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Removing your old wallpaper presents a number of exciting possibilities. Once your wallpaper is removed you will have a fresh, blank canvas upon which you can redesign your space, and an opportunity to fix any damage to your drywall or address the emergence of mold. 

While removing wallpaper is often thought of as a feasible Do It Yourself Project (DIY), there are several good reasons to consider hiring an experienced professional to do the job. (link to blog entry) 

Wallpaper Removal

While the process of wallpaper removal isn’t inherently complicated, there is a steep learning curve when it comes to operating steamers or applying liquid solvents correctly. Countless homeowners began the process with hopes of a quick and easy finish only to find the removal to be frustrating, time-consuming, and more complex than expected.

In addition, the process produces a mess of moisture, dust, and ripped wallpaper that will consume far more time to clean that one might think (all this aside from the necessary room and furniture preparation). And finally, the cost of removing wallpaper may be easier on your wallet than you might expect.

Let’s take a quick look at (1) the process of wallpaper removal, (2) the expected cost of wallpaper removal, and (3) why Dallas Paints is an excellent candidate to get this critical home or business project done right for you.

1. Process of Removing Wallpaper

A basic understanding of the wallpaper removal process will help clarify the benefits of hiring a professional. In theory, wallpaper removal is a simple combination of applied steam or moisture and scraping while ensuring that a clean, smooth drywall surface will emerge. 

1. Evaluation: The specific method of removal to be used should be determined by an experienced eye based on a number of factors:

What method was used to hang the wallpaper?
How old is the wallpaper?
What kind of wallpaper was used?
What was used to seal the wallpaper?

The answer to these questions will inform a professional as to what materials and methods are required for an efficient removal that leaves a healthy, undamaged drywall exposed, ready for the next stage of your renovation project.

Dallas Wallpaper Removal Service

2. Applying steam and/or solvent: Depending on the age and kind of wallpaper and adhesive used, either a steamer or other solvents will be applied to loosen the wallpaper from the drywall. A professional has the experience to determine the precise amount of moisture required to free the wallpaper while preventing damage to the drywall or other elements in the room. 

3. Scraping: Once the wallpaper is loosened, it will be scraped off from behind. A good professional will know how to find and leverage the seams in the paper, how to remove larger sections for a quicker and more efficient process, and most importantly, how to scrape off the paper while preserving the drywall underneath. They also have the experience to deal with problematic or stubborn sections, which might damage the drywall if removed with too much force.

4. Drywall Maintenance: Removing wallpaper is a means to an end; perhaps a new coat of paint or one of the incredible, modern wallpaper materials and designs available in today’s marketplace. That’s what makes this stage so critical. A professional will ensure that all the last bits of paper and any adhesive residue are gently removed and that your drywall is smooth, clean of dust, and in good shape for the net phase of your project.

5. Clean-Up: Removing the old sections of paper, cleaning dust and debris, and returning furnishings to their place can be physically challenging and time consuming. A respectable wallpaper removal service will leave your room just as they found it; clean, organized, and ready for what’s next.

2. How Much Should Wallpaper Removal Cost? 

Pro Tips for Wallpaper Removal

In general, the cost of removing wallpaper depends on a number of factors such as how much paper is to be removed, what equipment is necessary, location of the site, etc.  Some estimates are generated based on the exact square footage, others provide rates per room.

As of early 2022, most wallpaper removal services cost about $1.50 per square foot. A 10×12 bedroom, therefore, will cost about $1,000. Expect a larger master bathroom to cost around $700 for wallpaper removal.

Doing it yourself will save you from the service cost but you will still need supplies and to use your own time and energy for the prep work, wallpaper removal, and clean-up. Many removal jobs require a steamer; while they are available for rent in most areas they will not come cheap. In addition, you will run the risk of damaging your floors, fixtures, or drywall which will end up costing far more money to repair. 

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3. Dallas Paints - A Leading Wallpaper Removal Service

When looking for a professional wallpaper removal service in the Dallas region, Dallas Paints offers expertise and experience, fair pricing, industry-leading customer service, and an easy, convenient process built on respect for your home or business space. 

Expertise – Dallas Paints specializes in wallpaper removal, with hundreds of satisfied clients in the Dallas region served over the past decade. Our highly-trained, experienced professionals can quickly identify the most cost-effective solutions and execute them carefully and on time with expert craftsmanship. 

Fair Prices – Dallas Paints isn’t always the absolute cheapest option on the market because we believe that high quality and long-term results are worthy of investment. We are confident, however, that our pricing is fair, transparent, and packed with value for the quality of service we deliver, customer satisfaction guaranteed. 

Excellent Customer Service – Dallas Paints is built on a culture of serving our customers’s needs. We listen carefully to your needs, offer a variety of solutions from our robust toolbox tailored to each individual customer, and issue a fair and transparent estimate. We maintain clear and direct communication throughout the project, and guarantee your satisfaction – one hundred percent. 

Convenience – Dallas Paints technicians maintain a professional and respectful demeanor in your home or business, completing their work with minimal fuss, time and noise. Your home or office is a place to relax and work, respectively, and we intend to keep it that way even as we work. Our brand name is a beacon of integrity; all our employees have undergone background checks, quality checks, and constant training in new techniques.

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