Best House Painting Companies in Dallas

Best House Painting Companies in Dallas

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Majority of the architects that designed the city of Dallas are some of the best in the world, and everyone will find something for them here. Dallas is a home for many beautiful landmarks which include the Reunion Tower known for its LED globe, and you can also find some of the local design views in the city’s unique museums, hotels, and residential areas painted beautifully.

There is no doubt; unique painting of houses plays a major role in making Dallas a more beautiful place to visit. This has made painting work outstanding in the state, as homeowners and business keep looking for the best house painting companies in Dallas to handle their house painting work.

painting work

However, it is not an easy task to locate a good painter in Dallas. There are numerous factors to consider before you choose a painting company. There are some points that you normally would overlook but are vital when finding a safe, reliable, and trustworthy professional painting company.

You may find the options for painting companies worrisome. Dallas, just like every other city, also has painting companies in hundreds if not more. How to determine which of them you can trust with your project remains a difficult task.

This task has been made easy with our thorough research on these companies, and we have come up with a list of reliable and trustworthy painting companies putting their price, services, history and significant selling proposals into serious consideration. Let’s dive into it.

Choosing The Best Painting Company

The list of factors to consider when choosing a painting company is long. There are numerous choices available for you when choosing a painting company for your project.

You are going to make sure you hire the best among the multitude, but how to determine that remains a big question. The things to understand and the factors to consider in making sure you hire the best painting company should not be left out.

Below are a few important questions that will help you in weeding out the non-reputable painting companies from the best:

Experience – Since when have they been in business?

You are certainly looking to hire a company with many years of delivering high-quality work. You want a painting company with a high record of success to handle your job rather than a new company with little or no experience.

It will also be helpful to choose a company that handles only paint job rather than the one that combines many works. There are some painting companies out there that have been leading in the industry for over 20 years and above. You should dig well to discover them.

Insurance – Do they have insurance in place?

Although it is not your wish for something to go wrong during the work; however, it is very important to have insurance available to cover for any unpleasant scenarios. Sometimes, there may be unexpected situations with your contractors regardless of their reputation.

There is room for accident or worst, paint failure. Your mind will be at peace, knowing that you won’t be responsible for any worst-case scenarios when a company gives you a warranty.

Self-dependence – Do they sub-contract?

There are some times when the painting company you hire won’t be the one to handle your project. Some of them pose as the real painting company, only for you to later find out they subcontract the job to another unpopular company.

A reputable and reliable painting company will take care of the whole process themselves; being the only way they can take total responsibility for the quality of work they do and the service they offer.

The previous Job did – Do they have references or awards?

Request for samples of the previous work of any painting company you are dealing with to make sure you are dealing with the right company. This is very much easy with a painting company, as you can get their sample works through review sites on the internet, a picture portfolio or any awards are given to them after a good job done.

Conduct Further Research on Google

Search for professional house painters in your location and spare enough time to review their reputation and sites. Check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau. Figure out their activities in the community, their online presence, their popularity, and their license and insurance status.

Get Estimates

Do not make the mistake of choosing the company with the cheapest estimate. Talk to the painting company to discover their unique selling points. Consider their interactions with you and their responses to your questions. Take note of how comfortable you feel with them and their professionalism.

If they are right on schedule, know that they are a good contractor. Do not rule out a company that is too busy to attend to you. Ensure you get details of each of the components of the quote.

Review the Contract

Check the contract given to you by the painting company you choose thoroughly. Check if the project’s details are outlined the way you want it. Ensure the paint colors are what you want, as there is no turning back on this. If you agree with the payment and deposit terms, then the contract is a go.

Top House Painting Companies in Dallas

We make sure the painters score well on different categories, and we worked on the results to present to you this list of top painters in Dallas, TX. Some of our best painters listed below are strictly house painters, some deal with professional decorative painting, while others are full-service painters who provide both basic and specialty jobs. They have been proven to deliver quality jobs across Dallas.

Below are our picks for the best house painting companies in Dallas:

Dallas Paints

This company’s painting and remodeling services to residential and commercial are unmatchable and outstanding. The company also recommends a color combination that satisfies your requirement as part of their great customer services. The cost-effective and efficient professional painting services offered by their team of expert painters are one of the best in the industry.

They have experienced painters ready to work on your project and deliver a perfect job to you any time you require. Dallas Paints guarantees exceptional customer satisfaction. Their teams of painters are experienced and work towards interpreting the ideas you have into reality.

3 in 1 Painting

This Company deals with both interior and exterior painting of both residential and business properties. 3 in 1 painting is located in Garland, TX, and offers service for the city and its environs. The qualified and capable painters from this company are always available to help their customers with their painting works and work hard to complete the project promptly with durable and effective workmanship.

Cabinet painting, residential and commercial painting, new constructions and office paintings, repair and drywall installation are the services provided by this company. These services are all available for customers at a budget-friendly cost. They carry the customer along as they do the work to ensure a satisfying completion of projects.


Baxter Painting

Patronize this company for a nice, long-term quality job. According to Baxter Painting’s proprietor, they show up when they say they will, do what they promised to do, and deliver when they say they will. The proprietor started painting to sponsor himself all through college. Many years later he becomes the owner of a big enterprise with 50 staff and an awesome reputation as a top painting company.

The company offers its services to both individual clients and builders mainly in the Preston Hollow and Park Cities, but also extends it to Bent Tree in the north. Baxter also said that the latest trend is about delivering works with more refined colors. Although clients are charged based on materials and time, they will also work on projects based on budget.


Constable Painting

This company is locally owned and also operates in the Dallas-Fort Worth environment for over ten years. Constable painting will paint woodwork, handles both interior and exterior painting, fence and drywall repair, as well as pressure washing.

They also deal with popcorn ceilings removal. Constable Painting offers services for both residential and business clients. The recent review trends were about the competitive pricing, quick response, and courteous service provided by Constable Paintings.


Dan Keenan Paint

Among the list of reliable building improvement providers in Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis is Dan Keenan Paint. The company has been providing satisfying services to residential and business customers since 1992 and continues to be dedicated to delivering outstanding results at reasonable prices.

Mr. Dan Keenan, who is the founder of the company hails from North Texas and has been an important part of the region’s industry for over 30 years. He makes sure customer’s requirements are treated as a top priority and also deliver beyond their expectations.

Among the list of structures, Dan Keenan Paint handles include apartment complexes, churches, historic homes, and churches and offers a custom quote for free. The company makes its recent works available in a gallery on its websites.


DFW Painting

This painting company offers full-service to its client and is located in Plano, serving Dallas-Fort Worth business and residential customers for over a decade. The company specializes in drywall repair, deck staining, faux finishes, as well as interior and exterior painting.

DFW Painting also offers carpentry service on a lighter scale. The cleanliness of DFW Painting on job site is the main topic in the recent review trend about the company and the company also provides a three years warranty to customers.


Dawe Painting

This company has been providing both exterior and interior painting services to residential and business customers in Rockwall and Dallas-Fort Worth for over 25 years.

Among the list of services offered by Dawe Painting apart from professional painting includes repair of drywall, staining of concrete, staining and sealing of decks and wood fences, repair of textured walls as well as replacing of rotted wood. The company is properly licensed and insured. It is one of the best to consider for house painting in Dallas.


J. Painting & Drywall

This painting contractor can be found in Dallas, TX. They operate in the business hours of 7 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Saturday and are only available by appointment on Sunday. The company deals with drywall installation, apartment painting, exterior painting, business painter, and drywall repair and also are a general drywall contractor.

The company also handles interior painting, general painting, weekend painting, and residential painting as well. JJ Painting & Drywall’smode of payment is easy, as it accepts credit card (such as Master Card, Discover, Visa, and American Express), cash, and check as their payment methods.

The company accepts all kind of job, whether big or small. They boast of delivering a professional and outstanding job. JJ Painting & Drywall provides free estimates and also offers guarantees to its customers.


Gold Stars Painting

This company is located in Arlington and has been serving Fort Worth and its environments since 2012. Gold Stars Painting is owned and operated by a family and deals with color-matching interior and exterior paint, and also offers color consultations to customers (residential).

The company also provides plaster services, faux finishing, and wood staining. The timeliness and professionalism of their employees is the reason why previous customers recommend them.


Encore Painting

This company is located in McKinney, owned by a family and has been providing services to Collin County since 2007. Encore Painting handles all kind of interior services such as house painting, faux finishing, staining, and popcorn ceiling removal, and wallpaper removal.

The company also handles exterior services such as pressure washing, wood repair, painting, and fence staining. Encore Painting has won the Super Service Award from Angie six times. Their friendliness and competitive prices are highly recognized by old customers.


Advantages Of Hiring Professional Painting Company

If you do not have experience in painting, you are not ready to take on both the interior and exterior painting of your home, as it can be an overwhelming task and not perfect as expected. The best option you have here as a homeowner is to hire a reputable painter.

Although a do-it-yourself option may seem to be the most pocket-friendly; however, you will get to know that the reverse is the case when you have to spend more money on correcting errors after the whole painting.

Painting is seen to be a simple task by most people; however, except you have painted a whole building on your own, then we can boldly tell you painting is not an easy task.

Below are the reasons you should hire a professional painting company for your house painting:


Even though being able to say you’ve painted it by yourself, boldly leaves you with priceless feelings; however, a professional painter will do it better. Have it in mind that these professionals live daily on this job. They make proper preparations for your walls and also figure out the best paint for each section of your home. For instance, a professional will tell you the specific paint to be used in your bathroom(s), kitchen, and as well as other spaces.

Correct preparation and the right usage of paint ensure the longevity of your paint. The result of a work done by a professional remains classy for a reason. They know the sections to apply tape and the exact tape to use with particular paint. Professional painters have the required experience to perform cutting, which means painting a specified surface. Be sure there won’t be runs on your walls or drips on your floor when you hire a professional painter.

Years and experience in painting business:

Regardless of how long you spend on watching YouTube tutorials on how to paint the interior and exterior of your home, having no relevant experience will only leave you with a disaster on your painting project. Most professional painting companies have many years of hands-on experience and knowledge that will produce satisfying results.

A licensed and reputable paint contractor will not just come to the painting site; apply any paint they like to your home without determining if it’s the best for your home. They will first spend enough time checking the exterior and interior of your home. They will note any cracks, holes, or decay for repair before they start painting so they can deliver the best job for you.


They are called professionals because of their way of handling projects. They have the required systems and tools to do a perfect and satisfying job for you. They will make sure they focus on your work the whole day till it’s completed. They can make use of additional resources on your project based on its size and necessity.


You are probably thinking you can get your living room painted easily on Saturday without considering the number of preparations involved or the number of windows you will be cutting. A task that may take you up to a week to complete could probably take a professional a couple of days. A professional painter will be done with the room in a given time without any flaw.

The right tools:

Professional painters have all the necessary and appropriate equipment for a different type of painting projects. They are not only in the possession of the tools but also know how to use them perfectly. They understand there are special brushes for specific paints.

They also make use of high-quality clothes to protect your home from drips. You are most certainly looking at additional cost on painting tools when you take on the job all by yourself.


Insurance is a great factor to consider when deciding on which painting company to hire for your home painting project. This package will not be there if you decide to handle the job by yourself. The key point is to hire the right company. Ask your potential painting company if they are properly licensed and insured appropriately.

A licensed and insured professional painter will be able to cover for any unfortunate event that may occur during the painting process. They will make sure the project is done satisfactorily, and if there is any complaint by the homeowner, they will correct the flaws until you are satisfied.

In case of any safety incidence in your home, the professional painter’s insurance will provide coverage for any cost that is incurred.

Minimizes your stress:

There will be a reduction in stress when you hire a licensed and insured professional painting company to handle your interior and exterior painting. They can get the painting job done within a given time without prolonging or wasting your time.


Only the best painting companies in Dallas County Texas are the ones verified to be safe for your painting job. Make sure any of the painting contractors you chose to hire in Dallas County Texas has the proper licenses as required by your country or city because no state license is required from painting companies in Texas.

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