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Dallas Paints offers a huge range of services including maintenance, improvements, and repairs for your home. For everything from quick in-and-out jobs to full remodels, Dallas Paints is here for you.

When it comes to Sheetrock repairs and improvements, we have years of specialized skills that allow us to quickly and effectively fix any issue.

Dallas Paints is often referred to as the best Sheetrock/drywall repair service in Dallas. No matter the issue we can quickly handle your drywall/Sheetrock repairs.

Sheetrock Repair

Why do Dallas Homeowners choose our Painters for their Interior House Painting?

1. Excellent customer service

Our unparalleled customer service is one of the best in town. We are equipped with dedicated and well-mannered customer support service to communicate and respond to your queries 24/7.

2. High-Quality Materials

We don’t compromise quality; hence, we use high-quality materials and supplies for your job.

3. Perfect Prep and Finishing

Dallas Prints always ensure excellent painting services and is committed to delivering a clean work area to our customers.

Why Choose Dallas Paints For Sheetrock Repair?

There is no shortage of contractors out there who can work on drywall and Sheetrock. These are the traits that set Dallas Paints apart.

1.High-Quality Craftsmanship

The job must be done right the first time, especially when we are talking about your home. Dallas Paints takes great care to ensure the job is done quickly, but correctly.

We ensure all of our professionals are up to date on best practices and use the best methods and tools available.

No effort is wasted to give you the best possible end product.

When you are dealing with Sheetrock, you are talking about the walls that help to keep you and your family secure. Dallas Paints understands the importance of this task.

2. A Focus on Convenience

When a job is going to take over a part of your home, we know how much you want it done quickly, cleanly, and quietly. We go out of our way to make sure that by the time we are at your home, everything is in place to get the job done fast and correctly.

We also ensure this convenience extends to interacting with Dallas Paints. We are always here to answer your questions and to provide you any assistance you need. If you have any questions please contact us or book an appointment today!

We will make your Sheetrock repair experience as easy and painless as possible.

3. Competitive Prices

Call for a consultation and you will see that our prices are competitive and fair. For the quality and level of service we provide, there may be no better value in Dallas.

While deciding by price when it comes to your home isn’t always recommended, we make sure that our prices are always fair and highly competitive.

4.Safety and Cleanliness

All Dallas Paints employees are highly trained, professional, friendly, and have passed background checks. We spend a huge portion of our time finding and screening the best-qualified contractors in the greater Dallas area.

We ensure everyone who carries our name is a representative of the Dallas Paints quality.

Need to Fix a Hole in the Wall?

Accidents happen, and putting a hole in the wall is incredibly common. Sometimes just hanging and moving pictures a few times can leave a number of unsightly holes.

For the DIY homeowner repairing the walls can be a rewarding experience, it can also be a time consuming and frustrating.

Luckily, our pros can quickly and efficiently patch up any sized hole. You won’t even be able to remember where the holes even were!

Whether you need drywall, Sheetrock, plaster, or any other kind of wall or ceiling repair, Dallas Paints is your best choice. Affordable prices, quick service, quality work, and friendly service!

Sheetrock or Drywall?

This is a common source of confusion. Drywall is a large panel that is formed from calcium sulfate dehydrate (gypsum) and some proprietary additives. This gypsum is then set within sheets of backer and facer paper.

While the ingredients may sound rather like a mouthful, the resulting product is a panel that is both relatively durable while still not weighing too much. A huge percentage of the ceilings and walls in our buildings today are made out of some form of drywall.

There are many names for drywall including gyprock and wallboard. Even Sheetrock is a form of drywall, it is simply a brand name and has little difference from other drywall options. Several forms of drywall can be used depending on the nature of the environment it is being placed in.

Some drywall has fire-resistant properties while others have moisture resistance (green board) or are water and mold resistant (blue board).

Drywall comes in many forms. Panels typically are found in 1/4” to 3⁄4” thickness. Greenboard features green paper, to which an oil-based additive is used to provide moisture resistance. There is also sound-canceling drywall and sound transmission drywall.

There is even lead-lined drywall for scientific purposes. There is also fire-resistant drywall that includes additives that thwart burning.

Drywall Repair

Let’s Repair That Damaged Drywall

Whether your drywall has been damaged by water and mold, had a hole put in it, is starting to crack, or has any other possible issue, then don’t hesitate to contact Dallas Paints.

We can handle all of your repairs as well as replacements, including adding texture or patterns to spice up your walls. 

Pro Tips for Sheetrock Repair

Use repair spray to cover cracks

If there are cracks in your sheetrock, a simple DIY fix to patch them is to use repair spray. These sprays form membranes over the stress crack in the wall and can flex and stretch with the movement of the building.

Note that while spray-on solutions may not be permanent, they can be a good way to extend the life of a patch job.

Try skim-coating for areas with several dents or holes

If there is an area with several dents or even holes in your wall, you can use a wide taping or putty knife (ideally, the blade will be at least six inches long) to skim over the affected areas with joint compound.

Try to find “topping” or even all-purpose joint compound for this task at your local hardware store.

Pro Tips for Sheetrock Repair

Common Sheetrock and Drywall Repair Questions

Are Spackle and joint compound the same?

Both Spackle and joint compound allow you to fix defects and damage in the wall with a relatively small amount of effort. A joint or drywall compound is a putty that lets you take on larger jobs and is made from gypsum (like drywall) and water.

Spackle is used for smaller holes and damage and is made from gypsum powder and binders.

Can you put drywall over drywall?

Yes, you can. By simply hanging more drywall you can quickly cover up the damage. Our pros are highly trained in floating plaster walls and other forms of repairs to give it a seamless look, but many DIY homeowners cannot duplicate our work and will sometimes opt to simply hang more drywall -so at least the work looks even and clean.

This is not recommended but is somewhat common. Electrical fixtures, door jambs, and window sills all need to be considered.

Many also wonder how to repair a sheetrock ceiling easily. The truth is unless you are specially trained, good work takes a lot of time and patience.

How much does sheetrock repair cost?

The overall sheetrock repair cost will depend on the amount of damage being repaired and the type of work. Typically, the cost of our drywall will range between $2 and $5 per square foot. A 12×12 room will use roughly 12 drywall panels. Labor will cost roughly $55 an hour.

If you have any other questions or need professional sheetrock repairs services, don’t hesitate to contact Dallas Painters.

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