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2021’s Guide To Paint Galaxy Ceiling

2021's Guide To Paint Galaxy Ceiling

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Many people have dreamt of the innumerable galaxies that exist outside our atmosphere. Galactic ceiling murals are often found in high-end museums or hotels, but this brand new home décor trend brings the galaxies into your home.

If you like the night sky and would love to have it at any time you wish, consider making a painting galaxy on your ceiling.

Your canopy of stars can bring so much relaxation and also become a great asset.

You can make a real appearance of a galactic mural that involves shooting stars, planets, and other astronomical phenomena when you make use of some basic tools, do some prep work, and special glow paint. How do you go about this?

You will find below the six major steps to painting your galactic ceiling. Read on!

Materials/Supplies You Need

Carefully study a photo and make a plan that fits a layout on your ceiling. If you desire a galaxy that resembles the moon, swirl patterns, planets, and constellation maps of the Milky Way galaxy, buy stencil kits.

You can also prepare your patterns using photographs from NASA or free-formed shapes.

Below is a list of materials you will need to get started:

  • Ladder
  • 1-inch paintbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Glow paint (different colors)
  • Heavy drop cloth
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic
  • Painter’s tape
  • Duster
  • Rags
  • Natural sponge

To make your task of painting a galaxy a more convincing endeavor, make use of stencils to make a horizon line, which may also require silhouettes of trees, buildings, and mountains.

Steps to Painting a Galaxy Ceiling

1. Room and Ceiling Preparation

There will be much mess resulting from this project, so it is important to properly prepare your room to make clean-up convenient. Do the following to prepare your ceiling for galaxy painting:

  • Begin by moving smaller pieces of furniture and objects out of the room.
  • Move larger pieces away from the job site.
  • Cover the items using a heavy and thick drop cloth to protect them from paint drip.
  • If there are fixtures in your ceiling, wrap it in plastic and keep it secure using painter’s tape.
  • If possible, place a tape on the light fixture switch to eradicate the possibility of turning the light on while it is covered.
  • Get rid of dust and cobwebs from the space.

Expert Tip

Before you start the actual project on the ceiling, first practice your skills in galaxy creation on a piece of cardboard. Dip the tip of your paintbrush or toothbrush into the paint. As you remove the brush, gently run your thumb on bristles, and flick the paint on the testing cardboard. Use all of your brushes to practice.

2. Mix in the Two Major Colors

  • First, spray the two major colors on the canvas but make sure you don’t over-use them on the canvas.
  • Find out the strength and distance of the spray can. Try to spray more if you are nervous so that you can figure out how it is done before you dive into it.
  • When your spray can is in the far distance, it will look more dispersed and this will enable you to mix the two colors. So, to make the colors work, move the spray can closer. If your canvas seems the opposite of a galaxy, you should consider bringing the can further away.

3. Bring It All Together

Now, you can make use of little of both the major colors and main colors until you achieve a nice balance. How do you determine the balance? This depends on you. If you like the look, then it is balanced.  

4. White Sprinkles

This is where the fate of your galaxy painting is determined. We recommend investing in white spray paint of good quality for this purpose. You sure want to avoid clogging the nozzle and leaving behind very big white splashes on your canvas.

So, we are aiming for many small white dots from this step and this can be achieved in two ways:

  • Angle your spray in an upward direction, far from the canvas. Experts like this method a lot.
  • However, if the nozzle is malfunctioning, then you can either spray it on your finger or the tip of your paintbrush or flick it sideways. The flicking does the work.

To get those white dots, you can choose to erase them by spraying back the major colors on it or just convert it into a shiny star. Shiny star is not my thing, but spray painters would spray the white paint using the straight-edged tool to provide a glowy effect but that also involves a lot of technical control.

Always wait for the entire canvas to dry before using acrylic paint to paint the diagonal lines. The trick here is to be gentle with this and it will appear real. If your diagonal line appears too thick, you will instantly see yourself as a fake spray painter.

After we complete the boring aspect of the project, we can start.

Expert Tip

Wear your safety equipment and set up your ladder closer to the edge of the ceiling. Work in groups. All groups make use of the same steps, so after completing it, it becomes easier. It is just a tiring process with much manual labor involved.

5. The Exact Painting Process

As earlier practiced, darken the edges of the ceiling and do all 4 methods in order.

The angle is the only difference. You must continue angling upwards. This sadly implies that much of the paint would drop to the ground. That is the need for the nozzle’s strength.

The dispersing method won’t be effective on the ceiling because of gravity. The method is to press the nozzle strongly but the position is far, to ensure that effect.

It is a tough technique, especially on your fingers because you will have to apply enough pressure on the nozzle continuously in a way that will be directed toward the ceiling.

There are about 15 sections on my ceiling. I calculate the section based on the coverage I can get from my ladder position. I feel like the ceiling is larger when you are up on the ladder. The labor always continues.

  • If there is a light on your ceiling, a great idea is to paint the area in the brightest colors to give it the cool finish of the lamp that lights up the galaxy.
  • On paper, we can easily color the painting using a spray sealant. But on the ceiling, I don’t even consider one. You technically should, but it got to a stage that my neck and fingers were not finding it pleasing. I have had my galaxy ceiling for seven years and it still never change look, so that is a win for me. You can do better than me, though.
  • Complete your galaxy using the white sprinkles and starbursts. Providing that sprinkled effect through spraying of the can was difficult so I followed a trial by error step for this stage by flicking the tips of my fingers and paintbrush. Do anything that works for you, just make sure it sprinkles.
  • Just waited for the place to dry before I applied Liquitex acrylic paint on the starbursts. You might find the lines looking too solid so I often spray white paint over the acrylic paint on the center of the star at a distance. This provides that glowy effect.
  • You are almost done. If you decide to add a moon, just pick up a stencil of the moon and spray paint it using white. It is so much straightforward. I did the same for the ceiling of my niece.

Expert Tip

After all the stress to convert your ceiling into the galaxy, you wouldn’t want the entire work to fade after a couple of months. Before applying the topcoat, make sure you don’t forget to make use of an odor-less wall sealer from Nippon to protect against algae, fungus, as well as moisture that usually hides in ceilings.

Now take a step back and behold your latest disaster creation before you. Oh, not the galaxy up on your ceiling, but the mess you have on the floor in the form of loose paint, on the furniture (which is assumed to be covered anyway), and also, on yourself.

At this stage, your fingers and neck should be hurting so bad and you are likely looking for justification for this strenuous task you just accomplished, and the major cleaning it involves.


Try some of the strokes and methods using acrylic paint and paper until you know how to perfectly use them and don’t forget to share your ceiling into sections to make it less tiring.

While this might seem overwhelming to aim at a mural (a ceiling mural, crazy huh?) on your own, it is worth it when you can admire the star staring down at you while in bed at night. What a nice way to end the day.

The sky is just the starting point with this adventurous project. If you need help with galaxy ceiling or any painting project around your home, contact Dallas Paints for expert painters to help you out. Make an appointment today!

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