Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Dallas

Dallas Paints is your best choice for interior and exterior home surface services. In addition to our outstanding home paint offerings, we also provides professional acoustic and popcorn ceiling removal.

Popcorn ceiling was very popular in homes built before the 1970s and whether you refer to it as a popcorn ceiling, acoustic ceiling, a textured ceiling, stipple ceiling, stucco ceiling, or a cottage cheese ceiling – it may contain a form of asbestos.

All forms of asbestos used in construction have some sort of health risk associated with it. If your house contains asbestos please call today!

Dallas Paints specializes in getting in and removing these harmful surfaces from your home, quickly and effectively.

Popcorn Removal

How Dallas Paints Removes Popcorn Ceiling?

We know that remodeling jobs can be a real hassle. Having to put a part of your home out of operation can be a real detriment to your day to day life.

Luckily, Dallas Paints promises that every job we do minimizes the amount of time needed to actually be spent in the home. Proper planning and efficient professionals make every job as quick and simple as possible. We promise to make your home look amazing with smooth, modern ceilings and a fresh coat of paint to bring it alive.

The specific approach we take to a popcorn ceiling removal job depends on when your ceiling was built, the final treatment and the layout of your home. After the estimate and your go-ahead, we will clear the area, and seal up the room to protect your furnishings and other spaces.

Once everything is sealed up, our pros will start to remove your hazardous surface. Your ceiling will either be retextured or replaced. We will go through and check for bad seams or loose pieces of sheetrock as we remove the popcorn ceiling.

After the removal, seals, and repairs, we then get a finish to your specifications. Soon a more modern and clean-lined look (as well as a lack of hazardous chemicals) will greet you in your serviced room.

Your house will be left as clean as it was when we first arrived – often cleaner. We won’t leave behind an unsightly mess.

In addition to removing a hazard from your home, there are other benefits to replacing a popcorn ceiling:

  • Modern sleeker ceilings allow more natural light into the room.
  • Without the popcorn ceiling, you will have an easier time patching and touching up the drywall.
  • Modern ceilings are easier to keep clean and do not harbor allergens the same way.
  • It might just be time for a more modern aesthetic.

Pro Tips for Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Make popcorn ceiling removal easy and less messy

To ease up on the mess and the time this careful process takes, you can use a garden sprayer to lightly mist the popcorn ceiling with water before scraping.

Allow it to soak for at least 15 minutes, and then you can begin the scraping process. Don’t over-mist, though, too much water could damage your drywall. 

Pro Tips for Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Make the cleanup process simple after scraping

To make cleanup after scraping a lot easier, you can use a clean rag or washcloth (make sure they’re clean!) to wipe up any scraped area.

When you’re done, you will want to make sure you throw the rags or washcloths away in approved asbestos waste removal bags. Don’t try to wash them and re-use them. You don’t want to run the risk of exposure to asbestos.

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Common Questions About the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

These are the most common questions and concerns we receive at Dallas Paints regarding popcorn ceiling removal. If you have any other questions or wish to begin your popcorn ceiling removal process, please contact us or book an appointment today.

How long does the popcorn ceiling removal process take?

The process heavily depends on the job being done. A replacement will be faster than a full remodeling of course, and the overall size of the room will affect the time taken as well. With that said, popcorn ceiling removal replacement itself is a relatively quick process. It should only take 1-3 days unless it is a larger or more complex than a normal job.

We will do our best to work around your busy schedule and not interfere with your day to day.

Can I just cover up or use a spray on my popcorn ceiling?

Many homeowners who do not want to pay for replacing their popcorn ceiling will often opt for spray over materials or even simply covering their ceiling with ceiling planks or fiberboard. While these can be a temporary solution they do not remove the harmful chemicals from your home.

If you want a permanent solution that will ensure your home remains safe for you and your family, you will want to employ professional popcorn ceiling removal services. It is simply not worth it to take a chance with your health.

Do I need a pro to remove popcorn ceiling?

While many DIY home projects can be both rewarding and cost-effective this is rarely one of them, plus the extra possible hazards mean that this should be left in the purview of trained pros. In some cases, the process requires skim-coating methods that only experienced plasterers can really pull off successfully.

How much is popcorn ceiling removal?

There is no easy way to say just how much your costs will be until you get a full estimate. Jobs are generally charged on a per square foot basis for popcorn removal. Certain conditions like a cracked area, or if the popcorn ceiling had been painted over, will affect the costs. Painting or adding another ceiling treatment after the tasks of removal will also have its costs.

If asbestos is present that will also increase costs due to the need for hazardous protection. Professionals will be needed as even touching the surface can be risky.

Dallas Paints ensures that all of our jobs are done in a way that is both cost and time-efficient. We will not waste your money or take up more of your life than possible. You can trust Dallas Paints to give you the ultimate popcorn ceiling removal treatment.

Breathe easy knowing you and your family are not at risk from dangerous chemicals. If you have any other questions or wish to begin your popcorn ceiling removal process, please contact us or book an appointment today!

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