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Whether your drywall is the victim of mold, damage or the torments of time – Dallas Paints is your best choice for quick and efficient repairs.

Wallpaper replacement is a necessary step in fixing up your wall or giving it a whole new visual appeal. While it is not impossible to remove wallpaper on your own, it can quickly become a time consuming and messy affair that has the ability to ruin or damage other items or areas in your home.

Let’s Remove that Old Wallpaper

Regardless of the reason, it needs to go, wallpaper removal can be a real chore. Steamers and liquid solvents are your best bet for clean removal but each one has its own drawbacks and pitfalls.

Wallpaper Removal

At Dallas Paints, we have removed a countless amount of wallpaper without wasting time or harming the surrounding area.

If you need it done quickly, efficiently, and correctly contact us or book an appointment today! Our wallpaper removal service is an utterly simple affair.

Dallas Wallpaper Removal Service

Wallpaper removal is often a DIY type of chore. It is also the type of chore that quickly frustrates people and becomes a bigger issue than it should have ever been.

Knowing how to properly use wallpaper removal tools and wallpaper removal steamers – and knowing when to use them – should not be underestimated. Dallas Paints provides quality craftsmanship on even the smallest tasks.

There are certain things you should know about your wall in order to make the process go easier, whether you are DIYing or not:

  • What method was used to put the paper on the wall?
  • How old is the wallpaper
  • What type of wallpaper is it?
  • How was everything sealed up at the end of the job?

Our experts can evaluate your wall to determine these factors and decide the best course of action if you are unaware or can’t recall the details. Call for a quick and easy estimate.

Dallas Wallpaper Removal Service

Best Wallpaper Removal Solution From Dallas Paints

We know that there is no shortage of qualified contractors and informative DIY posts that offer to help you with your wallpaper removal.

1. So why choose Dallas Paints?

As paint specialists, we know that when it comes to your walls, the proper paint, paper, and procedures will make all the difference in both the short and long run. This is what we do, and we are amongst the best at it. Our clients know that we are the ones to call when it is time to transform your home.

2. High-Quality Craftsmanship

Our experts are highly trained, effective and friendly. We don’t waste your time or money with lackadaisical practices and we make sure everyone working under our brand name is a beacon of integrity. Background checks, quality checks, and training in new techniques are constant.

3. A Focus on Convenience

We get in and we get out with minimal fuss, time and noise. Get your home looking better than ever with as little inconvenience as possible. We know you are busy and you want your home to be a place where you can relax. Trust us to get it done correctly and with minimum hassle.

4. Great Prices

Call for a consultation and you will see that our prices are competitive and fair. We know what quality costs, but unlike the others, we won’t overcharge you for it.

Dallas Paints is standing by to help your home look better than ever. If you are thinking of removing that old wallpaper and are weighing your options, please don’t hesitate to contact us or book an appointment today! 

We are always happy to answer any of your questions or to provide quality advice. We are part of the Dallas community and are happy to make good on that promise.

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Pro Tips for Wallpaper Removal

Pro Tips for Wallpaper Removal

Use a vinegar solution for a homemade wallpaper remover

One of the best homemade solutions for DIYers looking to remove their wallpaper is actually vinegar. Using either a spray bottle or a small bucket, you can mix water and white vinegar equally, and then spray it or apply it onto the walls.

Let the mixture soak for about 15 minutes, then scrape with any scraping tool you choose.


Make sure you thoroughly wash the wall after scraping wallpaper

When you are done scraping, you will want to remove any residue that may have been left behind. You can use a mixture of hot water and any household cleaner to get the job done.

A nice bonus to this is that any spots that may have been missed while scraping will be very noticeable after being washed.

Common Wallpaper Removal Questions​

We get a lot of wallpaper removal questions. We have tried to answer the most common ones here. If you have any further questions or are convinced you need the service, contact us or book an appointment today!

What is the best homemade wallpaper remover?

The best remover will depend on how the wallpaper was initially applied and sealed. Generally speaking, the same wallpaper removal tools we use, solvents and streamers, are available to the DIY crowd.

The problem is the cost for a single usage (you will want to rent) and the learning curve tends to take away from the DIY draw. But to answer the question, steam and a wallpaper removal tool built to address your wallpaper adhesive.

How much does wallpaper removal cost?

It depends on how much paper is being removed. Some jobs are charged by the area, some by the room. We will try and give you an estimate that is fair to the task at hand.

Some services can cost roughly $1.50 per sq.ft. while in other circumstances it makes more sense to give a quote by the room. You can expect a larger bathroom to cost around $700 for removal.

Doing it yourself will save you from the service cost but you will still need supplies and you use your own time for the task. You also risk damaging your floors or fixtures.

How do you clean walls after removing wallpaper?

The first step is to scrape off any adhesive left behind. You want to get the walls looking as bare as possible so you can check for damage or mold. Afterward, you will need to scrub with warm water and then a household cleaner to remove the last traces of anything on the wall.

It can be time-consuming and annoying, but all the residue needs to be removed.

How do you get stubborn wallpaper off?

While a wallpaper removal steamer and the correct solvents can remove nearly any wallpaper, some DIY situations don’t have these tools. Some will opt to carefully cut the paper (not the wall!) and use vinegar and warm water to loosen it up.

Try to do this in multiple passes. As long as you have something to temper the adhesive’s binding ability, all you need afterward is some elbow grease and something to scrub with.

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