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Painters in Garland, TX

If you need a painter with many years of experience, professional training, weekend hours on Saturdays, and knowledge in different painting services, just contact our reliable painters at Dallas Paints.

Our painters have much in-depth knowledge, equipment, and tools needed to transform the interior and exterior of your home or workspace.

We offer painting solutions for home and office projects with both interior and exterior painting, small carpentry repairs, fence/deck staining, wallpaper removal, cabinet refinishing, textured work, popcorn removal, and much more.

Painting Services offered by Painters in Garland

Do you need a painting contractor in Garland, Texas? Dallas Paintsis endowed with reputable painting companies, providing service for the Garland area.

Our painting crew is determined to offering professional, timely, and reliable interior and exterior painting services for your residential and commercial needs.

The following services are provided by our painters:

Exterior Painters in Garland

When properly completed, exterior painting can help keep the value of your property by giving it protection from wear and tear and natural elements.

Our system at Dallas Paints will make you trust us to handle your project from preparation to application and give you the expected results.

Call us at Dallas Paints today to get an exterior painting estimate.

Interior Painters in Garland

If you need an interior painter with a good reputation in the North Dallas area, you are already talking with the right company. Dallas Paints has the knowledge and experience needed to make your dream come true.

Call or mail us today to obtain your interior painting estimate. The most effective way to give your home or office interior a new look is by having a local painting company paint it for you to obtain the best result.

Dallas Paints provides service to the Garland area, and our full-service professional painting company delivers the most-quality interior painting finish that lasts a longer period.

Our service has earned us a top seat in the industry. We provide unscramble communication from the beginning, which involves buying the appropriate materials for the job and making necessary repairs and preparatory work.

Regardless of what your painting project requires, our painting professionals will deliver exceptional results that will give your space a new look.

Commercial Painting Services in Garland

Painters USA’s professionalism has been relied upon by commercial property owners and managers for quality delivery at a reasonable price for about 20 years.

The company is still relevant today because it refuses to cut corners and always meets up with promises, keeping its integrity and dedication straight to each client and on each job.

Besides interior and exterior painting, our business division offers different skills to improve, protect, and increase customer property value.

Our company can be your go-to place for any maintenance or contractor needs. We are able to help you from the start through our internal processes.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Garland

Popcorn ceiling removal can be a difficult task, and having a professional contractor to handle the task may be the most reasonable option to save labor, time, and materials.

We will handle anything from scraping the old texture to applying a new one and every task in-between. Dallas Paints will get rid of old popcorn and acoustic ceilings to install the latest ones in your home.

Our professional painters will mask the floors, apply new texture, scrap, and clean up your home to make sure it remains clean, renovated, remodeled, and modern.
Call us for your popcorn ceiling removal today!

Door Refinishing in Garland

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to give your home exterior a new look is to refinish your entry door. The look of the room can also be changed when you paint the interior doors, giving the frequently touched surface a new look and your interior a great and matching look to your space.

We want to handle your door painting process and give you the perfect sheen and color that match your aesthetic. You will get answers to some of our frequently asked questions about door painting when you contact us, as decide to refinish the doors in your home.

Epoxy Flooring in Garland

Home, office, or commercial interior painting is usually the most cost-effective way to change the look. Hiring a local professional painter in Garland is the best way to complete the job and have the best available results.

We offer service to the Garland area and our full-service professional painting company deliver the most-quality finish that lasts longer. Our service has earned us a top seat in the industry.

We provide unscramble communication from the beginning, which involves buying the appropriate materials for the job, ad making necessary repairs, and preparatory work.

Regardless of what your painting project requires, our painting professionals will deliver exceptional results that will give your space a new look.

Sheetrock Repair in Garland

Whether there is drywall in your home or business with larger holes, cracks, or water damage that requires repair and patching, our Dallas Paints crew will work based on the sheetrock repair needs of your home or business.

We will patch, repair, texture, and paint the entire area to bring you the most quality possible outcome.

Wallpaper Removal in Garland

Removing wallpaper can be a big, tough, and time-consuming task to handle as a DIY chore because wallpaper can be so stubborn and difficult to remove. And if wrongly removed, the walls can get damaged.

This process is clearly understood by Dallas Paints professionals and will complete your project in a breeze. With our wallpaper removal service, you are guaranteed of getting the best results.

Texture Work in Garland

Dallas Paints based its services on texture work, starting from skip towel, orange peel, knockdown, smooth, to crow’s foot.

We partner with our customers and professional interior decorators to provide the perfect texture for your room that will fit your individual style and bring your dream to reality.

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Pressure Washing in Garland

You can easily get rid of dirt, mold, grime, and mildew from the exterior of your Garland home when you hire Dallas Paints to perform pressure washing at your house.

This step is very important if you are painting your home as the presence of mold, chalking, mildew, and loose paint will not allow proper adhesion of the new paint to your home.

We have experts in our painting company specializing in painting and pressure washing field. They had the relevant tools and equipment and technical knowledge needed to make sure your home is totally clean before you start exterior painting.

Drywall Repair in Garland

Drywall repairs are reasonably popular, so keeping a proper relationship with a painter that knows its way around drywall repair is important.

Dallas Paints could be your one-stop for painting if you contact our trained professionals to arrange a service with us now. Arrange a drywall repair for your home located in Garland if you observe any of these popular drywall problems.

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Contact Dallas Paints to arrange services like interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, sheetrock repair services, wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal, and much more.

Our priority is customer satisfaction, so try to ask questions and talk about your concerns.

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