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Painters in Frisco

Right now, you are thinking of how to hire someone to handle your house painting project in Frisco TX, as it is important to get the right person for the job. You surely know that you will still have to spend on repainting your house, and it will also lose value when selling it if you hire someone who did a poor painting job or used the wrong paint on your house exterior.

Our painting company specializes in interior and exterior painting and provides pro painting services to home and business customers all around Frisco, Texas, and its environment. When you hire us for your painting project, we will provide you with timely service at the most competitive pricing.

We give 100% guarantee on all our work, and we also make sure your site is clean and in good condition before we leave.

Our Professional House Painting Services

We are a full-service professions painting company that provides both interior and exterior painting services for homes and commercial properties. The following services are available with our painters:

Interior Painting Services in Frisco

Regardless of the purpose of your painting job, you will get a low-cost solution for your house remodeling project by applying a fresh coat of paint. Our professional painting teams at Dallas Paints are full-service painters who offer painting services to landlords across Frisco, TX.

Are you aware that you can repaint your home’s interior and add possibly several thousands of dollars to your home’s value when you apply a fresh coat of paint? Our team of painters at Dallas Paints is well experienced with interior painting.

It can give you a hand in choosing the right paints and finishing that matches your aesthetics and lifestyle while adding value and a great look to your home. Call us at (214) 978-4400or our check the interior painting services page on our website to further understand our interior painting services.

Exterior Painting Services in Frisco

Is your house in Frisco getting old? Can repainting work well on your home’s exterior? Our experienced painters from Dallas Paints will restore the look of your home and increase its sale value. Here are our exterior painting services:

  • Deck painting
  • Fence painting

Commercial Painting Services in Frisco

Give your business a great look at our commercial painting services. Our team of well experienced Frisco painters is available to perform any level of projects. They will paint any of your health care facilities, boutiques, churches, schools, and business outlets. They also paint the following type of surfaces:

  • Vinyl siding,
  • Brick,
  • Wood
  • Cedar shingles,
  • Stucco,
  • Drywall,
  • Wood trim,

Doors, and more.

Wallpaper Removal Services in Frisco

Although wallpaper is a nice home design for homeowners to give their simple walls and spaces a refreshed look, these designs can quickly go out of date. Are you set for a fresh start or a new coat of paint instead? You will get a fast, simple, and less-stressful wallpaper removal process at the Dallas Paints in Frisco.

Even though you might see the wallpaper removal process to be simple and that you can do it yourself, many homeowners fail to understand how delicate this process is and can cause greater damage to your walls if there should be mistakes. Our well-experienced professionals at Dallas Paints in Frisco understands all the important factors to remember. Please get in touch with us today to get started.

Wood Paneling Painting Services in Frisco

If there is wood paneling in your home, you understand the difficulty in painting. Painting of wood paneling involves an experienced professional’s skill to make sure the job is perfectly and correctly done and that the final result is attractive and long-lasting. Fortunately, that is where you need Dallas Paints. We use the relevant materials, tools, and expertise to take your wood paneling painting project.

Whether you are giving us a repainting job of an entire surface or just need to refresh certain areas of your home, you can definitely count on our experienced painter’s team to do the job quickly and efficiently. Our experts will take care of your wood paneling painting needs from start to finish professionally.

We have worked on many residential painting jobs all over the country, and with this major service, we can help you figure out your options and choose the right solution for your home.

Here are our wood paneling painting services:

  • Initial consultation
  • Free firm quote
  • Cleaning and prepping
  • Priming
  • Painting
  • Refinishing

When you hire us for your painting job, we assure you there will be no surprises; rather, we provide you with a free quote before we start your work. You will find everything in the predetermined quote base on your convenience, and our team will provide answers to any of your questions.

Popcorn Removal Services in Frisco

Acoustic ceiling removal can increase your home interior’s aesthetic and give it a more clean and modern appearance. Even though there are many DIY popcorn ceiling removal tutorials available, we advise you to hire Dallas Paints to get the most efficient and clean job. Our painting crew is determined to do the right job the first time. We offer safe and effective removal of acoustic ceiling texture, making sure your space is clean all through the process.

From furniture removal to offering professional coverings, our popcorn removal services ensure your property, and your household is free from mess. We often get the job done on time and budget, making sure we work with the schedule and estimated given to you. If you intend your home to match your style, make sure you contact our experienced team of painters at Dallas Paints.

The Painting Process

Our company has spent a lot of years making strong the right process that gives us the chance to complete any painting project within a single day without compromising our work quality. Our Frisco painters will come to your property to talk about your painting job and provide you with a detailed estimate. We will also call you to confirm your job’s details, such as paint color and start time before the start date.

Our team of polite, friendly, and well-kitted Frisco Painters will arrive on time and set to work on the project start date. Before they start painting, they will make sure all your belongings are protected by moving them to the center of the room and covering them and the floors. They will also fill up holes and cracks and clean the walls. Then start working, completing the whole job quickly.

Hire a Frisco Painting Contractor Today!

Our painting company is licensed and insured to perform painting job. We often give estimates on our work and always ready to offer a free, no-obligation estimate for your upcoming Frisco painting project. Just contact us, or make use of our online reservation system. We’ll put in our best to give a fresh look you need with an excellent finish.

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