Our Guide to Painting a Galaxy Ceiling

2021's Guide To Paint Galaxy Ceiling

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If the question is how to paint a galaxy ceiling than our guide gives a thorough answer. It’ll probably also help you decide if this is something you want to do yourself

Few images have the unique power to reshape our mood as the expansive, wondrous galactic night sky. With a painted galaxy ceiling, you can lay in bed and relax, dream, ponder the universe, be inspired without moving a muscle. But like all worthwhile results in life, there is an investment in time and effort before you truly earn that deep, pleasurable breathe.

While galactic ceiling murals are often found in high-end museums or hotels, a new trend in home décor brings the galaxies right into your home. With some basic tools and prep work, you can create a a galactic mural including shooting stars, planets, and other astronomical phenomena to enjoy for years after.

Follow the step-by-step guide to bring the magic of star-gazing into your own home by painting your very own galactic ceiling mural.

Materials/Supplies Needed

For preparing the space:

  • Ladder
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Heavy drop cloth
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic sheets
  • Painter’s tape


For painting:

  • 1-inch paintbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Sponge
  • Roller
  • Black/Dark blue paint
  • Glow paint in different colors
  • Spray paint in different colors
  • Stencils (optional)
  • Spray Sealant (optional)


Painting the Galaxy Ceiling

1. Draw a plan for your galactic ceiling

Research what kind of galactic sky you wish to create. You can find examples of galaxy ceilings online as well as original photographs of space for inspiration. Draw up a plan for your cosmic scene that fits the layout of your ceiling and indicate the colored paints and stencils you wish to use. 

You can then reference this plan as your blueprint when you begin to paint. To help make your galaxy a bit more convincing, use stencils to make a horizon line with silhouettes of trees, buildings, and mountains.

Expert Tip

Before painting your galaxy background, practice using your utensils on a piece of cardboard. Experiment with the different effects you can make with each one, and how best to blend. Don’t be afraid to get your hands involved! Fingers can be great blenders.

2. Room and Ceiling Preparation

Prepare the room to protect it from dripping paint and to make clean-up easier:

  • Remove small furniture and objects from the room and clear the space to paint.
  • Cover any remaining furniture with a heavy and thick drop cloth.
  • Wrap any light fixtures in the ceiling with plastic sheets and secure with painter’s tape.
  • If possible, place tape on the light fixture switch to prevent turning the light on while it is covered.
  • Dust the site.


3. Paint the Base / Background

  • First, use a roller and a black or dark blue hue for the base of your galaxy scene. Depending on the quality of paint and previous ceiling color, two coats may be needed. Ensure you are wearing eye protection and set up and use your ladder safely.


4. Paint the Background

  • Using either the roller again or spray paint, overlay and blend the two or three colors that dominate your reference plan to create the background. 


5. Painting the stars

This is where the fate of your galaxy will be determined. The aim here is to create a mottled, milky way effect, with lots of small white dots. This can be achieved with spray paint, paintbrushes and stencils. 

Let’s take a quick look at how to use our tools to create this effect:

Expert Tip

Consider imagining any light fixtures as suns, planets, or bright stars, and plan to paint brighter colors around them so as to accentuate their light, integrating your room’s features into your galaxy ceiling.

Expert Tip

Wear your safety equipment and set up your ladder closer to the edge of the ceiling. Work in groups. All groups make use of the same steps, so after completing it, it becomes easier. It is just a tiring process with much manual labor involved.

Spray paint: 

  • First, we recommend investing in high quality white/silver spray paint as low quality spray paints are prone to clogged nozzles which can result in unwanted clumps of paint hitting your ceiling. (If your nozzle does clog up, you can still use the paint in the can, spraying onto a paintbrush and doing the flicking method.)
  • Direction: Angle your spray can in an upward direction, and start at a good distance from the surface. The more concentrated you want your star constellations, the closer you should move the spray can to the surface.



  • Dip a paintbrush or toothbrush into white paint, strain off excess paint with your fingers and then flick or tap the paintbrush in the desired areas.

Expert Tip

Before you start the actual project on the ceiling, first practice your skills in galaxy creation on a piece of cardboard. Dip the tip of your paintbrush or toothbrush into the paint. As you remove the brush, gently run your thumb on bristles, and flick the paint on the testing cardboard. Use all of your brushes to practice.


  • Stencils of stars can be used with spray paint or alternatively with a sponge and white paint. If using a sponge, be sure to dab any excess paint off the sponge before applying it to the ceiling. 

Note: Any unwanted stars you may have flicked or sprayed can be erased with the spray paint/paint used for the background.

6. Sun, planets and final touches:

  • Get creative and paint any suns, planets or shooting stars that you may have drawn up on your plan.  
  • Apply any glow paint/spray paint you may have. Glow paint dries transparently and glossy so you have to remember where you’ve painted it. 
  • When you have finished, apply a coat of door-less wall sealer. This will protect your creation from algae, fungus and moisture.
Check out this video to see some neat techniques:


Painting a galaxy ceiling is a fun and creative project that allows you tremendous artistic freedom as you engage in the genesis of your ceiling universe.

However, many of the tools  you use and the effects you use do require some practice as you become familiar with the strokes, movements, distances, and results. Take your time, have fun, be careful, and most of all, take a deep breathe of serenity as you lay back and relax when your galaxy is complete.

If you would like assistance, recommendations, and tips with your galaxy ceiling or any painting project around your home, contact Dallas Paints where our expert painters are happy to help you out!

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