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How to Find Painting Services in Dallas

Where to Start Looking for a Professional Painting Service

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The task involved in hiring the right painting contractor to handle your home can be frustrating. Paint project at the start might look so simple, but I recommend leaving it to the professionals. They can start and deliver the project to you in just a few hours or days, depending on the size of the project.

You also won’t have to worry about the drips and spills as they will not leave your home until it is neat. Although exterior painting is best done in summer and fall, you can embark on the interior painting project any time. You just have to start by hiring a reputable painter.

If you have finally decided to face your next home improvement project, search no more. This article contains helpful tips for hiring a trustworthy and reputable painting service. Continue reading to discover.

Painting Services in Dallas

Finding a painting service is very important, considering the professionalism required by home improvement projects and painting jobs. Painting experts will come as a crew from services offering the general painting solution to residence or commercial structures.

The experience they have in handling painting jobs and remodeling of residence is highly commendable, and also helps enhance the redecoration of house and office rapidly. These professional painters supply a wide range and varieties of services which includes house remodeling job.

Apart from painting solutions, professional painters also provide important services such as flooring, ceiling work, and concrete repair for each other, and thus enables wall suits such as loading gaps and pops.

Most of the professionals offer the painting business with guarantees and insurance throughout the entire process. Professional painting services assist amateur with restoration and renewal of the exterior and interior walls of a property.

The main purpose of hiring professional painters is to redesign or beautify a section or an entire space in a residence or business. There are many reasons for painting. Among the general reasons are selling, renovation works, buying or renting a property, or relocating.

There are different tools and techniques required in the painting of interior and exterior. You will get to save much of your time and effort when you hire a professional local painting contractor, as they have the required knowledge which a layman doesn’t possess.

Types of Professional Painting Services in Dallas

Most of the spaces in Dallas were designed by architects that are categorized as some of the best in the universe, and you can find everything for everyone here. The Reunion Tower and its LED globe are one of the beautiful landmarks in Dallas. There is also local design scenery that you can visit in Dallas, such as museums, residential areas, and unique hotels.

The benefits associated with hiring a professional painting company are many. The first is that they have received appropriate training on handling any situation that may come up while painting. They understand the need to fill cracks or holes using caulk.

They are always in uniforms, friendly, and will attend to any questions relating to painting that you might ask. Using a professional painting company for your painting job means there will be no need for touch-ups at any time soon. It is an essential and widely used service in real sense.

Below are available painting services in Dallas:

1. Residential Painting Services

If you are thinking of painting your home, then it is worth giving it the best look. The exterior is the first part to beautify. Painting services have a team of experts ready to paint stucco, doors, brick, vinyl siding, and any other paintable surfaces.

When you add a new coat of paint to your home’s walls, you are giving it a great look as well as protecting it from the elements. Just in a single day, their team of painters is ready to change the look of your home regardless of the reason behind the painting, whether any of your family is tired of a particular color or your wife want the kitchen to look more different.

They will protect any of your household hardware and flooring by taking necessary measures and also tape items when necessary. Regardless of the part of the household you want to paint or perhaps the entire building, they will get it done in just one day.

2. Commercial Painting Services

To make your business look and feel great again, you need to occasionally paint your conference rooms, restaurants, condominiums, hotels, and industrial buildings. You may also want to change the look of your storefront to bring in new customers, or perhaps you need to work on your interior to make it more professional to clients.

3. Cabinet Painting Service

Another point to note about Dallas painters is that they combine their expertise with the requirements of the job and also have specialized cabinet painting teams to handle painting projects in your bathroom, kitchen, garage or any other area where there are old cabinets.

You may not necessarily have to spend money to remove and replace your cabinets but only have to paint the current one as the majority of homes in Dallas are not that old. In most cases, all you need to do for cabinets in perfect condition is to paint it with a fresh coat of paint to give your home a nice look and feel.

Whichever service you choose, each painting service handles both exterior and interior painting as below:

4. Exterior Painting

Competent painting companies should be able to provide you professional exterior with extensive palette high standard colors and inform you of everything you need to know about both the advantages and demerits associated with the colors on every side.

It is generally advisable to choose neutral colors when painting the exterior surface. You will find neutral-toned colors with a neutral value among the best paints. Colors in that category may begin from light to medium browns and then to beige colors.

The factors to consider are not limited to the median resistance of Ultra-Violet light and level of tolerance to wear and tear. With that being said, avoid painting companies that offer “pure colors” like yellows and reds purposely for exterior painting.

You might find the colors attractive at first, but along the run, they begin to react poorly to climatic change and thence require you to purchase and apply multiple coats. Also, pure colors often oxidize quicker and thus leave your exterior looking old, used, and neglected regardless of when painted.

Your painting service must have more in-depth knowledge about landscaping, how colors react to weather conditions, and the required number of layers used when painting the exterior of your home or business. Also, the thresholds that exist between you and your visitors in your home or office are the condition of the exterior of the structure.

The visitors get the first impression either good or bad about the owner or occupant of the building through the exterior. When you make the right choice of paint for your exterior, the beautiful value of your property will increase, as well as your pride.

5. Interior Painting

When painting the interiors of a home or office, your painting service must have a wide knowledge of decoration, future design, and the general style plans of the entire building. To make sure the paintings harmonized well with the furniture, floor surface, and artworks in the home, painting services must put them into serious consideration.

The atmosphere and dimensions of the interior can be affected by the colors of paint you choose. You will get larger spaces and nice surroundings when you use lighter and warm colors, while the reverse is the case when you choose darker colors.


Where to Start Looking for a Professional Painting Service

Looking for a professional painting servicing that will deliver quality job requires some efforts on your part. If you didn’t hire the right one, they could subcontract the job to another painter, get paint on your possessions, spend more than expected days on the job, or even do a shitty job for you.

The only way out of this is to find a reputable, vetted, and recommended painting professional to handle your project. You can have a chat with a real estate agent to recommend painters, most especially, if it is a newly purchased house or you are about to sell it. There are also other methods of getting a reliable painter to paint your old home.

Consider the below tips:

1. Get referrals for a Good House Painter

Make an effort to get a referral from your close friends or family that you trust. This is one of the best ways to find a good painter because you have the opportunity to inspect their final results in person and also talk to your family or friend about the quality of job and services they received.

Do a walk around

You can take a little walk around your area to see if any of the buildings around you are having a change of look presently. If you find any of the jobs you like, take down the contact details of the company or request for a card from one of the painters. You will then research the company online and make sure it’s perfect for your job.

2. Use the Power of the Internet

You can always make use of the following great sources for locating reliable professionals if all recommendations fail.

  • Houzz: This website deals with home improvement and design, and will take you through the process of locating a painter in your location that matches your specific needs. Houzz presents more than a million and half-competent home professionals and streamlined your search for house painters to match your needs and location.
  • Angie’s List: You can go through the directories of leading home professionals in your location on Angie’s list. You only need to create a free account and supply your information such as name and address. The website is also an excellent source of genuine reviews and ratings in various categories.
  • Yelp: To find house painters on Yelp is very easy. You only need to specify your area and enter ‘house painters” into the search bar on the website; then you will navigate through the results. You can also determine if you only need exterior painters by entering it into the search bar. Yelp is a leading review site known for verified and untailored reviews.
  • Nextdoor: Here you can create and submit a post on request for house painters in your area; this post will then be shared with members of the website in your area. Exactly like a Facebook thread, you will find neighbors’ recommendations and suggestions to your post in the comments section. Nextdoor is a private-owned social network where you can get genuine and undiluted reviews from members.

3. Locate Companies on the Better Business Bureau

The first step once a referral has been given or you have gotten a recommendation from any of the above sources is to look up the company on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The organization ensures that businesses are reliable, legitimate, and trustworthy and provide great and excellent customer service.

Companies on the BBB’s website can be given rating, review and also have complaints filed against them. There is also a grade for each company on the website based on 13 vital points. Aside from the rating and reviews, you will also get to know if a company is accredited by BBB or not.

Regardless of the amount of star a company has on sites like Yelp, you should always endeavor to check BBB. There are different factors at which the BBB rates companies, and it is way different from the consumer’s style of rating. You might end up hiring a company with poor rating with BBB, but top-rated on Yelp if you didn’t check BBB first.

Extra Tips on Finding a Painting Service in Dallas

Extra Tips on Finding a Painting Service in Dallas

Your first line of action in finding professional painters is to ask around for referrals from your friends or family and also conduct online research. There are many painters in your surroundings, but many of them might not be licensed or experienced.

Below are some of the significant factors to consider before you hire a painter:

1. Licensing

Professional painters must have the required license to operate in their respective states. The license required in Texas is the same as that of any business, both Texas sales and Use Permit; however, making sure your painter is operating a business legally gives you a kind of rest of mind and protection. Ensure you have a copy of their license and license number and also verify it before they start your job.

2. Reputation

You need to consider the reputation of a painter in the community before you hire. Only look for painters who have handled larger projects. You can also ask old clients about the quality of work and the end products.

3. Experience

You cannot be so sure a painter has the required experience to back up their claim just because they respond to your advertisement for painters. Ensure your painter present their portfolio of old work to you.

4. Pricing

One of the wisest decisions when hiring painters is to avoid placing your target on the total cost. Some painters may charge higher rates, but their result justifies it. Locate painters that charge reasonable and competitive prices with high-quality service in your area.

5. Determine the Quality of the Work before you Hire

You will want to make sure you determine the quality of painters’ work during an interview before you hire them.

You can do the following:

  • Request for addresses of previous homes the painter has worked on (mainly exterior), and drive to the home for personal inspection
  • Request for the lookbook of buildings in your area that shows interior parts in details
  • Check reviews for photos
  • Request for listing photos of homes painted by reliable painting contractors from your real estate agent.

6. Get a Contract

You need a written contract when you hire the right painters for your project. The contract protects both of you and also makes sure you received the value for your money.

Your contract must include:

  • The total cost of the project
  • Type of paint to be used, including shade, to avoid surprise charges
  • Duration of the job
  • List of painting supplies.

The painting supplies list should contain the exact quantity of drop cloths, scaffolding, brushes, gallons of paint, and cleaning materials needed. The preparation work to be done by the painting crew must also be outlined on the contract.

This includes priming, taping, sanding surfaces, drop cloths, and power washing. The clean-up process you are expecting should also be included in the contract. The painters are required to use drop cloths to cover your household items so that they don’t get paint on any of the items but the drop cloths.

Make sure you include the action to be taken if wet or old paint flakes are seen in places they shouldn’t be found in your home, a mistake from the painters. Also, include the disposable method of painting materials by the painters in the contract.

7. Guarantees

Lastly, ensure that your painting company is ready to offer you a guarantee or warranty on their work. Most painters would offer you a guarantee on both work and the paint itself. Similarly, make sure the painter you decide to hire offers the entire painting services that you need before you commit to any contract. If there should be anything wrong with the work within a specified period, the painters should come and fix the problem free of charge.


Costs for Do-it-yourself House Painting

The scope of work from the beginning to the end is enormous, and doing the painting work yourself can at the end cost more than hiring a professional painter if you don’t do it the right.

Below are the cost factors involved in house paintings:

  • Supplies and Equipment– Regardless of who does the painting job, painter’s tape, paint pans, caulk, power washer rental, sanding, patching compound, brushes, roller brushes, ladders and scaffolding, sanding, sprayers and stripping tools and supplies all come at a cost. You have to consider the fact that those tools and equipment might not be useful for you after the first use and might be wasting away in your garage, compared to paying an experienced and professional painter to handle the job for you at a price that saves you a huge amount of time and efforts. You will be spending around $5 to $6 per 100 square feet for materials and supplied.
  • Your Time– It might take just 2 or 3 painters three to four days to complete a job that might take you 3 weeks to complete because you have a work to go to. Evaluate your time per hour.
  • Paint Cost – Expect to pay around $30 to $80 per gallon per square feet. Also, note that painters can be offered discounts on your paint whereas you will be charged retail prices.
  • Clean up– Clean up can leave you with a really bad experience if you fail to set up the exterior in the perfect way before you start painting. You might even find paint in your car after the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a painting service?

Your first step is to search through many online websites for interior or exterior painters and painting contractors nearest to you such as Yelp, Houzz, Angie’s List, or YP.com. Although there are nice platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn provided by social media, they may sometimes be good or bad. Making use of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will give you a good starting.

Obtain recommendations from your colleagues at work is another excellent way to find good painting service. You will find a list of many painting contractors mounted on the wall at your local paint stores which can help you with your decision.

You can also ask your Home Owners Association of a painting contractor they have used. Perform thorough research; verify the reputation of the contractors by visiting the local BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. There, you will find a lot of popularly known professional painting services that have capable staff that can handle your painting job at their disposal.

Contact the companies, arrange for a convenient time on your schedule and not theirs, to get free in-home, physical paint estimation. Checking best reviews online and your local BBB website for the company’s legitimacy and experience is very important.   

How long does it take to create a painting quote?

Typically, quoting for an interior painting job may take about one hour, while that of exterior may require just thirty minutes. When you give your potential painter enough time to come up with an estimate, you will also be able to have enough information at your disposal.

You must check your schedule carefully and plan your painting job accordingly, so it won’t affect your personal or working time. Most painting contractors try to work with customers’ scheduled time frames, so make sure you inform them during the first conversation. Schedule a meeting at a time convenient for you.

The length of the quoting process will be determined by the complexity of the painting project and the scope of work. As a competent and experienced painting contractor, I do not waste time to come up with a perfect quoting, and after that hour, I’m already at your home discussing how to tackle the job.     

Is there any charge to receive a painting quote?

No. Potential painting customers are provided with free, no-obligation painting quotes for both interior and exterior painting jobs. However, we recommend you check within your area. There are other home improvement jobs such as plumbing, heating, and cooling, or roofing contractors that don’t charge for an estimate.

We recommend you focus on paying for the job and not the estimate. Avoid any painting contractor that issues a painting quote written at the back of a business card. There is much information that goes into a painting quote, and a business card cannot contain it all.  

Is it allowed to choose different paint brands for the same painting project?

No. You are only allowed to choose one paint brand for any of your interior or exterior paint project. The reason behind having a single paint supplier for the whole paint job is to know which direction to go in case there is a problem with adhesion, painting walls, color & sheen matching, trim, and ceilings.

There will be no confusion in the event of concerns when you choose a single paint supplier for the entire paint job. You wouldn’t have to disturb your brain to remember which brand you used on the walls, on ceilings, or on trim.  

What are the things I should look out for during proposal & consultation?

At Dallas Paints, our paint estimators know exactly what they are doing, and they have enough experience and are once painters themselves. They will listen to your painting needs and answer any questions or concerns. They will carefully inspect any area that requires special painting such as crack, chipping paint, or peeling paint.

It might also be a deteriorating wood or other forms of surface damages. They will take a walk through the project site and figure out the quality of paint, and the price range your project might fall into. They will also put together many details to provide you with comprehensive information on your paint proposal.

They will provide everything to you and go through each detail with you. Our painting estimators will provide you with a copy of our proof of insurance, association membership right in your home or business. The quoting process normally takes between twenty to forty minutes.


Hiring a painting service doesn’t necessarily have to be a daunting experience. Make sure you keep these tips close to you so you can have enough confidence when looking to hire Dallas best painting contractor that perfectly suits your needs. Ensure the painter you want to hire provides an effective means of communication.

You will want to be updated on the current status of your project. Make sure your expectations are also communicated clearly. It will eradicate any future surprise as the project progresses. You can as well contact us for further information or clarification if you are ready to hire a painting contractor. We offer professional and quality services at competitive and reasonable rates.

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