The Inside Scoop: 7 Pro Tips to Up Your Interior Painting Game


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Kick your DIY interior painting project into high gear. This isn’t your average guide: below is our treasure trove of closely guarded industry secrets.

1. The Magic of the Wipe-Down Technique

Before even thinking about primers or paint, wipe your walls down with a solution of half water, half fabric softener. It’s our pro painter’s secret for lifting dirt and grease and leaving a subtle surface tackiness that helps the paint adhere. Want to dig deeper into advanced prep? Check it out here.

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2. Palette Science: Color Depth & Focal Points

Pros don’t just pick colors; they engineer palettes. Choose one deep color for a focal wall and gradient lighter shades from it for the surrounding walls. It’s not just about color—it’s about building atmosphere. Discover more about color theory in interior painting.

3. The Hidden Power of Tinted Primer

Forget white primers—the real pros tint primers close to the paint color. This trick not only cuts down on paint coats but helps bring out the paint’s true vibrancy. Uncover the science behind primers.


4. The Awesome Angled Brush

An angled brush can be your secret weapon. It’s versatile, allowing you to paint straight lines and cover corners with ease. Don’t skimp on this professional tool—you’ll reap the dividends. Learn why pros swear by the angled brush.

Angled Sash Brush
Linzer 2853-2.5 Angled Sash Brush

5. The Winning “W”: Why Pros Love the “W” Method

Ditch straight lines. We pros prefer to roll paint in the “W” method—painting in the shape of a letter W and then filling it in for even distribution. This technique eliminates streaks and creates a uniform coat, setting you apart from amateur jobs. Get the lowdown on the ‘W method.’

6. Protect, Don’t Clean: The Soap Soak Trick

Before cleaning, soak your brushes in water with a bit of dish soap. This makes cleanup easier and extends your brush’s lifespan. A small trick that makes a big difference. Discover more about brush longevity.


7. The Craft of Faux Finishing

Get creative! Try out the latest faux finishing techniques like color washing and Venetian plastering. Then move on to dragging, rag rolling, frottage, stenciling—you’ll elevate your interior painting to an artistic masterpiece. Unearth the secret world of faux finishes.


Final Word of Wisdom

Feeling out of your depth in painting your own interior? Dallas Paints is just a call away! For a free quote and consultation, make an appointment or call us today at (214)-978-4400.

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