Paint Color Ideas For A Commercial Space

How To Choose Paint Color Idea For A Commercial Space

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When it comes to painting commercial space, color and brand do conflict!

Selecting the best paint color for your home is easy. This is because you have a general idea of your preferred colors and the ones that will pass a personal message.

The paint will change your home into something unique and attractive. The perfect color will give your room a relaxed or brighten feel. It’s all dependent on your choices.

However, choosing a paint color for a commercial space is different. You may have soft spot for color, but that doesn’t make the color a perfect idea for your office’s wall.

The exterior and interior design of your place of work can make a significant impression on your clients.

It also commands what type of work environment you make for your workers.

This article will discuss how to select the best paint colors for your workplace plus 10 paint color ideas for commercial spaces, so you can get the appearance you want as well as the productivity from your workers as you expect.

Selecting the Best Color for Your Office Painting Project

Your chosen shades have the possibility of changing everything for the aesthetic of your business. They can also dictate the tone of your office and pass a message about your brand. Being strategic with color choices will lead to a business space that you love. 

Below are guides to choose the best paint color idea for your office space:

Side with Your Branding

Choosing paint colors that match the color scheme of your brand is one obvious choice to make. This is simple to create a matching look and keeps your visuals the same.

Decide the color schemes you may use in your accounting department. Do you have certain hues that reflect on your logo and branding materials? These are the ideal options for painting the interior and exterior of your office.

When you select these colors, you make an environment that blends with your brand. Your signage will perfectly and simply fit into your color scheme. It will enable you to include your branding in your décor.

Consider the Function

One of the starting phases of deciding on a paint color is to think of the function of your business. This will enable you to decide on the color that can affect how your space function.

The way work is being done can be impacted by the shade of the walls in your office space. If your workplace needs high visibility, you might want to go for a light paint color to improve the brightness of the space. This will make sure you and your workers have a lighter work area for clear sight.

Your focus may be on giving your space a dramatic tone, especially if you own a bar or restaurant. Choosing a deep, dark paint color enables you to come up with space with a cozy feel for customers to relax.

Add Curb Appeal

The exterior of your workplace will definitely give the first impression to customers. You therefore should give it the same treatment you give yourself while resenting yourself to the public.

Your chosen paint color could make a significant impact. Choosing a basic white or light grey might be tempting.

First, consider how perfect this shade will resist dirt and grime. You might later need much upkeep to maintain the exterior of your place of work.

Also, take your location and the color that is best for your climate into greater consideration.

It is also nice to consider your region as well as the color trends in your neighborhood. This will enable you to choose a color that is perfect for your location and also be a good match for the climate and conditions.   

Set a Mood

Paint can greatly impact the mood of a space. Consider your business and your desired feel for your space. Then, select paint colors that are relevant.

Do you want an innovative, cutting edge, and bright looking business? With bright splashes of color, your office space can feel different and modern.

Get vivid shades of orange, green, blue, and a stylish contemporary look. You might want to choose a tone in your business space.

For a sophisticated workplace environment, consider muted hues, such as greys. For a refined splash of color, consider adding accent walls in dark hues, such as maroon and navy.

Defining Spaces

Paint can be strategically used to dictate spaces in your workplace. You can divide open areas using paint colors. You also can choose hues to make some areas that feel well-defined thoughtfully.

Workers and customers can feel overwhelmed in a large open space. When you paint using different colors, you can divide different areas to make an orderliness statement.

You can use this strategy to assign areas in a restaurant or store. It can also make office spaces like cubicles and desks feel more personalized.

Workers need breaks to keep being productive. One of the best ways to use paint is to make a unique break room or area. With a bright or soothing colored space, workers can get an opportunity to relieve stress and return fully energized and refreshed.

Unique Statement Colors

Be bold to use your paint colors to pass a message. The walls in your workplace are a perfect chance for your self-expression. Use them to give your brand’s personality a chance to boast.

The addition of bright pink or a bubblegum hued to the walls in your workplace is capable of making it fun and a bold message which attracts more prospective female customers.

Your business might want to show that it is high end and glamorous, the use of metallic paint color on your walls can pass a significant message and make an elegant atmosphere.

Consider Psychology

The brain interprets colors differently. They can give different feelings and reactions. You should thoughtfully select your preferred colors for your business based on the effects they cause.

Are you choosing colors for your restaurant or dining space? Shades of red can enhance the feeling of hunger and induce appetite.

The color you select for your workspace can also affect productivity in the office. Shades of blue and green can improve efficiency as well as focus in your place of work.

Think beyond the Ordinary

Selecting a paint color provides your workplace with a chance to be creative. It is not a universal process. Thinking beyond the normal scope can provide a chance to pass a great message to your place of work.

Is your business located on a street that much main buildings are painted in neutral colors? Consider the use of bright hue splash.

The curb appeal of your business will be different and significant from the multitude. Look into something way ahead of solid painted walls.

The entire appearance of your business can be elevated by a unique paint finish. Look into graphic patterns, logos, and murals as part of your paint design. You will end up with a customized appeal that will make a great effect.

10 Perfect Color Ideas for Your Business

Now that you understand what works before painting your business, we have the 10 best color suggestions for painting your office.

While we are providing you the general color hue, we also include the list of paint colors and brands. A lot of paint manufacturers have preferred colors, so these paint ideas are therefore not a recommendation. They are just provided as a great color suggestion. 

1. Gray

This color is in-between black and white and it offers a neutral mood. There are different shades and hues of gray which provides different feels. Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray is a subtle color but could make you, your workers, or your clients feel a little sad.

2. Teal/Light Blue

Since teal is a mixture of blue and green, it is capable of turning any place of work into a productive area. It is very crucial to be careful so you have an equal tone of the two colors. The brightness and intensity are so much essential to get the desired finish. Benjamin Moore’s St. John Blue is an effort in setting up a lawyer’s office. It is a soft teal that has a touch of gray

3. Off-white

Even though white may have a clinical look, but with a soft off-white, such as Farrow & Ball’s Pointing in an eggshell effect will improve the softness of true white.

One can easily decorate and design around off-white because of its warmth but clean look. If you desire the clean appearance of pure white and understand your need, consider a shade like Simply White from Benjamin Moore. This shade is nice if you desire a bright and intense accent look.

4. Pastel Yellow

If your business is in a creative sector, Benjamin Moore’s Butter Regal Matte will improve your creativity a lot. It is a yellow soft with a portion of gold which makes it perfect to blend with whites or browns.

5. Blue-gray

This color in the corporate world can feel clean and provide an improvement to a backdrop. Benjamin Moore’s Silver Mist will provide a professional feel and a bright feeling at the same time.

6. Brown

This color works perfectly in a space that requires a powerful and strong feel. Together with durable wood office furniture, Farrow & Ball’s Wainscot will provide nice warmth as well. Benjamin Moore’s Tudor in an eggshell is also a strong but warm brown.

7. Light Blue

A soft light blue similar to Salisbury Point by Ralph Lauren will give off a calm environment and a peaceful feel. This color is best to use in the office of a private doctor, particularly a specialist, who works with nervous patients more often.

8. Purple

There are many shades in purple’s palette but choosing Charmed Violet from Benjamin Moore is nice for a salon and other feminist space. If you desire a louder space instead, go for Behr’s Delicious Berry. Consider Zephyr from Behr if you like a softer purple as it is ideal for a calming but royal vibe.

9. Orange

Painting the whole four walls may offer too much intensity but giving one wall an orange accent like Ralph Lauren’s Baja Orange may be a great solution for low-energy. The addition of accent colors improves the room’s appearance despite rough suggestions.

It is important to select the best paint colors for window trim to make sure you make a comparison of different paint swatches to get the best color combinations.

10. Green

Consider Mere Green by Farrow & Ball for healthcare and financial companies. Choosing brighter or darker hues will affect the mood of the room. Anytime you are considering greens, remember the way it will be affected by light. Lime green may give off a blinding appeal to a space that has many windows.

Dallas Paints – Best Prices, Service, and Guarantee

Selecting the best paint colors for your office may be much easier now that you know the things to consider and avoid.

Based on the sizes of your office and its commercialization, choose to select a custom paint color, and it may be best to leave it to the pros.

Dallas Paints has over 40 years of experience in the paint business. We provide great customer service, top-quality workmanship as well as a satisfaction guarantee.

We are available 7 days a week to do your work, so get in touch with us today and let us give you a free estimate.

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