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Painters in Arlington, TX

Nothing says new and fresh like a beautiful new paint job. There is also no painting company more experienced with the job than the friendly, professional Painters in Arlington at Dallas Paints.

We get it, you’re busy.

You have a list of things that need to be done around the house, like house painting on the inside and outside of your home, perhaps along with some remodeling projects you need to be handled.

Sure, you could take the DIY approach and do everything by yourself, but who has that kind of time in this busy world we live in?

That’s exactly where Dallas Paints comes in. We’re a different kind of painting company, and we are highly committed to providing only the highest quality customer service.

We have years of experience and are not just another painting contractor. You see, we handle residential and commercial painting, as well as some around-the-house services for renovation and more.

Whether you want your home or office repainted, have some drywall you need to be patched, or are looking for a popcorn ceiling removal, Dallas Paints has you covered.

Interested in learning more about our services? Here’s the scoop!

Interior Painting Services

House painting isn’t something most folks look forward to, especially if they’re thinking about handling it alone. You’re a busy person with a family and things to do, so you don’t have time to be standing up on a ladder with a paintbrush for hours on end. That’s when you call your local team of experts, the best painters in Arlington, TX.

At Dallas Paints, we do everything we can to give you a quality painting service that you will be proud to show off to anyone who visits your home. To get a good sense of what you would like done, we offer a free estimate so that we can come by when you have the time, show us what you have in mind for any paint jobs you need to be done, and give us ideas for specific colors if you’d like.

Then, just leave the rest to us! We are notorious for showing up on time and doing quality work, and we take pride in a great job. Nothing beats the feeling of happy customers letting us know how pleased they are with our work.

Exterior Painting Services

Of course, your home doesn’t always just need to be painted on the inside. The outside of your home is the first thing people see when walking by or when coming over, so you should make sure it looks amazing, too!

If your old paint job is starting to crack, peel, or fade from years in the sun and exposure to the elements, then it’s time to get in touch with Dallas Paints to give your home’s exterior a fresh new makeover.

To make sure your home’s exterior looks great for the next several years, you will be glad to know that we use only high-quality paints and painting materials when we set out to paint your home’s exterior.

Why do we do that? It’s simple. Low-tier paints and paint materials simply won’t last as long against the sun, the rain, and storms, and just general exposure to the outside, as well as higher quality paints and materials, will.

With an exterior paint job done by Dallas Paints, you know your fresh new paint will look great for years on end before it begins to fade.

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Commercial Painting Services

Of course, we don’t just do residential painting. We also pride ourselves on being the best team to call for commercial painting.

Business owners know the importance of maintaining a beautiful office environment. If your building looks fading and dilapidated, people might not be as enticed to come in as they would be if they saw a beautiful new coat of paint seemingly inviting them right in.

Remember, the appearance of your office building is like your calling card, and is the first impression potential customers see of your business before ever walking in the door.

You want your office to stand out from the crowd, something even passersby will remember. Many brands have their own color set that makes people think of the company by the colors before they even see the logo.

This is the kind of thing you need to be doing with your business.

Want to make your office building look brand new? Give Dallas Paints a call and we will be more than happy to get your office a fresh new coat of paint, and we will be more than happy to lend a hand with certain remodeling and renovation tasks, as well.

Why Should I Choose Painters in Arlington?

You don’t want some run of the mill paint job done on your home or office. You want the real deal, something that looks amazing and is sure to last for the foreseeable future. You want only the very best painters in Arlington TX.

When you do business with Dallas Paints, we make sure you get the following in return for your patronage:

Top-notch customer service

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and without customers, the business wouldn’t exist. At Dallas Paints, we know how important our customers are to our continued existence, and we do everything we can to make sure our customers are completely happy before we wrap up any job.

We answer any questions in detail about a potential job, we let our customers know prices upfront before any job begins, and we show up at the scheduled time to get your job taken care of.

High-quality materials

Paint isn’t something that’s going to last forever on any surface once it is applied. As time goes on, the paint will eventually fade and peel, especially outdoor paint.

We know no paint is going to last forever, but here at Dallas Paints, we make a point of it to use only the best materials on the market to make sure you get your money’s worth out of any paint job done by us, lasting you for years at a time before it needs to be repainted.

Years of experience

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and it shows. We have plenty of happy, satisfied customers and the best team of Arlington painters to get any job you may need to be done.

Give Us a Call Today!

Remember Dallas Paints when it is time for you to have your home or office painted.

When you’re ready to get the ball rolling on your new paint job, you can simply pick up the phone and dial us here at (214)-978-4400 or just visit our Contact page right here on our website and drop us a message.

We look forward to working with you at any time of the year for all your Arlington paint needs.

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