearance of your property.

8. Textured Painting in Irving

Richness and depth are added to walls when the texture is applied. Our company also offer textured painting.

Our professional painters have many years of experience in texture painting and can give your walls and ceilings a great look while adding style and beauty to it.

Textured painting is a common choice for handling cracks and other wall imperfections. We provide several types of textures for restoration or remodeling for home and business projects.

There are special tools and training needed for textured painting in order to provide the best finishing. A combination of equipment and materials, alongside learning methods, will make you discover that hiring an experienced and professional painting company is the best.

9. Wall and Trim Painting in Irving

The most affordable way to give an entire home a facelift is to paint its interior walls and trim or hire a local painting contractor as the most convenient option to get the job done.

The professional painters from Dallas Paints come to the site with accurate and precise attention to details to make sure they provide a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

They also communicate clearly with the client from start to end, come with the appropriate materials for the job, and make the needed repairs and preparatory work in the process.

10. Door Refinishing in Irving

One of the major ways to give your home exterior a quick refreshing look is to refinish your front door. Depth will be added to the room and freshness to frequently touched surfaces in your home, thereby providing your home interior with a bold, matching accent.

We will assist you with your door transformation process and help you get the appropriate sheen and color to fit your taste.

We provide answers to some of our frequently asked questions by our clients looking to update their household doors. Contact Dallas Paints today to obtain a quote and clarity on our services.

Color Consultation

Color selection is an essential part of starting your painting project. The process is usually fun, even though you may face some challenges to pick the perfect color.

We would be glad to give you help with your color selection for your painting task and also give you ideas.

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Our customer service supports are professional, and we work at convenient hours to perfectly satisfy all your residential and commercial painting requirements. We await your call. Book an appointment!

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