Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Ready to get rid of that dated, lumpy look? Update your popcorn ceiling to the clean lines of modern design. Plus, you’ll breathe easy knowing your space is free of harmful chemicals.

Silky Smooth Ceiling

Replacing the popcorn ceiling with a modern ceiling will freshen your space:

  • Create a crisp, clean aesthetic.
  • More natural light enters the room.
  • Easy to keep clean and allergen-free – eliminate unsightly cobwebs and dust in the corners.
  • Patching the drywall is much easier.

Good Riddance

Popcorn ceilings (also called acoustic, stucco, textured, stipple, or cottage cheese ceiling) were popular for several decades until the late 1980s. This type of ceiling should be checked as it might contain asbestos, a known health hazard.

After providing a price estimate and receiving your approval, we protect your belongings by sealing the area. Then we remove the hazardous surface, checking for any damage or loose sheet rock.

Following removal and repairs, we deliver a customized finish, offering a modern, clean look.

Our painters ensure a spotless cleanup of harmful materials, performed according to industry safety standards.

A Job for Professionals

Due to potential hazards and the need for specialized techniques, popcorn ceiling removal is a job for trained professionals.

Temporary solutions like spray-on materials or ceiling coverings do not eliminate harmful chemicals, making professional removal necessary for a permanent and safe solution.

Our team has the training and experience needed to do the job right.

Before starting the job, we’ll visit your premises and set the price according to square footage, the presence of cracks or paint layers, and asbestos removal when needed. Our timeline is based on the project’s nature and size, and is designed for minimal disruption of your home or business routine.

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