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Guide To Hire Exterior House Painting Companies

Guide To Hire Exterior House Painting Companies

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Most homes require a fresh coat of paint every 10 years or thereabout. Your home gets protected from the elements when painted apart from adding values to your home. It will definitely take a long time for you to complete a self-painting of your home.

If you live in a multi-level building, you will need to get tall ladders to get to any level of the building. This is why many people consider hiring the pros in order to eradicate the challenge. They will need to dig the internet to find house painters and hire the most affordable for their needs and arrange for several interviews.

Since there are many painting companies in your area, choosing the one that best fits your project can be quiet stressful. Each house painter handles its business uniquely. Painting crews aren’t usually the most experienced and skillful.

Prices are not the same, and other factors can make you ignore the idea of painting your home’s interior or exterior. Fortunately, we are here to help you out.

Where to start checking for a Trustworthy House Painter

Basically, there are three major places to search for a professional painter. And we will like to start with the all-time reliable method which is family and friends.

1. Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Word-of-mouth referral has been the most effective form of marketing over the years. If you receive a recommendation from a closed person to you about a service they’ve just used, you are probably going to buy it.

So be sure to ask your family and friends for any painting jobs they’ve done recently to get a good exterior painter. If they were satisfied with the quality of the painter, get the contact of the person.

Note that this method may require you to talk to many people in order to get a list of referrals. Not everyone really likes painting their home often, so be ready to ask neighbors, a colleague at work, friends at church, family, and so on. The more people you contact, the better chance you stand of finding a quality painter.

2. Check Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other Search Engines

Search engines are also most effective and ever efficient tools for research. They enable you to quickly locate any information you desire with just a few steps. Just type in your location painter in the search bar and wait for the response.

You will likely see multiple results alongside many advertisements on each section of your screen. This is the most effective method if you plan to interact with many painters before you hire one. The limitation, however, is that you only know little about the painting companies.

Also, this process might make you feel overwhelmed when you are faced with a comprehensive list of painters to choose from. The next option stands between the first two.

3. Review Websites

Check websites like Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and Yelp for millions of reviews. They are the best way to figure out what other people are saying about any local service. This even makes it easier to find the best painting company in your location.

The limitation here is that membership fee might be required to join, for example, Angie’s List, so it might not save you money as it was when seeking referrals or using a search engine.

We can now focus on the things to look for in a professional house painter since you now know where to find them.

How to hire an Exterior House Painter?

Here are some ways you can follow to get the best painting company for your interior or exterior painting project. Carefully read these tips and then remember them as you begin to contact house painting companies around you.

1. Experience & Skills

You must restrict your search for exterior house painters to the ones that are experienced and skillful. They must possess both. Painting contractors should possess previous experience painting varieties of structures and homes. These experiences should have improved and enhanced their painting skills. One may have experience but lack skills. This is why it is so important to hire a painter who has both.

2. Credentials

Search each company to discover their standing with the BBB. Also, check for any affiliation or membership with painting organizations like the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America), or belongs in a local association of commerce or business group.

Although these don’t mean they are perfect with their work, it shows that they are reliable and committed. Check their credentials on the Contractors State License Board of your state for verification.

The Department of Consumer Affairs License Verification System is being used in California. Just type your location and contractor license verification to figure out your states. Are they certified by lead-based paint? Although lead-based has been banned since 1978, however, there are house painters that are not correctly certified or do not follow the EPA laid down rules.

A daily fine of about $30,000 daily may be incurred if a painting company fails to comply with the Lead Renovation Repair and Painting Rule (RRR Rule) by the EPA. This is applicable if failed to obtain certification, failed to supply pamphlets to clients, cleaned up the area properly, and did not release information. You should also check any history of unresolved disputes on your local consumer affairs agency or the Better Business Bureau website.

3. Excellent Reviews

Always conduct research on the painter of your choice. The internet makes it easier to figure out the reputation of a company before you hire them. Do not use a house painter if:

  • They have a small number of reviews: A painting company with few reviews could only mean that the business is new or they don’t have much-satisfied customers who can leave feedback
  • The house painter has several negative reviews: Bad reviews are inevitable, but shouldn’t be much. If you were considering a painter and discovered it has many bad reviews, then the problem is not with the customers, it is the painter. We advise you to proceed to some other painting company with your area.

4. Obtain Estimates

Immediately you have your list compiled, arrange for estimates with each house painter. A good painter will first ask to see the project before issuing a quote. Cross out a painter that offers to issue a painting estimate over the phone and refuse to come for physical inspection.

The estimate you obtain from the painters will probably not be accurate as there are no similar painting jobs. This may also mean that the house painter is too busy or doesn’t place much value on your needs.

5. Ask Solid Contract

A contract indicates your agreement with the terms and conditions discussed before the project’s commencement. There will be no mix-ups this way.

You will be given a contract by any responsible company which is to be signed by all parties involved. Check this out when you hire a painter. Make sure the contract always contain all of the house painter’s basic information like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • all phone numbers
  • painter’s license number
  • all the details added in the painting estimate

The agreement should often include the inclusions and exclusions of the contact. Make sure you get a copy of their insurance and license. You will be responsible for any accident if the house painter you hire doesn’t have insurance.

For instance, you will be responsible if one of the painters’ crew needs to climb a ladder and fall accidents. That is something everyone wants to avoid. The house painter should always offer a minimum of 2 years guarantee and warranty on their work.

What is the Cost of painting the Exterior?

You may want to consider the DIY option when you compare materials and labor costs. Painting can be a very expensive task. However, know that a professional house painter will understand how to clean old paint and repairs faster than what a homeowner will do.

House painting companies will also have a painters’ crew that will efficiently and effectively apply the paint within a short time. They will have experience painting difficult areas that require a professional touch, such as the trim, without taking much time.

Also, they will have the relevant materials to be used and also taken care of the cleaning. Hired house painter charges are between $2.00 and $3.50 for each sq-ft for painting.

Also, standard charges of about $1,500 – $2,500 will be charged for a single-story building, $3,000 – $4,500 for a 2-story building, and $4,500 – $6,500 or more for a 3-story building.

Getting a Quote for House Painting

You will save a lot of time and money in the long run when you hire a professional house painter. The important thing is to conduct your research diligently on various house painters. You will always be faced with balancing between cost, arrangement, and quality, so make sure you check the most essential to you.

Try to get a house painting quote from us now that you know where to get the best house painters in your area and what to look for in them.

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